Monday Fun Day!

I’m doing a one day fun day contest today to kick start the week right!

Why? Well, why not? We’re half way through July. We still have 6 full weeks of beach and pool weather left. Mrs. Perfect continues to get great reviews and reader feedback. And I’m just feeling generous so I’ve put together a fun contest and prize to help you celebrate summer, too.

The prize is a big bright beach tote (and the actual tote’s a much hotter pink than it looks here) filled with a plush hot pink striped beach towel, a signed copy of Odd Mom Out, a Starbucks drink card, my Jane Porter summer water bottle, and lots more fun Jane Porter goodies. All you have to do to enter the contest is post a comment on this blog. (A couple little rules: You must post by midnight PST on this blog page, and then tomorrow one of my web support team will randomly pick the winner to keep it fair. Waxcreative will post the winner’s name on this page in a comment Tuesday morning so check back to see who won! See a complete list of rules.)

What do you post in the comment section? Pretty much anything! Say hi, encourage me to keep writing, or tell me what you’re reading (and if you are in between books, you can always pop over to one of my online excerpts — Mrs. Perfect, Odd Mom Out, Flirting with Forty, The Frog Prince — and talk about those, too.). Why not recommend a great book or movie, share your vacation plans, update me on your writing, update me on your mood, update me on your life… In short, talk to me and you get entered for my Monday, Fun Day Beachy Bag contest.

Happy July 14th. Have a wonderful Monday and I hope you know I totally appreciate you!


  1. I’m no writer but can totally relate to the struggles in generating thoughts and putting them to paper. A blank page terrifies me. Thanks for dealing with, and mastering the struggle so we have your books. They’re always a wonderful mental health break. Write on!!!

  2. I have devoured every one of your books ever since Christine at Mothering Heights turned me on to them. My favorite is Odd Mom Out but Mrs. Perfect is a very close second. I wish it could stayed “Alpha Mom” but Mrs. Perfect was good too!!

  3. I’m looking forward to watching Flirting With Forty.
    Love your books, website and your great contests.

  4. I can’t wait for your next single title! You are such a great writer!

    Can I be you when I grow up?! (okay… when my writing grows up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I am SO in need of a beach read. My husband was layed off from his job in May, so no vacation for us this summer! Thankfully I can escape with books! Keep up the great work Jane! Love your work!

  6. Jane, I have been on a reading frenzy this summer so far. I have the Whitney Gaskell books on order, Testing Kate, Pushing 30 and True Love & Other lies. I already read Mommy Tracked and loved it. I started reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips and have read all of her Chicago Star books but one.

    I currently just started the Maternal Politcal from the mama lit site and it is rather insteresting.

  7. Jane, this is a great deal! The bag is nice to look at. My favorite books of yours are the Princess trilogy. I loved reading those. The girls came off very human. That is your great talent. You make all your characters come to life.

  8. Hello Pi Phi sister!! When are you coming back to Big D to hang out with our book club!?

    I loved seeing you quoted in “US Weekly”. That was cool.

    Hope all is well on the movie set. Have a great summer.


  9. I enjoyed reading Flirting with Forty and look forward to reading Mrs. Perfect. Ideal reading for this lovely summer we are having. Have a wonderful summer and best of success with your writing and future endeavors.

  10. Well, let’s see, update on life…we determined that I am spam according to your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously, I am blogging quite a bit about books and life and enjoying it and reading a ton.

    The last book I finished was really good. It was Food of Love by Anthony Capella. It’s a Cyrano de Bergerac story about a chef and his best friend who happen to be interested in the same American tourist in Italy. The best friend is a babe magnet and waiter and decides to ask out the tourist. The tourist happens to mention on her cell phone that she’s only going to date chefs from now on. So, he pretends to be a chef (good thing he has a best friend). And thus begins the fun. The book has a lot of info on Italy and italian phrases, recipes and it talks about how the right food can be an aphrodisiac! It was a fun read ๐Ÿ™‚

    What I am really waiting for though is your next book…it’s going to be so awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ And thanks for making me “Me” again instead of spam ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep writing your awesome books and keep smiling!

  11. Hi Jane. I love your books.
    I am currently reading Night Keepers by Jessica Andersen. It is great.

  12. I thouroughly enjoyed Flirting with Forty and can relate on a weekly basis to wanting to run away to an island escape. Since I cannot do it in reality, I can live vicariously through your book! Look forward to more of your writing!

  13. I’ve only read a couple of your books so far but I look forward to many more. I really enjoyed them and you are a great writer. I do hope you will continue for a long time to come.

