Writing in Paradise

I’m still writing.  And writing.  And writing.  And I’m in Hawaii doing all this writing all day, every day.

I wouldn’t mind writing here in Hawaii if it weren’t for the fact that my boys go back to Seattle tomorrow and I’ll miss them.  And then on Thursday I’ll go back to Seattle and I’ll miss Ty.  I just want this book done so I can hang out with the people I love.  I just want this book done so I can see an end to a book that won’t end.

I’m worried for all of you, my readers.  This book, More Than A Pretty Face, is so….so….so…

It’s so.  That’s the whole problem.  It’s so confusing, so maddening, so sprawling, so out there that I worry it’s not enough like my other books.  You see, Taylor’s story from Mrs Perfect, was small, focused on Taylor and her little world but this one, Tiana’s story, is big and international and the concerns are concerns of the world at large.  Of our place in the world, yes, but our responsibility to the world as it is.  Taylor buried her head in her own backyard but Tiana’s worry is for the world our children will inherit.

I’ve written my final two chapters and am now rewriting those before starting over to give the book a hard, fierce overhaul, revising as much as I can to make it as wonderful as I can.  But I write and rewrite with fear in my back teeth.  What if this book will disappoint?  What if its not enough like Holly, Jackie, Marta or Taylor’s story?  What if its just too Hollywood, just too Africa, just too different?

And the next time someone says, “You just churn those books out, don’t you?”, I will laugh hysterically.  The only thing that churns when I write is my gut.


  1. Write, and worry not. Write what your mind seeks and what fills your heart and we’ll love it, just as we love you. Not that we’re biased or anything.

  2. So nice to hear from you again! I was starting to worry a little. But I’ve also been sending you all my good and positive thoughts for this book.

    Odd Mom Out was so different from The Frog Prince and Flirting with Forty that you worried it would disappoint. It didn’t. This one won’t disappoint either.

    This book is beating you up in order to make you strong enough to handle what it will become. Trust it and yourself. Trust God. He wants to share a message and use you to do it.

    Just a word from my heart.

  3. The book will be wonderful I know because it’s by Jane Porter!

    Lots of hugs and soothing energy coming your way!

  4. Jane,

    I truly don’t believe that you can disappoint. With everything you put in your books, there is no possibility of that. I am looking forward to this book more and more with all that you’ve said. It is nice to hear from you though!! I though we lost in your writing!! Please don’t fret, we love you and your writing every time!! Hope you can find just a little bit of time to spend with those guys you love so much in Hawaii!!

  5. I have a feeling that this book will ring with authenticity and truth, and those are two things that capture people. In short, it will be wonderful. Your loyal readers will follow you anywhere, and you may pick up new ones with these new directions as well.

  6. Jane,

    I have no doubt this book will be as high caliber as the others you have written. You have an amazing talent and your insight into the minds of so many different types of people is awesome. I love how you take all types of characters and make them more human.

    Just keep writing and we’ll keep reading! (And I will keep recommending! You were today’s book review!) You are awesome and we love you!!!

    I am so looking forward to the new book! It’s going to be so wonderful 🙂 Keep smiling!!

    Love ya!

  7. While I enjoyed the other books, they were guilty pleasures picked up because I live in Bellevue and enjoy your take on Eastside life. Each book has shown progression in your skills as a writer of more than “fairy tale” girlie stories and that is why I liked Mrs. Perfect the best, pointing out that $200 bras and multi-streaked hair are not essential to happiness. I know few wealthy people, but the ones I do know are not focused on the country club and designer bags and dresses, but are more interested in making the world a better place. Your books have given that message in family centered settings, but if this next book has a broader goal, then I am doubly excited about its publication. I have given Mrs. Perfect as a present, saying that you are not just a fluffy blonde romance writer who is a kick to read but someone who of greater depth who tackles the serious problems women face today. I have been feeling despair at the current state of our country and what we are doing to our children’s future, and if you can face it and find hope, as you have with your other stories, this is something I look forward to reading. Go to it, Jane!

  8. Jane…I just finished reading
    your ODD MOM OUT…I really
    loved your characterizations
    and the storyline as well.
    Thank you for your cleverness.

  9. Hey Jane!

    I know that your next book will be just as great as the rest! And, I don’t feel at all that you “churn” them out! 2009 is a LONG time in my opinion to wait in for your next one! In fact, last night I was looking for something new to read and was disappointed in my nightstand choices. I decided to pick up Flirting With Forty and read that again..for the 4th time! 🙂

  10. I always look at you, Jane and am so inspired at how far you’ve come! I can’t wait to read this book.

    And *sigh* Hawaii… I WISH!! But Seattle isn’t so bad right now… we gotta bit of sun.

  11. Jane, Just write from your heart and gut as always. You have such passion in you for your characters and it comes through in your writing. It can’t be wrong if you feel it so deeply inside you. Looking forward to reading Tiana’s story. Enjoy the writing process as much as you can.

  12. Jane, I have truly loved all your books!

    My thoughts are with you as you write and I can’t wait to read the new book because I know it will be AWESOME!!!

  13. Don’t worry about it. I think we need to read something different in our books. You are a fantastic author and I think even if it is about the world’s problems it will still be spectacular.

  14. I have no doubts that I will love this book as much as all the others. Now I am really excited for 2009 so I can read it–it sounds very intriguing. Your books are always awesome & never disappoint. Enjoy Hawaii!

  15. take a breath and put your fears away – i know your new book is going to be amazing – it sounds like your put your heart and soul into it – that makes one good book – i know i can’t wait to buy it and read it!

  16. Jane,

    Firstly, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Flirting with Forty and Odd Mom Out. I live in Sammamish, and it was fun for me to read about some of the places that are near to where I live. I haven’t read your other two books yet, but they are definitely on my list.

    Writers get discouraged and often second-guess their writing. As you read through your manuscript after it is complete, you will be reading it as a “reader,” and not a “writer.” There will probably be several things that you will change based on your “reader” perspective. That’s just part of the process. When you get to the end, see how you feel about how things resolved from a reader’s perspective. You may love the ending, or you may decide to go in completely a different direction.

    When I go to the library looking for a book, I am naturally drawn to your type of books. I have to say that I absolutely love it when I am exposed to things that I am not expecting–such as learning about another country or taking another perspective on life. When an author hooks her readers, she can open their eyes to many different things, and that sounds exactly like what you will be doing in your next book.

    A while back, I became interested in Eileen Goudge’s books, and it turned me on to the world of chocolate production (I was already into the chocolate consumption area…). After I read that book, I learned how to make chocolate truffles, and I have been making them for years and giving them away as Christmas gifts.

    Maybe your new book will turn your readers on to being involved with saving the children of the world. If you even added a page to your book entitled “How you can help” and gave ideas/resources for how people can help with their time and/or money, you would probably get quite a bit of responses.

    Hang in there…


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