Christmas Cards

I’ve heard from a number of you that you’ve received the Christmas card I mailed you.  I’ve heard from a few of you who’ve wondered why you didn’t get a card when others have so I thought it best to explain my policy.

I have a very sophisticated, exclusive greeting card system, and this is how it works:  If I have your address, I send you a card.   Conversely, If I don’t have your address, I can’t send you anything because I don’t know where you live.

Pretty good, huh?

And now we’ve straightened that out, I’d like to encourage you to email me with your mail address if you’d like to be added to my Christmas card and event mail list.  That means exactly what it sounds like–at Christmas every year I’ll send you a signed card, and then if I’m on booktour and heading to your neck of the woods, I’ll send you a postcard or event invite and let you know where I’m going to be and when and ask you to join me.  So much fun, such excitement.  Don’t miss out!

So, shoot me a private email with your address and that’s it, we’re now official greeting card buddies, and if you should be speedy and email me your address soon, I’ll still have time to send you a card this year.

What was that?  Do I like mail?  How did you guess!?!  I love mail.  So, if you should want to send me a card, I’d like that very much, too, as checking my mail every day is often the highlight of my day, especially in December when all the holiday cards arrive.  For one, holiday cards are much, much better than bills.  For another, holiday cards make me feel loved and while I’m not good at hugging and I have a few intimacy issues, I really do love opening fun looking envelopes.

But what?  You don’t know where to send me a card?  Heavens!  Let me fix that now.  My address is:

Jane Porter

PO Box 524

Bellevue, WA 98009

And just a last thought–I have about 75 of the Jackie Laurens mini luau cookbooks left.  If you’d like to receive one, and you didn’t get one in a party box or other goodie mailing, send me a note requesting one with your name and address and you’ve got it.  Creating revenue for the post office is one of my favorite things to do.  So send me your requests!  Put me to work as I’m completely serious when I say, I love it when I can make you happy. 

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