  14. I just started reading ‘Flirting with Forty’ yesterday (Sun 7/13th). I’m half way through the book and I absolutely love it! Being divorced, a single parent and raising two boys…I can relate to your books…and I turn 40 next month!! (I’m now remarried and inherited 2 more boys). I also read ‘Odd Mom Out’…excellent read also! I went onto your website this morning, first time commenting on your site. I was looking through your pictures and wanted to know when the movie ‘Flirting with Forty’ was coming out. I was jumping for joy to hear that you are actually engaged to the surfing instructor and what a great picture…nice visual for the remainder of the book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hi Jane! Glad to hear you a little more cheery this morning! Writing paused this weekend for freelance work [not your book yet – come on, come on :-)]and a staggering migraine. My critique group meets next week, so I’ve got to be crunching this week for sure. I’m not allowing myself to read the new Evanovich novel (currently taunting me from its perch on my car’s passenger seat) or my new Dick Francis novel until I finish the freelance work and my own second chapter complete rewrite. Argh.
    Happy Monday!

  16. No relation to the author Lisa Daly. The first book by Jane Porter I read was The Frog Prince, and I really liked it A LOT! I have also read Flirting with Forty, after it was first excerpted in a women’s magazine. I really like the theme and I have read in US magazine that Heather Locklear is going to be in the film version. That should be great! I have also read Jane Porter’s serial romance books, one or two, and they are very good for that genre. Keep up the wonderful writing!

  17. Hi Jane, I just went and looked at all of your awesome pics and went through the rest of your site. I love your books and I can’t wait to see your movie.

  18. I am a faithful fan, and of course, devoured Mrs. Perfect the first week it was out, but this is what I’ve read so far this summer…I’ve discovered Susan Wiggs and have read all of her books, including the one that came out last week, what a great author. I’ve reread many of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books, another fav, and of course, read Janet Evanovich’s latest. There is definitely room for another Jane Porter book! Have a great summer!

  19. I absolutely love your writing and I cannot wait for Tiana’s book. I’m excited for the contest. Now it is on to paper writing. =) Have a great day.

  20. I have just started reading Flirting with Forty and I can’t hardly put it down (I guess I have to because the kids are wanting lunch, lol)

  21. What a fabulous prize! Perfect for summer reading! Reading at the beach is one of my very favorite things to do.

  22. Jane,

    I have gotten hooked back on the Harlequin Presents since I read your King of the Desert book. And anytime I want a thrill, I reread the scene from Flirting With Forty where she gives him a piece of her heart. I just love that scene! (sigh) I’m saving Mrs. Perfect as my reward for finishing my very first novel manuscript (only 3 more chapters!) Great article in More BTW. It’s like you are speaking what all of us are thinking.
    As for travel plans, I’ll see you in San Francisco. Thanks again for all you do.

  23. Oh, definitely keep writing! I’m WAY behind in my reading but Flirting with Forty is in my TBR pile. I love that beach tote . . . what a wonderful, generous giveaway!

  24. Got a question for you: What side of the brain do you use the most while writing, right or left? Bet ya never had that question asked before! Seriously, this question was asked of me while during a presentation on my work and I was dumbfounded, still am.
    I love your books! Thank you for the escaped that I need when it get hectic in my life! Thank you!

  25. Hello Jane! As I have told you before, I absolutely love your books. I am a huge fan, and even though you need a break, I am bummed I have to wait until 2009 for the story of Tiana. But at least I will have the “Flirting with Forty” movie in a few months (Gosh, can’t believe the holdiays will be here in a few months).
    Thanks for the great books

  26. Hi Jane looking forward to getting me a copy of Ms. Perfect! We were on our vacation in Writesville Beach, N.C. a few weeks ago and just had to go in their Books A Million store and what did I find A copy of flirting with forty so of coarse i had to get it! Hopefully i’ll run across a copy of the frog prince next. take care, You’re Awesome!:)

  27. I just finished Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra. I was hooked after reading the excerpt on her web page, and the book lives up to the terrific opening. Odd Mom Out is next-also a great opening chapter. I love summer reading!

  28. Books Books everywhere!!!! My husband said that theyโ€™re taking over the house. I recently read Bitter is the new Black by Jen Lancaster. What a hoot I laughed until I cried, literally. If you need a break from your world you should read it.

    Keep up the writing as I can’t wait for the new book.

  29. Hi Jane,

    I love your books. I am looking forward to the flirting with forty movie. Have a wonderful summer.


  30. I love your books! I share them with a co-worker who got hooked from listening to me tell her about the books while I am reading them! I am looking forward to watching Flirting with Forty.

