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As many of you know I’m a big supporter of Brenda Novak’s Diabetes Auction that takes place every May.  She raises an incredible amount of money and works hard all year long lining up items for the coming auction.  I’ve just promised her two auction items:  “A Week Trip to Hawaii” including air, hotel, and surf lessons, and “A Year of Cards & Gifts from Jane”.

A Year of Cards & Gifts from Jane is something new I thought I’d try this year.  Essentially once a month from June 2008 through May 2009, I will send the winner a surprise package filled with signed books, goodies and gifts.  Every month someone will receive at least one of my signed novels (starting off with a copy of Mrs Perfect), plus a new copy of one of my favorite novels I’ve read, along with fun seasonal gifts like Valentine chocolates, Easter sweets, and Christmas cookies.  Every month the winner will also receive a note from me wishing her a happy month.

Will people bid on it?  Hopefully!  And hopefully you might think of something you can contribute to Brenda’s auction, too. 

If you’re a published writer, perhaps you could donate a set of signed books, or perhaps offer to critique a partial, a synopsis, or provide a form of mentorship.   Maybe your agent or editor would be willing to donate some time to read something over.  Maybe the two of you would be willing to meet with an aspiring writer at the RWA Conference in San Francisco this year. 

If you’re a reader or an aspiring writer, maybe you’re creative in another form.  I know Christina Aribini (sorry to blab about you without permission!!) makes the most incredible cards.  Maybe there’s something you do–painting, knitting (Elizabeth Boyle!), scrapbooking– that you could donate.  Maybe you’re just generally fearless and don’t mind asking your community for donations.

Regardless of who you are, or what you do, I know Brenda Novak would welcome your help and support.  See if there isn’t something you can donate, or a skill you can offer to help make year’s May auction bigger and more successful than ever.

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