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The Princess Brides by requestI have a new UK Harlequin Release this month, and it’s one that’s been much requested. The Princess Brides edition is a collection of my three bestselling Princess Bride series: The Sultan’s Bought Bride, The Greek’s Royal Mistress, and The Italian’s Virgin Princess. For many of my readers, this is their favorite series. It’s actually one of my favorite series, too, and I love the first book, The Sultan’s Bought Bride The Sultan's Bought Bridewith Malik Nuri and his wayward princess, Nicollette. They had such a unique chemistry as they’re both very strong characters and equals in every respect. Writing their book felt like the unfolding of a chess game–check, check mate.

The second book in the series, The Greek’s Royal Mistress, was darker, deeper and more emotional. The princess in question has lived a much harder life, and has suffered abuse at the hand of her late husband. She’s both fragile and fierce in that she’s also a mother and everything in her screams to protect her vulnerable daughter. The hero, a fierce Greek bodyguard, remains one of my all time favorite heroes.

The Italian's Virgin PrincessThe final book, The Italian’s Virgin Princess, sold like hotcakes and was number one in Australia for two weeks–and not number one on the romance charts, but on the fiction charts, beating out the big boys like John Grisham and Dan Brown. It was a very cool moment in my career, unexpected and yet so fun.

Readers have emailed me over and over to ask if I still write for Harlequin Presents and the answer is yes. I’ve no intention of giving up my place in the line. It’s an honor to write for Harlequin Mills & Boon and I love the fact that every one of these books sell in dozens of countries–Japan, Greece, India, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Finland, Argentina, South Africa and many many more. I love that the books are widely read, and I love the freedom and fantasy of writing international love stories, stories that transcend culture, socio-economics, and politics.

To celebrate the new Princess Brides release, a book that is available through Harlequin in the UK and, I’ll be doing a contest here on my blog every week of September for a total of four contests. Every contest prize will have a princess theme.

Welcome back, Princess Brides.  You’ve been missed!

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