  31. My coffee group, a close knit gaggle of PTA moms is currently passing around Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect because we can all actually relate. I think the consensus is that we see a bit of ourselves in both books. I have started the just turned 40 or close to turning 40 group on Flirting With Forty which i hope will spark some seriously creative and motivating conversations among my group of friends. It left me pondering more than just a bog ol’ scary number. I can’t wait for another book to come along that we can relate to as equally fun as these other three.

    Keep writing about real people!

  32. Hello,
    I have loved all your books so far and can’t wait for more. I seem to devour them as soon as I get my hands on them! Thanks for the excellent reading escapes. Looking forward to the movie also!

  33. Hi Jane!

    I too am pushing away on a novel. While I am yet unpublished – I am heartened to know that even published writers have to stay focused and just keep writing!

    Way to Go!

  34. Thanks Jane for the Monday Fun Day……just what I needed today! I am still trying to finish Mrs. Perfect (all my friends are done and anticipating your next one) I am doing my best to stay away from the “book” conversations so I can enjoy the book at my on pace.
    Thank you for writing books that speak to all of us! You are simply amazing!

  35. I love your books.
    They are a great reading.
    I was reading Flying with forty, and I am forty now, and my husband comment in the tittle. That I do not get any ideas.

  36. Hi Jane,
    I love your books and writing style. Right now I’m reading “Not Another Bad Date” by Rachel Gibson. Hope you are having a fun filled Summer!

  37. I am having a case of the Mondays so this contest is a fun diversion. I am hoping to win this fun pink zebra bag!

    Jane, hope you are having a fun summer!


  38. Wow! What a great give away.. and I haven’t made it to the beach yet… I it would be great!

  39. Hi Jane. Thank you for writing. Good luck with your next book. I can’t wait to read your books. Happy writing.

  40. Jane, I’m thinking of you and hoping that the writing is going wonderfully!

    We’re all looking forward to seeing you at National, too!


  41. Hi Jane, congratulations on the great reviews YaY! Mrs. Perfect sounds like a very good read.

    Love the tote bag very beautiful. Great prize giveaway please enter me.


  42. Hi Jane!
    I love anything pink and I love totes so this is a cool prize! I just finished reading Julie Leto’s book Phantom Pleasures and now I am reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Great book so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. I just finished reading The Frog Prince, loved it. Looking forward to reading Flirting with Forty.

  44. Summer and pink always go together!

    I’m reading Eve Kenin’s Hidden. Lots of emotion which suits summer, don’t you think? Especially since the book is set in subzero temperatures.

    Love your blog,


  45. I read The Sultanโ€™s Bought Bride. I loved it. You have a way about your books that keeps the reader so engrossed that they can’t put the book down. I hope you have more coming.

    I just read The Greek Tycoonโ€™s Convenient Bride.

  46. Jane, hi. I wanted to stop by to tell you how much fun I had at your launch party. Looking forward to reading more of your work, and to seeing you soon at Nationals.

  47. Jane! I read OMO while I was in Destin over the 4th. What a great beach read.
    How oh how will I survive until July 09 for the next update??!

    Pick me Pick me for your PRIZE!!

  48. Hey Jane,
    I love your books. You are a great writer. My favorite is Flirting with Forty. I am looking forward to the movie. I can’t wait for your next book.

  49. Hi Jane,

    I have bought four of your books, but I haven’t read them yet. I really want, too, though.

    In any case, keep up the good work I enjoy reading your blog!

  50. I love summers! I teach 6th grade Science and although I love my students and teaching I love the freedom that summer days bring. After all the housework is done and my children are driven to where they need to go, I take my books, sunscreen, pitcher of sweet tea (I live in the South, so you know I just have to have my tea!) and go out into our back yard. This is going to sound silly but we have a tree house which my husband built for my children when they were younger. They outgrew it so I grew into it! I climb the steps with my tea, books, sunscreen, apples, and my portable CD Player in a backpack slung over my shoulder. I then make myself comfortable and lay out all of my goodies. I put in my favorite jazz cd, pour myself some tea, lather on the sunscreen and under the shade of the leaves, I begin to read the books I have saved up all year for just this moment. There is just something so relaxing and soothing about being high about the ground, in my only little universe, which makes the world seem so wonderful and serene. I might not go far in the summer but when I am up in my treehouse I feel as if I have traveled for thousands and thousands of miles. I hope everyone here has as wonderful of a summer as I am having.

  51. A wonderful contest. I don’t even care if I win. The weather is beautiful here today in Chicago, and your “fun at the beach” contest is cheering me up incredibly. I’m going outside and soak up some of this weather all curled up with one of your books and a nice cool beverage. Have a fantastic summer and keep writing. I especially loved “Flirting with Forty!”

