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I love how much my kids love Halloween.  They start thinking about costumes just after Labor Day and peruse all the catalogs that arrive for possible costume ideas.  l’d told them this year we could have a Halloween party, or even do a version of a haunted house.  At the time I made the promise, I didn’t know I’d still be so sick the day before Halloween, so this year it’s a cobbled together Halloween celebration with me postponing shopping and decorating to the last minute.  Their dad took them costume shopping on Sunday, Ty Gurney took them to a haunted woods scarefest Wednesday night, and then Ty and I finally carved pumpkins and made candy apples with them last night.

Next year we’ll do the party.  Next year we’ll really do something scary.  The boys have hit the age where they want to scare kids.  That sounds fun to them because they remember how much they loved being scared when they were little.

I don’t dress up for Halloween. I think I have three times as an adult, and each time was out of necessity because I’d been invited to a party–costume required.  I don’t know why I’m not into dressing up.   I love it when other moms and dads do.  Ty Gurney had really wanted to dress up but yesterday instead of getting a costume he bought an old 1971 truck and today he’s tinkering with the truck, most happily, I might add.  I’m glad he’s got manly wheels of his own now.  He hated driving my 2002 Tahoe.  Called it a mom car, a Bellevue mom car, and I can’t say I blame him.  It is a mom car, it’s my car, and I love it.  It holds 8 people, has lots of cup holders and it’s paid for.  Maybe that’s the best part.

Today at noon Ty Gurney and I head to son Ty’s 4th grade class to help with the afternoon Halloween party.  I’ve cookies for his class and then I’m the ‘dirt mom’, in charge of the pudding cup graveyard activity.  Ty Gurney’s so good at all the school stuff.  He chaperoned one of Ty’s field trips this week (to the salmon hatchery in Issaquah) and then chaperoned Ty’s play practice on Wednesday.   It’s awesome having help and company.

Tonight we’ve been invited to a friend’s Halloween party and then we’ll go trick or treating after, although I’ll probably head home after the party instead of going house to house since I’m still on limited activity.  I’m excited about the party.  Ty’s here and he can go with us,  and we haven’t been invited to a party in a long, long time.   One year?  Two?  It’s so nice to be included.

And in light of today being Halloween, and the fact that I appreciate my readers and also really love sweets and treats, I’m doing a one day contest that ends tonight at midnight and I’ll announce the winner in the morning.   The prize is my last signed copy of The Desert Sheikh’s Marriage, Jane Porter goodies, and a $40 yummy cookie gift from my favorite bakery, Cheryl&Co. to start your November right.  I will have the cookies sent straight to you so they’ll be fresh, and they have sugar free varieties in case you or your family prefers them.  How to play?  Post a comment below, telling me about your Halloween or weekend plans, and you’re entered.

Have a wonderful Halloween, be warm, be safe, and know I’m grateful to have you in my life!

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