Due to a complication found in Wednesday’s ultrasound, I’ve been on fairly strict bedrest since Wedneday morning, resulting in me having to bow out of one of my favorite regional writers’ conferences, The Emerald City Conference,  held here annually in Bellevue, along with a librarian event and a book club in Woodinville this coming Monday night.  It’s tough being back on bedrest.  I’m reading lots but I hate the worry that accompanies these orders.  Of course I don’t want to lose the baby.  Of course I need to stay as still as possible.  But remaining still makes my mind race.  My body is used to activity and yet since August 11th I’ve been on bedrest for nearly six weeks. 

I always wanted a big family but I’m not one of those women that get pregnant easy and have these easy, breezy pregnancies.   My first delivery was scary.  I was beat up so badly getting my nine pound boy out, I ended up needing four transfusions and was unable to hold him until the next day due to being so weak.  In the olden days I would have died.  They wouldn’t have been able to patch me together.  I’m grateful for medicine that allows me to make these babies and deliver them, but I do wish the process were easier, but maybe if it were, I wouldn’t appreciate the miracle of it so much.  I battled with depression when I was in my twenties but I never experienced post-partum depression and I think its because I was just so damn glad to have those babies out, and safe, and healthy.   Of course I was sleep deprived and cranky at times, but I always felt like a million bucks. 

I’m craving that million buck feeling right now. Craving some exercise as well.  Reading, however, is keeping me sane.  Since Wednesday I’ve read three books, the British chick lit Game Over by Adele Parks, More Than a Mistress by Mary Balogh, and the acclaimed memoir, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.   I’ve a good seven books sitting on my nightstand and so I know I’ll be able to pass the next week without terrible struggle, especially as neighbors and friends have been bringing me meals since I’m not allowed out of bed to cook, but I am ready for the old me to return.   The one with tons of energy, lots of activity, the folder filled with travel plans. 

Tomorrow I have two doctors appointments and perhaps a referral to a neo-natal specialist.  Although I hit week 12 here in just days, this little baby isn’t out of the woods yet.  I can’t wait for May.  Can’t wait to have the baby in my arms and be able to count the fingers and toes and know we did it again.  One more miracle.  One more joy.


  1. You’re in our thoughts and prayers here! I am sorry you are having such a difficult time with the pregnancy. Many hugs to you as you deal with Bed Rest. (Speaking of that, have you ever read the book by Sarah Bilston entitled Bed Rest…that was interesting and fun)

    Keep your spirits up! Here’s hoping things will start to look up for you soon!

    Much love,

  2. I’m glad you have people around you who are helping you out. It may not be an ideal situation now but it would be much, much worse if you were doing this all alone. Hang in there – it will be worth it in the end. 🙂


  3. Oh Jane…I hated bedrest too!! I spent 4 months in bed with each of my pregnancies too! But it was the second half that was the problem. I was high risk with both from the beginning and by the 4th or 5th month already in labor. My kids were healthy very big babies also which made delivery very interesting for me too. Hang in there!! If you need entertainment, don’t hesitate calling or emailing!! Although we live on opposite coasts, I am sure there is something I can do!!

  4. Ahh..Jane. I am keeping the good thoughts coming your way for you and your baby. Since I have been a postpartum and L&D nurse, I have taken care of lots of moms in the hospital for weeks on bedrest. I have seen how tough it is for the entire family. Take care.


  5. You are in my prayers Jane. I wish I lived close enough to bring you some meals or a few more books. Take care of yourself and listen to your body.
    Jill W.

  6. I am so sorry to read this. I know what you mean about your mind racing. It seems that I find my mind just goes off and makes it even harder to deal with. I am glad that you have some good reads and lots of people around you that care for you. I will be thinking about you.

  7. Fingers crossed, prayers said, for both your safety and that of your baby. It makes me so thankful for having easy pregnancies myself (save for constant nausea – but what a trifle compared to your experiences.)

  8. I was so lucky to meet you at the Star Guild event last week. I just finished Flirting with Forty last night and I have been thinking about you, wondering about the baby. While on Amazon, I saw your link which brought me to this blog. So timely. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care of yourself and your precious little one.

  9. Jane,
    All babies are miracles, and yours even more so. I can’t image being stuck in bed that long, as I am also a physical type and can hardly stand to sit down very long, much less bed rest! Still, I would do it in a minute if it meant I would have a baby girl, as I have only one child, a son, who is grown up and as sons often are, independent and living far away. I was very close to my mom, and I like to think my daughter would have been, but it didn’t happen. Keep your eyes on the prize, and know everyone is pulling for you!

  10. Jane, I’ve been thinking about you and I’m sorry to hear you are on bedrest still. I will keep you, your family and the baby in my thoughts.

    Many hugs,

  11. Jnae,
    Just hang in there and know that we all are sending good thoughts and prayers your way. You are a fighter as is your little one. May will be here before you know it and the real work begins. I’m glad that you have so many people looking out for you and the family. Take care. Big hugs to you.