  52. Hey Jane!

    As a writer, reading sometimes falls through the cracks, but I go through reading marathons a few times a year.

    Hey, but I’m on a roll now! I’ve started Flirting with Forty (shamelessly behind, I know!) and will catch up by July 30, lol.

    Your thoughts on “Writing in Paradise and the story that becomes bigger than you are?

    I SO know your pain there!

    Those quirky, uncontrollable characters have minds of their own sometimes! But you don’t want to miss the adventure they take you on. Don’t you want to find out how it ends?

    Keep writing!!!

  53. Hello Jane!

    Although I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve read by you, Flirting with Forty is one that I consider my favorite. You know how some books just get into your head and you don’t forget it, that’s what this one did to me.

    Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading!

    Take care, Cindy

  54. Jane:
    Thank you for the opportunity to post here always, especially today! Your stories and characters are wonderful… they make me want to keep reading so much that I hate when the book ends; I’m still looking for more! I hear there is a movie coming out with Heather Locklear starring in “Flirting with Forty.” Congrats!!!!!!

  55. I read Flirting With Forty in 3 hours-picked it back up and read it again!!! The whole time I could picture the movie-Thank you!! I live in Hawaii, just turned 42,from the Seattle area AND had a similar situation a few years ago! I loved this book. Im passing it along to my friends now. A fantastic read!!

  56. can’t believe you are almost done with another book, look forward to reading and sharing this one with friends as well as your past book. basically, i am just taking my boys all over town and back. hope to visit in person soon!

  57. I love that pink tote bag – I think it would look great lugging around (a small portion of) my tbr list! I have so much on my list this summer – Breaking Dawn, The Host, Julia Quinn’s latest – but there’s always room for something new on my list. And I know I’m not the only one, so keep writing,Jane, we need the escape route from our daily lives.

  58. I’ve got free movie passes from “Future Shop” store for tomorrow night’s pre-screening to “The Dark Knight”. The villian known as “The Joker”, the mean enemy of character Batman has excellent buzz. I’ve just won two passes to the movie pre-screening of “Just Buried” for Wednesday night in Vancouver,British Columbia. I want to go with my male lover to my “First Weekend” movie club’s party at the “Republic” bar after “Just Buried” is over at 9:30 pm. My male lover is trying to finish soon the Canadian, award-winning book titled “Conceit” by author Mary Novik. I have two books to return late to the library, so I have tiny fines to pay soon.

  59. Flirting with Forty ROCKED, I’m waiting for Mrs. Perfect until I am done with a 6 week summer class! I love your stories!

    Ever considered writing a book about young women with Breast Cancer and turning it into a survival, life altering, fictional story? (I’m willing to share my story!)

  60. Hey Jane,

    So I just finished Time to Run from Marliss Melton…#3 in a series. Very good. Only the 3rd book I have read of hers. Have you ever read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series? Absolutely hysterical!! I laugh the entire way through…of course, I do think it’s funnier since it takes place here in Jersey. Anyway, I hope your writing is going well!! Can’t wait to hear more about Tiana’s story! But right now I am getting ready to head to NYC for Bon Jovi’s concert! I hardly ever miss a Bon Jovi Concert when he is in town:) What can I say? I am a Jersey girl!! Talk to you soon!

  61. Hi Jane,
    I loved Flirting with Forty.
    I can’t wait to see the movie.

    Speaking of movies…
    The Dark Knight comes out on Friday. I can’t wait to see it.
    I also want to see Mama Mia that comes out that day too. I am having to twist a couple of arms around my house to get someone to go see it with me. I love musicals, but I am the only one that does in my house.
    Next to some great summer reading a good movie in a cold theatre is the next best thing.

  62. Hi Jane,

    I love your work. Your creative writing style makes it fun to read. You’ve encouraged me to start writing again.

    Thanks for the MySpace comment about my English Bulldog, Gracie. I didn’t know you were a bullie mom too!!! That gave me that much more admiration for you. Gracie is doing a little better. She’s on several meds and the vets say she should be feeling better soon. I have two–Winston, age 9, and Gracie who just turned 8. They are our children. I hope your bullie is doing great! I’d love to see a picture.

    Take care and keep up the good work.

    God Bless,

  63. Jane,
    I’ve been in the process of writing a book and I wish I could just give you the story line and wa-la there it is in print!!!
    At the age of 33 I became a widow after 12 years with my husband. Then at age 38 I got the “surprise” of my life and had a baby girl, so I am a single mom getting through life. After reading Flirting With Forty, it reminded me a lot of my life (my daughter’s father is 10 years younger than me!) and then Odd Mom Out was right on the mark again. I gave the book to my sister to read and she said that reminds me of you!! Keep up the good work and if you would like and idea for a sequel, I’m here!!!
    Take care and have a great Monday!!!

