It Continues

The writing that is.

As does the influx of bills. The boys’ endless fighting. The wearying news of the country’s economic woes.

So today, because I am only allowed a few minutes away from book to blog (I am on chapter 8 and heading towards 9 which is very good but also behind schedule. I should be on chapter 10 today and there’s no time to waste.) I thought I’d challenge everyone to do something good today.

Today let’s be thankful for all the good things we do have in our lives, and all the people we love. Today let’s each write one thank you email or thank you card to someone who has been there or done something positive. Let’s look one person in the eye today and smile and say hello or have a good day, or just it’s nice to meet you.

Today let’s choose happiness and gratitude for the entire day. No matter what happens today, it is a blessed day as we’re here and alive with the ability to choose our thoughts and the ability to channel our energy and emotions.

And all my good will started Friday when I flew to Spokane and picked up my rental car and it was sunny and beautiful and I’m a Spokane fan. It’s one of my favorite places in Washington with the historic downtown and all the preserved red brick buildings. My book event Friday night went very well and I met readers who cherished my books but there were two readers in particular who loved Flirting with Forty and one reader I had to hug because she told me how much the book meant to her and how much it helped her. That one reader alone made the trip worthwhile.

I spent Saturday with the Inland Empire RWA chapter in Tekoa, Washington. It was the most gorgeous drive from Spokane and as a girl that loves rolling hills and farmland, I got both on the drive and sat on Linda’s deck for hours soaking up sun, talking about writing and sharing tips on how to find and develop one’s voice. The entire drive back to the airport for my evening flight home I gave thanks. For the green hills. The gorgeous sunshine. The endless blue sky. The scattered red barns. The joy of just being in an area that made me feel beautiful and alive.

I am a country girl at heart. I love barns and fields and tall tractors with huge tires. I love the land and the smell of warm earth and freshly tilled soil. Saturday for one day I was in my own piece of heaven and for an hour as I drove I just gave thanks. The thankful heart heals, you know. The thankful heart allows the body to rest and recover. The thankful heart soothes frayed nerves and exhausted resources.

Make today your good day. Fill today with thanks and gratitude. Count every little gift–the parking spot, the job, the dog’s wagging tail. Count the books you read, the place you sleep, the beverages and food you eat.

Now back to my writing and I give thanks that the words are coming, even if slowly, because this way I can savor what it is to think, to work, and to create.

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