Have Returned

Well, I am home.  And it was a good week but in some ways a long week.  Especially the last few days as I took Amtrak north from Santa Ana, California back to Seattle.  We were scheduled to arrive at 8:45 pm last night in Seattle.  We didn’t pull into King Street station until closer to 3 am.  Ty had to catch an early morning flight back to Hawaii and was out the door by 7 am.  I just feel beat.  And very, very queasy.  I had to wear sea bands the entire trip to help with being ‘sea sick’ on the train.

Sleeping on the train wasn’t a problem–the motion helped me sleep–but during the day I battled lots of nausea and trying to find food I could eat when I couldn’t really eat was difficult, but on a positive note, it added to the sense of adventure.  

I couldn’t have done the trip without Ty though.  He does all the driving, all the hauling of luggage, all the calming and soothing.  He’s such a great traveling companion and is very patient with me, and delays, and just life in general.  But especially me and I confess I’m not in great form lately.

I’m now about 9 weeks pregnant and little surfer baby is due May 1st.  I wasn’t going to tell anyone until I hit second trimester but I’m so morning sick night and day and am still getting daily progesterone injections that I’m just not, well, me, and should you see me at an upcoming event and I don’t recognize you (as I didn’t recognize my cousin Lynn Thursday in Laguna Beach) or introduce you repeatedly (as I did with Liza and Megan and my other cousin Jennifer in Laguna at the bookstore) or simply stare off into space or make inappropriate gagging noises you will know not to take it personally. 

But this is why I took the train to Orange County instead of flying, and this is also why I’ve cut down on events for the coming year.  It hasn’t been an easy pregnancy and I’ve been on bedrest for weeks and actually snuck down to California without my doctor’s seal of approval but from now until December I won’t be traveling.  I’m still not allowed to exercise yet but I am going to try to get back to writing and hopefully get a better personality soon, because this first trimester personality of mine leaves much to be desired. 

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