It’s a Miracle!

He’s still alive.  Lima Bean lives.  After months of being gone–and presumed dead–Lima Bean the gecko appeared last night in the middle of my bedroom floor.  And I screamed.

Let me back up.  I’d just come back from a delicious dinner at Moghul Palace in Bellevue with Surfer Ty who is here with me for 10 days while I go through a bunch of medical stuff. 

Home from dinner, I went upstairs to brush my teeth because as much as I love my sag paneer, it isn’t as good on my breath an hour later.  I don’t bother to turn on all the lights so I’m in my little bathroom that’s tucked into my little bedroom and as I brush I take a step towards my bed and in the dim light spot a shadow on the floor.  A lizard shadow.  At first I thought it was a plastic lizard toy, maybe even a beanie baby, but then I took a step closer and no, it was the gecko, the missing gecko, the one that crawled out of its cage one night and broke my younger son’s heart.

We searched for days for the gecko after it disappeared.  Jamette tore my son’s room apart, removed the bed, everything from the closet, every drawer, everywhere and nothing.  Since then I’ve had this sick sinking sensation that one day when I least expect it I will stumble across a lizard carcass.

Instead I stumble across a very sleepy looking gecko that now has a woman screaming with toothpaste frothing out of her mouth.

Thank God Surfer Ty used to have lizards as a boy and is an expert at anything to do with animals and insects (provided no spiders are involved because then he’d be screaming for me).   Once he understood what I was screaming about (hard to do with all the foamy toothpaste running down my chin) he dropped his shirt over the gecko, gently picked him up and between a trip to the attic and a race to the closing pet store, set Lima Bean back up in his home. 

His cage is twice its former size, he has brand new pale sand, lots of little crickets and a tub of meal worms in the fridge.

The prodigal lizard has returned.  Lima Bean–a little paler, hopefully a whole lot wiser–is home.

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