Blow Out

After a couple weeks of feeling very rough around the edges, I took myself in for a hair appointment yesterday morning and wish I’d done it earlier.   My favorite indulgence is reading, but a professional blow out ranks right up there. 

I never used to get professional blow outs.  I only started a couple years back when I was doing a photo shoot for a magazine and I was short on time so I had my hair done professionally.  I loved it.  Forty-five minutes and forty bucks and I looked like a million dollars. 

The fact is, I can make my hair look okay, but I can never make it look as smooth and straight and glossy as a salon.  My hair is now, naturally curly.  It wasn’t always curly.  Fertility treatments with son number 2 put waves all over, and spiral curls at the very back.  Every now and then I play up the curls with a big fat barrel curling iron but I’m secretly convinced I look thinner and more sophisticated with straight hair, so straight it is for book events, or whenever I need a shot of confidence.  I don’t know why smooth gleaming hair makes me feel more confident, but it does.  It’s probably a control thing, and God knows, I have a control thing.

Do you have a secret indulgence, or a favorite pick-me-up?  Tell me yours in the comment section below and you’ll be entered in my weekend contest.  The prize is delicious See’s candy, a $15 Starbucks gift card and a $15 Barnes & Noble gift card–a perfect way to treat yourself as we approach the holidays.  I will pick a winner midnight Sunday night PST and post the name Monday morning. 

Now I’m off to my son’s soccer game.  In the rain. 

(Please don’t tell anyone I’m already worrying more about protecting my hair than the outcome of my son’s game….)


  1. At volleyball this morning I was about to say to this other mom, “I cant believe my hair is such a fuzzball, this rain is killing it.” Then I realized she is a good mom, paying attention to the game and not her own hair…so instead I said something like yay purple panthers..
    My favorite pick me up is going to Borders, buying coffee there and reading books and then buying myself a bunch of them which I cannot afford!

  2. I’ve never had a professional blow out and I’m thinking it would be a good idea. My favorite pick me up is going to Starbucks and buying a carmel macchiato and then sipping it slowly while reading a good book…

  3. jane..i would have to say mine is a pedicure & manicure at the spa. esp when i was pregnant i would go every two weeks so i could get the feeling of being treated like a queen! try it….

  4. I am a pedicure and facial queen! It just makes me feel good when I have pretty toes. Also, facials are just about the most relaxing thing that I can think to do for myself! I hope your hair stays smooth while you watch the game!

  5. Well mine is a little weird, I’m not really into the hair and nails thing so when I do get a break, which is rare, I like to break out my good camera and go photograph nature. I live in a very rural part of FL with farms, springs, Suwannee River (yes the one in the song), smalls towns and one red light. It’s my thing, I have a very stressful job (911 dispatcher) and I find that being alone and clicking away relaxes and refreshes me.

  6. My favourite indulgence is going to the spa. I’m not sure it’s a secret. I can’t afford to do it very often, but a body wrap, or a some kind of body treatment always makes me feel like a million bucks (well, after I get over the awkward stage of being pretty much nude and stating my standard line of “I guess you see all shapes and sizes, so hopefully mine won’t scare you” – yeah, I’m a little insecure, but that doesn’t stop me from going.)

  7. My favorite pick-me-up is a simple wash and style at the salon. Nothing relaxes me more than having someone else wash my hair and massage the scalp. Like you said, I can get my hair to look decent but, unlike you, my hair is bone straight and I just can’t seem to get the lift and body myself that a professional stylist seems to effortlessly achieve. Glad to hear that you seem to be feeling better.

  8. Last year I actually won “Free Hair Service & products for an entire year!” Of course the business I won it at knew they were closing before the year would be up, but I got plenty of stuff done before they closed! We’ve always been tight on money, and of course mom always comes last, so this was a real treat for me! That, and I also had just had a baby (my third) and had just survived a blood clot in my lungs that was probably caused from the birth of my baby.

    Anyways, I actually got my hair done on Christmas Eve morning before our schedule got crazy with events. It was fabulous and just what I needed!

  9. i laughed as i read this, i was supposed to have my son’s parent teacher conf. next friday. fortunately, the teacher and i are good friends, as we teach togehter. so i was sharing that although i had originally marked i could be at the conf. the only thing that stands between my kids and i is my “color” appt. for my hair and i would therefore have to reschedule. she laughed and said she knew how i felt and was willing to do the conf. for my son right then, which we both did. isn’t it amazing how a refreshing hair appt. can make your day?! oh, hope your son won his game, or at least did his best!

  10. Secret confession: I’ve never been like all the other girls. Don’t like massages, don’t eat chocolate, don’t like getting my hair done (did I mention I HATE watching soccer games? Thank God my daughter finally dropped off the team) But I do LOVE jewelry, which unfortunately is an expensive vice. I’m content to window-shop (especially given today’s economy), but once in awhile, I treat myself to a pair of earrings or a sparkly bracelet. When I finish a project such as a manuscript, I haul out the big guns and indulge in my favorite jewelry shopping sport (we’re talking gemstones, ladies, such as in rings). And since my latest manuscript is nearly done, I’m looking forward to my next purchase!


  11. A massage, manicure and a hair cut/style. Those are my indulgences and I wish I’d do them all more often. I’ve been doing my own blow outs since the eighth grade, so I’m pretty good at it. But for the most part I’ve left it curly for the last several years. Like you, I like the blow out when I need a shot of confidence – I feel like it’s more put together than this curly thing on my head.

