November 5th

It’s the day after the election and yet I think my election fever is worse today than yesterday.  I couldn’t sleep last night after the election results, and the acceptance speech.  I couldn’t stop thinking, couldn’t stop replaying the moment Obama’s family walked onto the platform at the park in Chicago–dad, mom, two little girls. 

As they emerged on stage, that was the moment it hit me: we’d elected our first black president.  I never thought much about Obama’s color before.  I have so many friends of color, of different faiths, different cultures.  I prefer a multi-cultural, multi-lingual world.  Maybe it’s from living overseas so much.  Maybe it’s from loving my dolls of the world collection as a child.  Maybe it’s from sponsoring children through Christian Children’s Fund and World Vision since I was twenty.  Regardless, the world to me isn’t black or white.  It’s every shade, every language, every faith. 

But last night my breath caught as the Obamas emerged on stage, little girls radiant, Michelle beaming, and it hit me.  We’ve put the first black family in the White House.  The first family is a family of color. 

How bold, how brave, how just, how good.

I’m proud of the people in our country. 

I’m proud of everyone who went out and voted, regardless of how they voted. 

I’m proud democracy works.

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