Clap Your Hands

It’s Monday night, the end of the three day weekend and I’m happy.  I don’t even know why I’m happy, but I am.  And because my good mood is inexplicable–there’s laundry to do, book reports unfinished, house to clean–I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things:

 1) Angelfood cake.  I love, love, love angelfood cake.  It is the best cake in the world, particularly when frosted with an old-fashioned chocoate-marshmallow icing.   And oh, yes, we had an angelfood cake in the house over the weekend.  It did not last the weekend and I did have the lion’s share.

2)  The world might have Amazon, but not everyone yet has Amazonfresh, and for those who don’t have it yet…I’m sorry.  I am, as it is beyond fabulous.  I may never have to enter a grocery store again.  They’ll deliver for free right now if the order is above $25 and deliver without tax and manage to have fresh milk and bread on your doorstep before 6 am if you have the order in by midnight.  Instead of dashing out late at night so kids can have breakfast I can lie on my couch, watch American Gladiator (so so sad, my viewing habits…) and just type in my breakfast order.  When did being a woman get so good? 

3)  Beets.  I really like beets lately.  What made me love beets so much?  They sometimes do taste like dirt as my youngest son says, but maybe I have a mineral deficiency?  Maybe I need dirt and root vegetables?  Maybe I just like the color? 

4)  Special K with Strawberries for dinner.  I have breakfast cereals (Kashi) but there are nights when I’m alone and I couldn’t be bothered with hot food and really, all that is needed is a nice bowl of dinner cereal, and that’s when Speciak K Strawberry cereal comes in.  A dinner cereal should always be a bit lighter and sweeter than morning cereal and well, Special K Strawberry version does it for me.  I highly recommend it, for midnight snacking as well as late afternoon supping. 

5)  Mineral Make up.  I use Jane Iredale loose mineral powder make up.  It so rocks.  Makes me look young and fresh and shiny.  A very good thing when I’m not looking so young or fresh or shiny. 

6)  Megan Crane because she’s not just my friend, but she loooooved Mrs. Perfect, getting the first sneak peek at the book outside my publishers.  I asked Megan to give the last copy edits a go through to check for typos, etc, as well as her thoughts and when she said it was awesome and my best book yet, I felt this warm glow inside that hasn’t gone away and it’s been…sheesh….days.  Thank you, Megan. 

7)  Valentine’s Day.  It’s coming up!!!!  For my long-time readers who know I’m crazy about February, valentines, hearts and all things pink and red:  February is almost here.  This means good times, contest, giveaways and more for a whole month!

So if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!  (Clap).  If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it.  (pause)

I wish I could show you my face right now but as I can’t, and I’ve taken off my wonderful Jane Iredale make up, you’ll just have to take my word for it.  I’m happy.  And it’s not even February yet.

PS  Oh!!  It’s been ten minutes since I wrote the blog above and I just realized why I might be happy.  My sister came up from LA this weekend to see me!  Kathy and her daughter Krystyna joined us for the weekend and we had a great time doing nothing.  Yay for family!!  Yay for doing nothing!!  Yay that tomorrow isn’t Monday!

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