  12. I usually color my hair myself, and it turns out fine using medium golden blond (really, despite Mrs. Perfect’s experience) but when I really want a treat I have it done professionally. I am a no fuss person, and just wash and wear my natural curly hair, and of course use mascara to coat my blonde eyelashes. Still, I refuse to be gray. That is where I draw the line on natural!

  13. I enjoyed reading your post today. You deserve this special treat. It is important to feel good. My special treat is to go to my favorite cafe and order a cappuccino and relax and read an indulgent novel.

  14. Glad you are feeling better. It’s a toss up for me. I love to have my hair done (which I don’t do that often)it is very relaxing and feels great to be pampered. I also enjoy a great cup of coffee in a cozy coffee shop with a great book in hand.

  15. LOL, worst part of living in the NW is having to plan my hair-straightening days around the weather. I have to weigh the hour of pulling it straight against the possibility of having it all undone simply walking from the car into a store.


    I always feel more polished when I straighten my hair, too.

    Interestingly, fertility treatments with MY son #2 removed some of the curl from my hair. Not enough to take me from a curly to a wavy, but enough that I and my stylist noticed.

    As far as indulgences? Hmm, I do like some quality spa time.

  16. Jane, you look fab with straight hair… though never seen a pic of it curly. My fave pick me up is a martial arts lesson and then to shop for a new pair of killer heels. Heels give me much needed height and tons of confidence.

  17. Wow, are we supposed to ROOT for our kids teams??? I’m the Mom in the back adding up all I can do if they DON”T go to the champoinships. Sigh. but then in my day, baton WAS a sport…………
    Ok, I sound bad. Maybe I am bad, but when my son decided to bowl not play soccer all it took was the thought of A/C and a snack bar and I was on board!!!
    Fave indulgence.mmmm, it has to be really good hot coffee, Hershey’s kisses, and a book that just entertains me…thats heaven!!!

  18. Jane,

    I love to read. But that’s not really a secret. I love to wander in a Borders with a hot cup of tea but I really can’t afford to go to Borders because I have quite an obsession! My other thing is actually my hair too! I love to style my hair and anyone who truly knows me also remembers that I am a beauty school dropout which makes this really funny!! I don’t get to style my hair too often with 2 kids keeping me busy and everything else that seems to get in the way of going upstairs and doing my hair but that rare chance is such a nice feeling. I also like sitting out by a firepit. It is so relaxing.
    Hope your son’s soccer game went well. I also spent my Saturday sitting through 2 different soccer games in the pouring cold rain but I had a Jets hat on! No good hair day for me!

  19. Hi, Jane. I enjoyed your 2 books very much. My favorite indulgence is to go to a local bagel store before I start my day, and read the paper & have a nice bagel & hot cup of coffee…it’s heaven! Keep up the great writing! Debbie in NJ

  20. I’m think I’m too self indulgent! I love having my hair done, nails, toes, facials, massage, reading…those are staples I have to have as a woman and a mom. Real self-indulgence for me and BEST thing to make me feel great….are you ready? A good night sleep…uninterrupted, for at least nine hours. Takes years off of my appearance!

    I hope you’re feeling good.


  21. I have a new indulgence: Neopolitan milkshakes. My daughter turned me onto them. I don’t know if I should thank her or not…. LOL

  22. As a college student, I don’t have the extra income to go for a blowout, though I need one desperately. One thing that can always make me feel better is to get in my car and drive with all the windows down while blasting “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac or “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince.

    I drive all the way to my local Starbucks and get my Triple Venti 120 degree with whip Cinnamon Dolce Latte (aka candy in a cup) and sip it while I sit outside and read.

    At the end of my reading session I get back in my car and listen to “Renegade” by Styx or “Black Water” by the Doobie Brothers.

    By the time I’m home I’m much more calm and I’m in a much better mood.

  23. a cup of hot chocolate whilst watching a movie picks me up; a new nail polish color/bottle picks me up; a Starbucks Mocha Frappacchino really picks me up as I allow myself only one once in awhile.

  24. I know I am late in responding to this, but my favorite indulgence is spending time with my loved ones. It’s always a great pick-me up and I always feel better afterwards 🙂

  25. I’m posting fast (and too late for your yummy contest) as I’m running to a meeting, but I loved your comment about caring more for your hair in the rain than the game. I had my hair blown out the morning of our first day at the New Jersey RWA conference a few weeks ago so I could feel confident and put together for my first conference, and dang if that puppy didn’t stay flippy and cool all day and through the night. I rarely allow myself to be pampered, so it’s always a real treat.

  26. Jane, we could have the same hair, you and I! I had stick straight hair all growing up. My hair was so determined to be straight that even permenants couldn’t make it curl for long. As I had each one of my children, however, my hair became more and more curly and now it’s an unruley mass of ringletts. I love going to the salon and having my hair washed, trimmed and straighted. I agree, it makes me feel more confident and…maybe flirty.

    and after getting my hair done, I always make a trip to the book store and spend hours browsing. That’s a real treat for me.

  27. Sarah T, you are the winner of the See’s candy, gift cards and goodies. Congratulations! Please shoot me a private email with you mail address and I’ll get everything out in tomorrow’s mail. Enjoy!

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