Home Wrecker

First of all, the title home wrecker does not apply to my  guest author over at my bulletin board this week.  Jenny Gardnier is not a home wrecker.  She’s a very respectable, very pretty and likable woman who writes incredibly funny books like her just released bestseller, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, which is doing wonderful things over at the Barnes & Noble bestseller list. 

Do visit her over at my board, (you have to know how to get to my bulletin board by now…)and not just because I like her, but because this is my very own sweeps week!  That’s right, hanging out on my b-board this week means you’ll have lots of chances to win prizes.  Fabulous prizes.   Why?  1) Jenny’s joining us  2) You know I love February  3)  You know I think Valentine’s Day should be an entire week long not just a day  4) And I’m about to turn a year older but MySpace still thinks I’m 39 which is cool.  Winners will be drawn every day so come play.

And now that I’ve tackled the sweet stuff, let me give you the dirt.

I am the home wrecker.

Seriously.  I broke up a marriage.  Well, I didn’t, but the author Jane Porter did with her books.

This is a true story and it happened to some one I know.  Or to the brother of someone I know.

I will make this short because its a tawdry tale.  But this man we know told Surfer Ty his brother’s wife just left him.  Apparently the wife in question changed after she started reading these romance novels.  It seems the books gave this wife ideas and she saved all the books by this one romance author (the author’s name was Jane Porter) and then one day she just up and left.    She ran away with the plumber.  And it’s all my fault.

This incident troubles me at a number of levels because my books are about love and happiness, not about destroying marriages and lives.  But also, and this is a small but important point, my romance novels featured Greeks, sheikhs, Italians…but alas, never a plumber.  Not even a Latin Lover plumber.

Not that a Latin Lover plumber wouldn’t be great in bed.

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