Little Joys

It’s almost three o’clock Friday afternoon and the kids will walk in the door very soon.  I’m looking forward to having the weekend with them.  The boys are easy at this age:  independent, self-reliant, self-sufficient.  They know how to entertain themselves, dress themselves, feed themselves.  They mainly need me for transportation.  And TLC.

It’s going to be a change to have a baby in the house again.  Can’t quite imagine it.  Or I can, then choose not to imagine it as I’ve become comfortable with my independent, self-sufficient boys.

But there are little joys all around me.

Like cinnamon toast.  You know, buttered toast with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Heaven.

And discovering a new author.

And then discovering the author’s backlist.  (Aren’t backlists wonderful things?)

The color of leaves in the Fall.

The sun peeking through clouds.  The sky’s vivid blue when the clouds blow out.

Having a friend help me plot a book.

Having a friend drop by a meal, or bring freshly baked cookies for the boys.

Knowing it’s Friday.  I love Fridays.  Of all the days in the week, they’re the most fun.

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