  64. Hi Jane! I just wanted to stop in and say hi….summer plans for me include hanging out with my four girlies as much as humanly possible! Good luck with writing the rest of your book..I am sure it will be nothing but fabulous!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Hi Jane, great contest your having. I recomend this book, Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich. I’m reading it now and it’s great.

  66. Hi Jane. I saw the article re Forty Firsts. I am the same age as you and a when I was 41, I learnt surfing, snowboarding, shooting (clays), pole dancing, martial arts, and fencing. 3 years later I still do all except for the fencing. My obsession with surfing led to the break down of my marriage, where even the pole dancing couldn’t save it! Now I am happy traveling to surf different parts of the world, but I need to take a leaf out of your book and find myself a surfer to marry; if only I can stay in one place long enough. I am going to buy Flirting with Forty now to read. Keep writing. Keep surfing. Regards

  67. hi jane:

    well i am waiting for your next book – as you know i had my 32 friends from knitting read flirty with forty and they are working there way thru mrs. perfect and odd mom out – during my jp lull i just finished toni blakes’s new book and i am working (trying hard) my way thru pink slips – next up some lori foster – if only you could write/publish as fast as i can read —- that would be excellent – i hope you are having a great day – smile into the sunshine and dance under the moon – it always makes my day a bit better!

  68. Hey, Jane! I thought of you this weekend – I was in Target and there you were. Frog Prince and Flirting with Forty both had prominent shelving space. Congratulations.

  69. As always love reading your books they are very addictive! Nothing like sitting at the beach under an umbrella with a great book to read listening to ocean waves. Thank-you for the contest and your great work!

  70. Hi, Jane! happy Fun Monday! I did a double take when I saw how many comments on this thread! I’m recovering from a nasty UTI and in between bathroom runs, *g* I’m reading UNMASKED by Nicola Cornick, a Regency historical, and making crayon pictures with my gorgeous 17 mos old grandson…

    Lots of hugs and good wishes to you and yours!

  71. How fun is this?? I love summer time … is there anything better than reading a great book in the summer breeze with a cold drink in hand?! I think not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Hey Jane, just catching up with your blog, which makes my day. I’ve been crazy/busy at work and I really need a vacation! I’m really excited about the new book, July 09 isn’t coming fast enough!

  73. It is very warm here today and that bag/book/towel kit would be awesome to take to the pool side today. I could lay on the towel and read to my heart’s content and carry snacks/cold drinks in the beach bag. You sure know how to spoil one reader and aid in their getaway, lol.

  74. I’m not writing any more (four books published but way too many rejections) and I’ve cut back drastically on my romance reading, HOWEVER, Jane is a must buy for me. I’ve loved all the stories, especially Flirting With Forty, and I look forward to reading Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect. Way to go, jane!

  75. Jane,

    July is such a great and busy month for me.

    My beautiful daughter is going to be turning four on the 30th. So I haven’t had very much time to myself lately with going to college online and planning her parties.

    I have to plan two one in Great Falls Montana and another in Helena Montana. So it gets a little stressful when you have a full plate of homework in front of you as well, but its well worth it.

    I could use a little break and I think this tote would go great with that day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great rest of July!

  76. that tote would be some major eye candy on the beach! i’ve been hearing about your books from blogs and thought i would check your blog out, now i’m off to check out the books

  77. Happy Monday to you Jane! I love your books and can’t wait for your first movie! I am currently reading Island of Lost Girls by Jennifer McMahon and Transforming Fate into Destiny by Robert Ohotto.

    Have a fantastic week!

    Lee Strickler

  78. I am in between summer reads and it’s driving me crazy! I just finished 19 Minutes by Jodie Picoult, which was very good, but I haven’t had a chance to get to the library for anything new!

  79. Hi Jane. I absolutely love all of your books. I can’t wait until the next one comes out. I’ve already read Flirting with Forty, The Frog Prince, Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect. While I’ve been waiting for your new book to come out, I have started reading “love the one youre with” by Emily Giffin. It is pretty good so far. Good luck with this next book. You are amazing!

