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Have just arrived in Maui with my two boys for New Years and finally have some internet connection and a working password for my blog again!  I somehow got locked out but I’m back again.   I did get to Hawaii on the 21st and then my boys arrived on the 26th, and that’s when we all finally celebrated Christmas.  We’ve been passing the time on Oahu by playing on the beach, redeeming Christmas gift cards, and eating out since our new house is missing a working kitchen at the moment.  But now, after four days of this and that, we’ve arrived on Maui to celebrate the new year.  We thought it’d be fun to stay for a few days at a resort with an amazing pool so boys could swim and I could read.  And read.  And read.

It rained most of the day but Jake and Ty didn’t mind.  It’s a warm tropical rain and the view of the ocean is gorgeous regardless.  They spent the afternoon in the pool with the slides and chutes while I ate lunch and then found a dry spot to read a Mary Balogh novel.  I know I’ve said this before–maybe even many times–but I adore Mary Balogh’s historicals.   They are my favorite comfort read, so warm, so wonderful, so perfectly suited to my personality and my idea of a great historical romance novel.  I used to read hotter romance, but I’ve discovered in the last few years that I’m happier with a book that offers more characterization and less explicitness.  It’s not that eroticism isn’t appealing, but when I read I want to be swept into a world of interesting characters that are well motivated, and Mary’s novels do just that.

I heard from my editor in the UK about the book I turned in the first week of December and she wants a few tweaks but nothing too drastic so once I’m home, I’ll jump on those.  In the meantime I have a stack of fun books next to my bed and hopes that surfer Ty can jet over from Honolulu tomorrow to join us for New Year’s Eve.

Tell me what you’re doing for New Years Eve by posting a comment below and you’ll be entered in my New Years contest.  I’m bringing home tons of sweets and treats from Hawaii, including coffee and chocolate macadamia nuts, a Hawaii Starbucks card and a Hawaii 2009 calendar.  I’ll draw a winner midnight on New Year’s Day and post the winner’s name on January 2nd.  So bring me up to speed…tell me what you’ve been doing these past couple weeks, and/or your plans for the new year, and you’re entered!  Good luck and fingers crossed, you’ll win.  🙂

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