Nearing The End

The end is in sight.  The end of the book that is.  And I couldn’t be happier.  I’m actually starting to sleep a little better and stress a little less.  I still have 3-4 hard core writing days ahead but I’ve gone back to the beginning twice, made substantial changes, and think the story is working better.  I’m still not satisfied with it yet.  My editor and agent are going to be reading it in the next couple weeks and then I’ll have another go at it and make more revisions but at least it can leave my hands on Thursday.  I’m ready for it to leave my hands.

I’m desperate for it to leave my hands. 

All I have done this summer is write and my kids are anxious to spend time with me and friends want to hang out with me and I want to leave the house and get some fresh air.  Seattle in summer is gorgeous.  Beautiful 78 degree weather day in and day out.  Slight breeze.  The softest of blue skies.  It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to go for walks and drives and leisurely swims.

And best of all, once the manuscript is in, I get to read!  I have so many books stacked next to my bed waiting for me and I can’t wait to dive in. 

Maybe my kids and friends are going to have to wait to see me a little longer after all…

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