Autumn Sunday

The boys are at their dad’s this weekend and I’ve been reading and scrapbooking.  Once again I’m putting together a scrapbook for Surfer Ty’s birthday (his birthday was October 6th but as I didn’t see him I procrastinated putting it together).   Scrapbooking is a lot of work and yet the end result is always great, even when imperfect.  Maybe because it’s homemade.  Maybe because it’s a labor of love.  No matter.  Ty says it’s always his favorite present and so I make one for him every year.  This is his fourth.  

I haven’t made a scrapbook for the kids in years though.  I keep ordering the photos to do it but its overwhelming.  I take a lot of photos in a year, and we do a lot of wonderful things.  If I gave up writing I’d be able to scrapbook full time.  Or if I gave up reading I could scrapbook for an hour every night before bed…not that it’d be all that relaxing.

There were a lot of things I did before I published.  I gardened.  I cooked.  I entertained.  But I don’t have time for most hobbies anymore.  I actually have time for very little beyond kids, writing and Ty.  I do see friends when I can, but that tends to be hit or miss, based on writing deadlines, based on energy, based on creativity. 

Is there anything you’ve given up you wished you hadn’t?  Or is there something you’d like to try, that you haven’t yet?  I can’t think of any new hobbies I’d try, but I’d sure love to entertain again.  Maybe by December I’ll feel like me again and I can throw a  holiday party for family and friends.

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