Writing in Paradise

I’m still writing.  And writing.  And writing.  And I’m in Hawaii doing all this writing all day, every day.

I wouldn’t mind writing here in Hawaii if it weren’t for the fact that my boys go back to Seattle tomorrow and I’ll miss them.  And then on Thursday I’ll go back to Seattle and I’ll miss Ty.  I just want this book done so I can hang out with the people I love.  I just want this book done so I can see an end to a book that won’t end.

I’m worried for all of you, my readers.  This book, More Than A Pretty Face, is so….so….so…

It’s so.  That’s the whole problem.  It’s so confusing, so maddening, so sprawling, so out there that I worry it’s not enough like my other books.  You see, Taylor’s story from Mrs Perfect, was small, focused on Taylor and her little world but this one, Tiana’s story, is big and international and the concerns are concerns of the world at large.  Of our place in the world, yes, but our responsibility to the world as it is.  Taylor buried her head in her own backyard but Tiana’s worry is for the world our children will inherit.

I’ve written my final two chapters and am now rewriting those before starting over to give the book a hard, fierce overhaul, revising as much as I can to make it as wonderful as I can.  But I write and rewrite with fear in my back teeth.  What if this book will disappoint?  What if its not enough like Holly, Jackie, Marta or Taylor’s story?  What if its just too Hollywood, just too Africa, just too different?

And the next time someone says, “You just churn those books out, don’t you?”, I will laugh hysterically.  The only thing that churns when I write is my gut.

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