Knuckling Down

Can’t ignore the writing any longer.  Can’t allow queasiness to keep me from getting serious work done.  It’s time to jump on my Harlequin manuscript and get it done.  Although Surfer Ty is still here through Saturday morning, I am returning to writing tomorrow.  I should even try to write today but today is clean up day, laundry dry, football day and gear up for book tomorrow day.

I like writing once I’m into it.  I love writing once I start hitting those intense time melts, where I’m so in the flow of writing that I’m not even aware of time.  I’ll get there.  It just takes some hard core discipline and effort to get there.

I’m so lacking discipline right now.  I’ve indulged my desire for buttered toast, my need to read, my craving for sweet crisp grapes and fresh honeydew melon,  but I have not made myself work.  And my editor in London has been so good and understanding but it’s time.  I have to be be serious, knuckle down, and focus.  I’ve given myself a firm deadline:  Thursday, December 4th.  That’s the day I want to email my manuscript to my editor, and I want it to be in fabulous shape.  That means I have five weeks to write and rewrite.   I can do it.  I’ve written a book in three weeks.   Once.   And the great thing is that once I get the Harlequin finished, I can start on Shey’s story, which I’m dying to write. 

So here’s to an industrious month!  Anyone have a project or goal to share with me?  I’d love to know I’m not the only one working hard this month.


  1. Jane,

    So happy to hear another book is coming!! My project this month is hosting some candle parties before the holidays to get my new candle business up and running. Thanks to a exceptional team leader and also a wonderful new friend named Kari, I don’t think I have too many doubts of myself left! She is just amazing! She makes me want to be amazing!Kind of like your books and the way they make me feel powerful as a woman! Stay well! Can’t wait to hear how the book is coming along!

  2. Jane,

    I’m right there with you! I have a Dec 1 deadline for my next book and a two week old baby that is wonderful but keeping me up at night and feeling like a zombie. But I can do it if you can do it!!

    x Kate

  3. I have some deadlines at work that are almost done, and then there is actually a lull before the new year and things gear up again. I plan to get to the cataloging and filing and cleaning up and documentation this month, and then taking some time off in December. That brings to mind home, where I am going to clean thoroughly in anticipation of the holidays when I am looking forward to having a decorated and welcoming house with lots of baked goodies for friends and family.

  4. Like you I have to get on the ball and get started on book number two. I have just finished my first manuscript… well let me rephrase that. I finished my first manuscript about five weeks ago! Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been that long. Now it is time to get started on book number two. It is so hard for me to get re motivated, but I too am going to buckle down and get myself back into a routine! Don’t know if the book I am writing will be done in five weeks though. Pretty sure it won’t be… my goal was more like six months.

    Glad you are feeling a bit better and are able to focus. Good luck and Happy Writing my friend.



  5. Jane,

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Good luck with getting that book written. You know that we will all be looking forward to this story as well as Shey’s once you get going on it.

  6. Hi Jane! Been thinking of you lots and hoping things were going well. I’ve just sent in a manuscript that will be a Dec Super. I celebrated by finishing the dvds for the fourth season of Gray’s Anatomy! Now I’m taking a week off before I start working on the next one.

    Take care you. Hugs!

  7. I am trying to stop cleaning my house and make more time to work on my writing project which i love to visualize and day dream over and watch the movie version in my head…but sitting down to write it..that doesnt seem to happen. I keep trying.

  8. It is time to buckle down Jane. I agree with you. I am in the same ‘buckle down mode’ that you are in. We recently moved to a new state this summer, we’ve had fun exploring, goofing off and eating whatever we please. I am a personal trainer and it is TIME to hit the gym, eat smart and get working again. I thrive on discipline and have missed not having it, yet at the same time it has been wonderful having the ‘whatever’ mentality. Here’s to hard work Jane. Go-get-em!!!

  9. I’m write there with you, Jane! My deadline is Thanksgiving for my current book, and I’m squeezing my writing in between a full-time day job, kids, etc. I’m way, way behind, but I know I can get it done. We can get it done! Here’s to a prosperous writing month!

  10. October was an amazing month!! I was so happy to welcome wonderful new team members to my candle business so I’m busy training and helping them to succeed.

    I am also officially certified to start substitute teaching. It’s been over 6 years since I’ve been in the classroom but I thought it would be a fun way to make some extra cash and be in my kids’ schools.

    We plan to spend a week at the beach for Thanksgiving so that is always a fun time to relax and READ!!!

    Love ya!


  11. Jane,

    I am so with you. I have another book brewing in me, even though I just finished five full-time weeks (8 p.m. to 5 a.m.) of hellacious rewrites (I believe I kept 3,000 of my 71,000 words in all). This was while trying to teach two college classes, watch my 15-month-old, and try to keep my house from looking like some dude’s college dorm room.

    Hang in there!


  12. Jane,

    I just recently got a Wii Fit. So my new goal is to use it everyday. I’ve started doing Yoga and strength training. So far so good, I’ve lost 1.5 lbs. I feel like I have so much more energy. So my goal is to fit in at least an hour a day, between work, ballet, chours, and all those fun things that come with kids. Best of luck with your goals.

  13. my goal for the month is to just make it through with my sanity intact! Glad to hear you are doing better! Good luck with the manuscript and can’t wait to see the new book! No pressure! 😉

  14. Hi Jane! I’m working hard this month too. I have rewrites on a book that Samhain wants to see and I’m also working on another book that I started for NaNoWriMo. Plus life…you know, taking care of the kids and house and trying to get hubby back to work. It’s glorious!

  15. Hi Jane,
    I’m set to finish my first short contemporary, and then I want to work on a single title that is more of a women’s fiction MS than romance. I’m excited!

  16. Hi Jane! Glad to hear you are feeling well enough to write. I do have a task that needs to be done. I’m giving myself till Thanksgiving eve, to get everything put where it belongs. We just moved to Oregon from Cali, and there are sooo many boxes. I can’t wait for your’ next book!

  17. My goal for this month is to get caught up on my fosterkids’ scrapbook. ( My own kids have yet to see a scrapbook for them). I did 10 pages in the past 10 days. I just order the stickers on Ebay- because it is so much faster then digging through my scrapbook stuff.. These kids look at their book daily- even their mom has brought me old pictures to add– so I don’t have theme pages…But they don’t care..

  18. I’m in goal-setting mode, too. I’m half way through with my wip–a cozy mystery. I want it DONE by mid-January! The first draft at any rate.
    Good luck with your book!

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