  80. Hi Jane!

    I’m really enjoying getting to know you better through your blogs and I have added it to my blog list at

    I thought you might appreciate the fact that I had a disastrous first date today with a man 7 years younger than me who I have been talking to on the phone for the past 3 weeks (he answered an ad I put online for an apartment). We got along great on the phone and he sounded so promising and then I went to meet him in person today finally and guess what? He showed up wearing a
    tattered old t-shirt and crappy looking shorts. He hadn’t shaved and his teeth are absolutely TERRIBLE!! He’s missing one right in the front
    and the others are all crooked, yellow, and gross looking. He has gained about 20 lbs. since the one photo I’d seen of him and doesn’t look like that at
    all. He had long toenails (in his sandals) and fingernails and he was so unappealing that it is just incredibly sad. I just wasted another chunk of my time talking to someone who I will never get into bed with.
    He makes even less money working than I do being semi-unemployed! How
    is that possible? He’s got ADHD and just barely passed high school. We really don’t have anything in common and I would never settle for a man
    like him. C’est la vie. This is the story of my life. I wish I could believe that Craig Ferguson will find me and realize how perfect we are for each other, but I fear it will never happen. In the meantime, life goes on!

    Love & light,
    Christine xo

  81. Hi Jane !

    I’ve always been book worm until my chemo treatments started a few months back…and here I thought that would be a wonderful time to do more of what I love…reading ~ but I found that reading made me really tired and I got frustrated when I could only get in a few pages, and then I felt like I needed a nap. So, I had to give up reading for the most part for a little over four months…but I’m happy to say, my treatments are now finished and I can resume what I love best to unwind in the evening…READING ! I am so looking forward to reading Mrs. Perfect…and I sure would love a piece of that cake on the cover…YUM !!
    Thank you so much for a really fabulous contest ~ Happy July to you also !

  82. I have my favorite bookmark on page 10 of Odd Mom Out. It has a fascinating description of how women relate to each other in inner circles motion, moving inwards through a series of shared secrets, while men relate to each other as they move upward on the totem pole as they demonstrate strength. I had never seen it so clearly!!

  83. Hi Jane,
    Happy Monday. Keep going with the writing. I’m just started reading Rachel Gibson’s “I’m In No Mood For Love.”

  84. A contest what a great wayto chase the summer blues. Jane, I adore your boooks, and I appreciate that you are so honest about your kids.

  85. Hi Jane –

    I love your books. I’m currently reading Deja Demon by Julie Kenner.

    And vacation plans? Well, we actually vacation together. San Francisco, in a couple of weeks, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  86. Love your books Jane! Can’t wait to see your movie on TV. I told Kari we are going to have to have a Jane Porter party that night when it comes on! So excited for all your success with your books and in life! I’ve got my Mom hooked on your books now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Hi Jane!

    I am reading FLIRTING WITH FORTY, which is the first book of yours that I have ever read. It will NOT be the last. In fact, you have already moved to the list of authors whose new books will immediately be placed on my “must read” list. I’ve been so enthusiastic about FWF that several of my friends have gone out and bougjt it, too. I’m looking forward to reading many more of your books in the coming weeks!

  88. Hi Jane –

    I’m currently reading The Greek Tycoon’s Unexpected Wife by Annie West. Have a great summer!

  89. Hi Jane,
    I just finished Mrs. Perfect last Tuesday!!

    You’re the BEST!!

    Keep up the great writing!!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  90. I adored Odd Mom Out and it was fun to see those characters appear again in Mrs. Perfect. I always try to look at situations from various perspectives and seeing your take on that was amazing! I also appreciated your Jane Green reference in Mrs. Perfect:) My two favorite authors are both named Jane! Thanks for the great reads and I can’t wait to see the Flirty with 40 the movie!!!

  91. I ‘d love to win this! I’m not going on a summer vacation this year, so books are my only chance to get away! Thanks!

  92. Hi Jane – love your books & I always love to win books – yes I am a daily reader but also a contestor & I try not to let one interfere with the other! No vaykay for us this year but the deck is always great for reading & sipping ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week & lots of irish luck

  93. Stopping in for some Monday night fun after a not so fun day at work. lol I recently read a really good emotional family drama type story called Life Happens by Sandra Steffen. It’s the first story I ever read that brought tears to my eyes. I never thought I would enjoy a story like that, but I just loved it. Oh, and it was a romance, too.

  94. Hi Jane, I am a new fan of yours!! I love to read! Can’t wait until next week then I have 2 weeks off work. We are not going away anywhere but will just have a vacation at home. I hope to do lots of reading on the deck in the sun ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep doing what you do best Jane!!

  95. I loved Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect. Reading them one after another was great because I felt like I was reunited with old friends when I picked up the second book. It was a fun way to get to know the characters better by having the stories shared from different perspectives. Can’t wait to pick up the next one!

  96. I just finished reading the Mediterranean Nights series from Harlequin, which I really enjoyed. I was never too interested in a cruise until I read that series! Of course, my ideal voyage would be the Queen Mary 2 from NY to London, and I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford the trip, much less the time off to do it right.

