Not My DNA

My kids can’t be my own flesh and blood.  They can’t have my DNA.  If they did, they’d like pork chops.  I grew up on pork chops.  We’re mostly German, for Pete’s sake.  It’s schnitzel.


I hate making dinner that no one–but me–wants to eat.   There’s no reason for them to pick at their chops.  They were good.  I ended up eating all three.  Yes.  They were that good.

I can understand if I’d cooked with caraway, or simmered the chops in sauerkraut or slapped some red cabbage on their plates, letting it touch the pork chops.  But I did not.  No food groups touched other than some pilaf against the meat, but that’s okay.  Pilaf is friendly.  Pilaf isn’t a trouble maker.

And when did my youngest decide he’d never eat pig again?  Why must we only have turkey bacon now?  How can he be so sensitive about pigs?  (“They’re the smartest animal, Mom.  Pigs have the intelligence of a three year old.”)

No, they don’t.  My dad spent his summers in Indiana working on his aunt and uncle’s pig farm and those hogs were dangerous.   Apparently hogs will eat anything in front of them.  Including people.  And fellow hogs.

Three year olds don’t eat people.


Am I to really stop serving porkchops?  What about grilled porkchops?  And porkchop casserole?  What will life be like without those staples?

I’m deeply troubled.  And worried.

Who has ever heard of turkey chops?  And turkey chop casserole?  What is this world coming to?


  1. Jane,

    That was so funny:) My husband is going to have to read this one…He grew up on Pork Chops also since he is polish and german. He truly believes that life does not exist outside of pork. Good luck with the kids and the pork chops. I used to tell my oldest that it was chicken. Oh well, a mom has to do whatever works to get their kids to eat what they need to eat:)

  2. Jane: You know what – when my kids were little, it was the same thing. Then I got creative. I fry porkchops in the frying pan with barbeque sauce, serve them with applesauce and potatoes au gratin. Done deal and even as adults now, they still enjoy them.

  3. I grew up on a farm, and yes, hogs are dangerous. Very dangerous. Its the pot belly pig that is smart. Hogs, are well hogs. Here’s my favorite German, pork chop recipe,
    brown the pork chops in a little oil, then add, sauerkraut & green apples. I like a lot, so two or three, chopped up peeled apples. A little salt and pepper, slap a lid on it, let it simmer for about 1 hr, on low, and they are so tender and sweet…Hmmm. I’m making that for dinner.

  4. Oh, Jane, thanks for the laugh…and I feel for you, really I do! My youngest daughter had to have TWO plates when she ate because she couldn’t have anything touching or ‘crowded’ on her plate…and she’s 22 today and still like that! She had to have those ‘divider’ plates…and she was so happy to buy them for her 15 month old son!

    My oldest daughter did not eat ‘real’ food until she was 5 years old. Are you old enough to remember the old ‘junior’ food for babies? She would only eat that on POTATO CHIPS until she went to kindergarten! 🙂

    Kids and their food preferences…gotta love them!

    But turkey bacon?! I easily went to turkey kielbasa and turkey burgers, but not…turkey bacon.

    And it reminds me of what my son in law said the other day…pork chops…again?! We love them!

    Hugs, Debora

  5. LOL Jane. Your boys are too funny. They must be friends with the kids at my house because they don’t like pork chops, either. They will eat bacon and ham, though. Here’s hoping that they realize what they are missing out on.

  6. Pan fried chops with mashed potatos is beyond comfort food… it’s so zen it will put you to sleep in minutes. My kids chow it. But on the bright side, from experience, their tastes do change. I don’t think I’d write off porkshops just yet.

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