Gimme a Break

Who calls someone at 6 am?

Seriously.  It’s happened two days in a row from two different people. 

Maybe I’ve been left off the memo that says pre-dawn phone calls are now socially acceptable, but even if someone did send out a memo, I’ve got to tell you—don’t call me that early.  I won’t be able to fall back asleep and that precious hour between 6 and 7 is key, especially as I can’t often fall asleep until well after midnight.  I need my sleep, too.  You see, if I don’t get enough sleep my accupuncturist will know because he takes my pulse and makes me stick out my tongue and then he says, “you’re tired” and gives me extra needles.  I used to love accunpture but then the needles got bigger and were inserted deeper and they’re fine after the initial sting and ache have gone away but then there are 18 more stings to come.

Along with accupuncture I’ve given up coffee in the last month, which is why you can’t call me early and expect me to be nice because I don’t even have coffee as a comfort anymore and decaf green tea is fine, say at 10:30 am but not at 6 or 7.  Those dark cold hours call for a thick stiff cup of java.  Or my bed.  If only I could fall back asleep.

But back to early phone calls, like this morning’s call.  Who do you call at 5:59 am, especially when you don’t know the person or the number.  For that matter, if you have a missed call and there was no message left, unless it’s your kid, your spouse or your best friend–ignore the call.  You don’t have to chase down every missed call even if your cell phone number records the number.  Maybe someone misdialed.  Maybe someone made a mistake.  Maybe you can just let sleeping dogs lie, yes?

Damn I’m cranky.  And now I’ve got to go get needled and I’m really not in the mood.  Nice Friday.

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