    I wasn’t planning to start another book right now, because I was hoping to be in a production of “Richard III,” but it just got cancelled — not enough people came out to auditions to cast the show. I love Shakespeare so I’m really bummed out now. My husband’s glad, because with gas prices what they are, he’d just as soon we not make any special trips to rehearsals, but I had been really looking forward to it.

    Speaking of Shakespeare, I just discovered a wonderful Canadian television series about a Theatre Festival that specializes in Shakespeare. It’s called “Slings and Arrows,” and it’s just three seasons, 18 episodes. It’s out on DVD, and I’m so glad I discovered it. I think anyone who’s ever been involved in theatre will enjoy it.

    Take care and happy summer!

  97. Hey Jane, I’ve enjoyed all of your books. I’m reading alot right now since I don’t get a summer vacation. I’m at the library once a week and I just wanted to let you know that you are on the shelves with Flirting, Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect! Can’t wait for the next one – no need to worry because it will be great!

  98. I have read “Mrs. Perfect” twice in the past two weeks, and I love the writing (I feel like I know some of the characters …).

    Please keep writing!

  99. Congrats on the latest release. I love to read. I love the summer time and trips to the beach. This is a fantastic prize that combines two of my favorite things. Thanks for being so generous.

  100. I can totally relate to getting the words out of your head and onto paper in some semblance of order. I see great things in my vision, they just take a detour from my brain to the page. I think they must stop for a movie of chinese food somewhere.
    I’m blocked and having problems getting started, and my hero & heroine are having general tsao’s chicken.
    And they didnt even bring me any!
    I can’t wait to read your books, they sound great. Somday soon i’ll fit them in.
    I Hope!!!!
    happy writing.

  101. Hi, Jane,

    Looking forward to reading Mrs.
    Perfect, I’ve read your excerpt
    and it has definitely piqued my

    Pat Cochran

  102. My cable is locked on Lifetime and waiting for your movie with Heather Locklear! My own debut beach book, “Changes in Attitude” is selling well and I hope some day to share the same excitement of my characters coming to life. Congratulations, Jane, and keep on writing! Your books are terrific for any time reading, day or night.

    Kathleen Shaputis

  103. Way to go Jane!!! I think “Mrs. Perfect” is my favorite of all!! I can’t wait for your next novel. Keep up the great work. I may not be stuck with what to write, but as a mom and a wife, the everyday duties start to get old, thats when its awesome to have a good book to escape for a little while. I really enjoy your updates that are emailed out. thanks alot. Take Care.
    p.s. wish i was in Hawaii with ya!
    Cherylann Sterling

  104. I love all your books. They’ve really uplifted my life. When my grandfather died of cancer, my mum was so attached to him and took care of him that she went into shock when he died. And still has been. Every day. It’s been about a year and nothing truly changed but one day I took a trip to Barnes & Noble, and I picked up Mrs. Perfect. I read it within two days. That book really changed my life. It gave me happiness in a unique, but inspiring way, and helped me appreciate little things in life that I never did. I gave my mom Mrs. Perfect to read and I haven’t seen her more excited and happy in so long. The discussions we had about the book were wonderful. It gave us smiles again. I’ll never forget how Mrs. Perfect affected me and my mother after a long and depressing year. Thank you so much.

  105. Hi Jane –
    I became a fan of yours when I read Flirting. I since have read the other 3 books. I lived in Hawaii in the 80’s and had a few experiences like you had there, so I took me back a few years. It was fun to read!
    I would love you see you in Denver sometime. Can you plan a stop here sometime soon?

  106. Hi Jane! Your books are awesome! I just got done watching Sex and the City movie and I loved it. I haven’t watched a single episode of the series, but I really loved the movie. So for those out there that haven’t seen it GO! Have a great and enjoyable rest of the summer!

  107. A friend just recommended your books to me, and I can’t wait to get started! I thought I’d check out your website, and my anticipation has increased a lot based on the great comments.

  108. Hi Jane. Great contest.

    My son turned 15 today, I can’t believe it. I have a 15 year old child ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Anyway, I hope your summer is going well and your sons are enjoying their time with you while they’re not in school. Have a great one!

  109. Hi folks. Emily here, from Jane’s web team. This is AMAZING — 141 comments. That’s a lot of love. It’s just after midnight here on the west coast and I am calling this contest closed. THANKS TO EVERYONE who participated.

    Tomorrow midday here at the wax studio we will run a randomizer to pick a number. I just have to skim first in case anyone posted twice and I am too tired to do that right now. Then I will post the winner’s name and comment number. You will then have 24 hours to email me separately to confirm. If I don’t get a response then I will pull another number. Okay? Cool. I’ll be back after a good night’s sleep. Ciao!

