Back at Sea-Tac

It’s Monday quarter to seven in the evening and I’m back at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, or for those of us who seem to live here, Sea-Tac. In just minutes I board my Alaska flight for San Francisco and this is just after a quickie trip to Leavenworth for a Sunday full of book events, first at A Book For All Seasons and then for an hour of Wine and Words in the evening at L’Vinery.

As I struggled to get through security twenty minutes ago, almost thirteen year old Jake called not just once, but three times wondering what canola oil is, and if we have vegetable oil, and why do I use olive oil in water when the pasta box says vegetable oil but we don’t even have any. While the boys wait for their sitter to arrive from her trip to Dallas, Jake’s making dinner using my frozen spaghetti sauce and a box of penne pasta. He’s very excited to have graduated from mac’n’ cheese to pasta with red meat sauce but his calls are making clearing security just a tad harder.

And while Jake’s cheerful about cooking, I confess I hated leaving them alone while I dashed to the airport. They’re old enough to be alone for three or so hours at a time but it’s tough on a holiday day, tough when they were already such good sports about heading to Leavenworth yesterday morning for my events. Fortunately they had fun at Icicle Junction–putt putt golf, arcade games, and the new Indiana Jones movie–while I did the book signing at A Book For All Seasons. And I’m glad they were happy because my event turned out to be quite special. I love it when the indie stores razzle dazzle and this one did. I couldn’t have felt more welcome, and I wouldn’t have sold any books if it weren’t for Lilly-Anne at my side introducing me to everyone who entered the store.

The boys were great sports as we high-tailed it back to Bellevue this morning (it’s a 2 1/2 -3 hr drive without traffic) so that I could repack for my Bay Area trip. I was going to fly out in the morning but a last minute business meeting came up and I had to change flights to make it to SF in time.

So here’s what’s coming this week, and why I’m going to be in SF. Tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, I’ll be a guest on View From The Bay. This is the afternoon show in San Francisco that has the host Spencer Christian who once was Good Morning America’s weatherman. I was on the show last October and had a blast. (There’s a clip from the show here on my site, too). And then on Wednesday my friends Joan Lambert and Anne Namyst are hosting a lunch for me so I can meet their friends and tell them about my books and Flirting movie and other fun stuff.

Wednesday night I fly home, Ty Gurney meets up with me at the Seattle airport and then Friday morning I’ll be joining with 300 Bellevue women to watch the screening of the Sex and The City movie at Lincoln Square. The movie and breakfast are a fundraiser for Hopelink (I love Hopelink!) and I’ve been invited to attend as a guest and I’m donating books for the raffle baskets along with goodies for all the women’s goodie bags. If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to attend, email me and I’ll try to get the details to you. But the breakfast starts at 9:30 am, followed by the movie and it’s going to be very girlie fun!!

Mrs. PerfectAlso this week, Mrs Perfect is apparently becing included in a review of Chick lit in the May 29th’s USA Today paper. So if you’re a USA Today reader, do look for the review and fingers crossed it’ll be a good one!

And there’s the first boarding call for the flight. I better sign off and dash to the C Terminal. But before I do, I should make one last call home and make sure the boys are doing okay with dinner. Jake’s called me one last time to ask what exactly canola oil is. He says he doesn’t need it anymore, he used olive oil, but he’d just like to know what it is for the future. And you know, I wasn’t sure what to tell him other than ‘oil’ and that it’s supposedly considered healthy. But what is it? Is it corn oil? Or is it something else? For you in the know, straighten me out so I don’t raise kids who are more confused than they need to be. Remember, they have me for a mom. They’re going to need all the help they can get.

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