Knuckling Down

Can’t ignore the writing any longer.  Can’t allow queasiness to keep me from getting serious work done.  It’s time to jump on my Harlequin manuscript and get it done.  Although Surfer Ty is still here through Saturday morning, I am returning to writing tomorrow.  I should even try to write today but today is clean up day, laundry dry, football day and gear up for book tomorrow day.

I like writing once I’m into it.  I love writing once I start hitting those intense time melts, where I’m so in the flow of writing that I’m not even aware of time.  I’ll get there.  It just takes some hard core discipline and effort to get there.

I’m so lacking discipline right now.  I’ve indulged my desire for buttered toast, my need to read, my craving for sweet crisp grapes and fresh honeydew melon,  but I have not made myself work.  And my editor in London has been so good and understanding but it’s time.  I have to be be serious, knuckle down, and focus.  I’ve given myself a firm deadline:  Thursday, December 4th.  That’s the day I want to email my manuscript to my editor, and I want it to be in fabulous shape.  That means I have five weeks to write and rewrite.   I can do it.  I’ve written a book in three weeks.   Once.   And the great thing is that once I get the Harlequin finished, I can start on Shey’s story, which I’m dying to write. 

So here’s to an industrious month!  Anyone have a project or goal to share with me?  I’d love to know I’m not the only one working hard this month.

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