  12. We missed you at Emerald City this weekend, Jane! But you were in the thoughts of all of us every moment. We all send our love and positive thoughts for a healthy baby!

    Hugs, Shannon

  13. hang in there Jane. You are doing so well. Rest and read – we can take care of the positive thinking for you –
    it’s the least we can do.
    Loads of love

  14. I so sorry it’s been rough. You are in my prayers. I was on bed rest withmy twin boys for 12 weeks, it was awful!
    I read Game Over as well…loved it. Have you read Emily Giffin? I always recommend your books and hers to new readers. You can finish them in a day! Two other fun ones are “The Girlfriend Curse” by Valerie Frankel and “A Little Help From Up Above” by Saralee Rosenberg.
    Hang in there.

  15. Oh Jane – you, your boys, and your baking little one to come are deep in my prayers. I’m sending long-distance wishes of strength and courage all the way from Jersey – and you know we don’t mess around ’round here! 🙂

    Stay strong. Rest well. Allow yourself to be pampered! Remember, this too shall pass.

  16. I’m so sorry to hear about the complications with the pregnancy, Jane. All of my best wishes and thoughts are with you! You were definitely missed at the conference!

    Do let me know if there is anything I can do for you. In the meantime, my prayers are with you. 🙂

  17. Jane,
    There are so many wonderful loving people out there sending their prayers and well wishes to you, how lucky you are!I am blessed to know you and can testify to your genuine warmth and loving spirit. Sending you and yours lots of love and prayers from all of us in my family and our book club. -Big Hug! Mary

  18. Jane,
    I am writing this to tell you how much you have influenced my life. I am 40 years old and lost my husband two years ago in a motorcycle accident. I am raising three sons on my own. The last two years have been so difficult for us. I am gradually coming out of it and working on making myself better and feeling comfortable in my own skin (which I never have before). The Christmas before my husband died, we took our boys to Hawaii. It was our first and only family trip. I was able to take them the following year also, but am unable to because of finances now. I absolutely love Hawaii. It is my place for peace for me. I also feel like it is my second home. I read your book Flirting with Fourty and it just gave me so much more insight on life and who I want to be. I finished your book in two days and sobbed at the end. I think I was crying because I was just so happy for you.
    I am trying to save and go to Hawaii on my own this year, just to get some peace time for me. I am reading your other books now. I just wanted to tell you my story and let you know how much you influenced me. Although, I am trying really hard to be okay in my own skin at the moment, I do hope that someday I can find a “Kai”.(and I would love it if he lived in Hawaii!).

  19. Hang in there! Each day that passes is indeed a great day!I nearly bled to death too… Don’t you just hate those women who say they absolutly feel great when they are pregnant? Hmm, how about some good movies too? Watch the Bucket List again and make your own… Watch Sex and The City again including the new one and make a list of your friends and see if they would be a Carrie, Samantha, or Miranda.. Start your Christmas shopping on line… Get er Done!!! I will pray for you!!! Hang in there.. You are carrying another miracle.And as my hero growing up said, “its a beautiful day in the neighborhood..Enjoy!!

  20. Congratulations, we have friends who would pray to be on bedrest and be pregnant! Best wishes for a helthy baby.
    I read Mrs. Perfect this weekend, i loved it!! Just googled yout o see what else I can get my hands on! THanks for some great reading.

  21. I feel for you Jane. You and your little one are in my thoughts. I’ve been there before and the best feeling is holding your little miracle in your arms. The struggle that some of us go through to either get pregnant, stay pregnant or deliver a healthy baby reiterates how precious life is. If you lived in Florida, I’d bring you some of my hubbies yummy homemade soup.

    Enjoy your read-a-thon!

  22. Father I come to you right now for Jane Porter. You have promised in your Word that which you have caused to be conceived will be carried to fruition. I know as I’ve stood on your word for just the two girls you blessed me with. I pray for strength for Jane to carry this baby to term. I pray for healing in area it is needed. I pray for you to be there with her and help her through all that she is facing. You have a purpose for everything and because of all she is enduring like me, she will so appreciate her kids always. In Jesus name, Amen
    I was surprised when I read this today. But know your readers do care.

  23. Jane-
    So sorry to hear about your difficult pregnancy. I too was on bed rest and read every book I could get ahold of. Just enjoy this down time as much as you can.
    Sending prayers your way.

  24. So sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time with this pregnancy. Being on bed rest is especially difficult when all you want to do is play with your other kids!

    We will pray that your baby is safe and healthy.

  25. Oh goodness! I remember those days of bedrest! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Take care of yourself and that little miracle!

  26. My thoughts and prayers have been with you since I heard about your bedrest at the ECWC. I’m due in February with my first child and had a hard first trimester.

    I wish you and your family the best.

  27. Hi Jane! I met you at your book signing in Bellevue and then, ironically, at the doctor’s office (I had a little girl with me). I just want to say good luck! I am also on bed rest. It’s a long journey, but reading great books such as your’s help the time go by way faster!
    Take Care!

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