  110. Well guess I missed out on the contest. I’ve been fighting my computer trying to fix it since 8 P.M. I knew yesterday and kept email to enter but oh well – hopefully next time. I do enjoy your blog, newsletter and all.

  111. “Flirting With Forty” is in my carry-on ready to go this Saturday! I just turned 40 in May, so I’m looking forward to this great read! ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Oh, GOODY! Your beach read sounds great! We have gotten the kids to Galveston and caught baby shrimp and crabs at the beach. However, it’s nice to think I might win something I’LL ENJOY! Even your water bottle would come in handy in this Texas heat! Thanks for being one of my favorite writers.

  113. Hi All— We pulled out or number randomizer and the winner is (drumroll, please):

    Arlene, in number 87!!!!!!!!

    Arlene, please contact me via this link:, there is an easy form in the upper right corner of the page. Doing it this way means my email is protected from spammers–thanks for your patience. And of course, your email is protected, too!

    Remember, you have until 11amPST tomorrow — 24 hours to contact me with your full mailing name and address so I can pass that onto Jane.

    Thanks, and congratulations! ~Emily

  114. I’ve read all of your books so far and have enjoyed them. Your story lines are believable and your characters so real.
    I just got back from vacation and my beach bag is empty. I read alot of good ones. I want to recommend the author Toni McGee Causey-her books are really funny.
    The only bad thing about summer is that it is almost over. Hope you enjoy the rest of it.

  115. Great contest with great prizes. I love totes!! I have always enjoyed visiting your website, always so much going on. I have read several of your books and of course enjoyed them all! I also have a couple on my TBR pile which is getting awful high!!! Keep up the great books and the great contests.

  116. CONGRATS to Arlene from Colorado! With a response that arrived in record time, Arlene is Jane’s big winner.

    We will do this again over the summer — be sure to check Jane’s blog regularly. Subscribe to the feed. You never know when a contest will pop up!

    Cheers! Emily

  117. I just won a Mia Bella Candle and one of your books in a contest sponsored by a mom who sells the candles, etc.
    It was the first time I read one of your books (Frog Prince) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wouldn’t mind winning another!

  118. I just finished reading Flirting with Forty. What a GREAT read!
    As a forty +, I can really relate to Jackie…She ROCKS.
    I can’t wait to start on Frog Prince.

    Summer’s almost my favorite time of year (all the bare MALE flesh ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Mindy ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. I just got back from a week vacation to Glacier National Park. Instead of Hawaii’s ocean views and sandy beaches, I roamed wooded trails and gazed on pristine lakes and rivers, and relaxed in the evenings watching the light change over the high mountains. The sun sets about 10pm in Glacier, and it was so peaceful to just sit and chat and enjoy the long evenings after a day spent hiking.
    Summer is the BEST!

  120. I loved your book Flirting with Forty. It came at just the right time in my life when my husband and I were going through some of the same things. It made me remember to hold my head up and live my life with or without him. Keep up the good work!

  121. I am so looking forward to reading your book…. It is going to be my vacation read.. I am intrigued since I expierenced the culture you are writing about in Odd Mom Out… And since I have three kids and only seem to find buzz light year and princess towles to wrap up in at the beack I think a Hot Pink tote would make my year!

  122. I thought it was wonderful when I read in your newsletter that you were holding this contest. How generous of you. I am currently reading Midnight Angel by Betsy Ann St. Amant which is really good so far.

  123. Well, bummer!! I was in Disneyland, so I couldn’t comment! Oh well..we had a blast!
    Keep up the great work, Jane!!!


  124. Reading is my escape and while my escape time is limited now with a 4 yr old, I plan on taking Mrs. Perfect with me to Maui this September. Perfect for pool side entertainment. Congratulations on your success!

  125. Two weeks ago I was in N. Myrtle Beach with my best friend and her husband’s family (10 adults and 10 kids) and my friend (who isnt a huge reader and neither am I, how can you be with small children). Anyhoo there she sat on the beach reading “Odd Mom Out” and laughing our loud every so often so I had to ask — What is the book about, she proceed to tell me and I read the first line of the first chapter and was hooked. I just finished it and it was a great read. I recommend it for all Mom’s – I just purchased Fliting with Forty and cannot put that down. I guess Mrs. Perfect is next. Keep up the good work

  126. Just finished reading Mrs. Perfect. Keep ’em coming, Jane, you are the GREATEST!!! Books we can actually relate to our own lives. Fiction, sorta…with more than a touch of reality. If I had to decide which was my favorite so far, I think this one is it!!

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