November 5th

It’s the day after the election and yet I think my election fever is worse today than yesterday.  I couldn’t sleep last night after the election results, and the acceptance speech.  I couldn’t stop thinking, couldn’t stop replaying the moment Obama’s family walked onto the platform at the park in Chicago–dad, mom, two little girls. 

As they emerged on stage, that was the moment it hit me: we’d elected our first black president.  I never thought much about Obama’s color before.  I have so many friends of color, of different faiths, different cultures.  I prefer a multi-cultural, multi-lingual world.  Maybe it’s from living overseas so much.  Maybe it’s from loving my dolls of the world collection as a child.  Maybe it’s from sponsoring children through Christian Children’s Fund and World Vision since I was twenty.  Regardless, the world to me isn’t black or white.  It’s every shade, every language, every faith. 

But last night my breath caught as the Obamas emerged on stage, little girls radiant, Michelle beaming, and it hit me.  We’ve put the first black family in the White House.  The first family is a family of color. 

How bold, how brave, how just, how good.

I’m proud of the people in our country. 

I’m proud of everyone who went out and voted, regardless of how they voted. 

I’m proud democracy works.


  1. I watched Dr. Maya Angelou share her feelings about seeing, in her lifetime, the first Black president being elected, and she recited her poem, I WILL RISE and I cried my head off. No matter how we all voted, yesterday was truly epic and we got to see it with our own eyes. We will tell our grandchildren and they will roll their eyes like we did when our parents told us about the day man walked on the moon. What a great day to be an American!!

  2. I was glued to the television and websites all day yesterday. I can’t get over how awesome it is. I cried and cried over all the coverage. And I still cry today if the music/pictures are right 🙂

  3. I agree! What an awesome day yesterday was! I kept telling my children that they were experiencing history and that they will never forget that day! I too am proud of this country! I get choked up and teary everytime I hear his speech and see his face coming onto that stage in Chicago!

  4. I agree–it was such an awesome, amazing, momentous occasion in history & we are living through it. I believe positive changes are in store for our country!

    p.s. Can’t wait to see what kind of dog they get for the White House dog–the dog Barack promised his girls if he got elected. 🙂

  5. It was incredible. Although McCain is a hero in every sense of the word, I could really relate to President Elect Obama. Last night I was so proud to be a first generation American. I love this country where hard work and perseverance can make dreams come true. I wonder if Americans truly understand how wonderful our country is where anything is possible.

  6. Jane,
    Yes we can!!
    I was thrilled and teary listening to Obama and looking at the crowd filled with young faces and lined faces, blond hair and dark hair, all kinds of people – beautiful Americans all. At the end when the candidates and their families came together on the stage, and Joe Biden’s mother, so frail and tiny and precious, held his hand as she walked next to him, it happened to me again as I wished my own mother was alive to see this day. McCain had a moving speech as well, and showed his class and love for this country, too I am proud to be an American – I can sing that out loud today! The White House is going to be filled with life and energy (including kids and puppies) and this country will be better for the change.

  7. Hi Jane and everyone
    As a ‘UK’ citizen, I can only applaud the bravery and desire for change that the US achieved yesterday. From this side of the pond, we were all very moved and impressed by the willingness of the US people, to want change. Mr Obama seems such an intelligent and forward thinking man. In some strange way, he reminds me of Tony Blair when he was elected here in 1997.
    Best Wishes to everyone
    xx Karen

  8. Hey Jane: I am with all of you. What a wonderful country we live in. What a wonderful President Elect we have to look forward to and yes, democracy works. I’m saving all the newspapers for my grandchildren (if my girls ever grace me with grandkids). It surely is great to be an American living in this day and age of change.

  9. It’s been a long campaign and I’m glad it’s over. Never in my lifetime did I expect to see this, but I couldn’t be happier. The country has spoken and now it’s time to make change happen. I’m so excited to see little girls in the White House. And I can’t wait to see what kind of First Puppy they’ll get. While I’ll be curious about their lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I don’t want so much press coverage that they can’t sneeze in public without it being on the nightly news.

    Oh yes, I’m proud to be an American.

  10. Wonderful post, Jane. What strikes me is that we’re witnessing a beautiful love story – a true romance at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How often does that happen? Remember what Obama said about his wife Michelle on election night? He called her “my best friend, the rock of our family, and the love of my life.” What woman wouldn’t melt, to hear her husband say those words? Have you noticed the looks that flash between the two of them? The smiles on their faces when they catch each other’s eye? They’re involved in a passionate love affair, and our nation is privileged to witness the same. I think we’re going to learn a lot about our country, about ourselves, about romance, from the Obamas. She has said, despite all his traveling, he has never once missed phoning his girls to tell them good night; he has never once missed their wedding anniversary. This is an honest man, a decent man; the type of man any woman would be proud to call her own. And it’s my belief that our country is darn lucky to have him; that we should be proud to call the four of them our future First Family. God bless them all (plus the puppy(ies) they choose – I heard it might be two).

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