I’m not big on making New Years resolutions anymore.  Once upon a time I did.  I made lists of all the ways I’d try to change, and all the things I’d do differently–

eat better

exercise more

lose weight

read more classics

take vitamins

join a Bible study

pray daily

I was going to be a better, nicer person.  I was going to be healthier and stronger.  I was going to be leaner and fitter.  I was going to be improved.

I’m mid forties now and wise enough to know I shall never be vastly improved.   For better or worse, I am who I am.  And it’s a good person, even though flawed.  But what I’ve learned in the past five years is that my flaws are mine, and make me who I am, again, for better or worse so I don’t resolve to remake me, or reinvent me, or try to dramatically improve me. 

But I do have two resolutions for 2009, and they have to do with ugliness and unhappy people, and here are my 2009 resolutions:

I resolve to not allow unhappy people to ‘win’ by poisoning me with their ugliness or unhappiness.  I won’t take their anger personally, nor will I dwell on their pettiness or dance to their tune. 

My second resolution relates to the first, and it’s this:

I resolve to be positive and to surround myself with loving, healthy, positive people.  For me, success isn’t about things, or stuff, or power.  It’s about quality of life, and that’s what I want, in abundance.

Anyone else make a resolution for the new year?  You can share your resolution, or why you do or don’t make them, in the comments below and you’re entered in my 2009 Resolution contest.  The contest is a sarong and all the Hawaii goodies I offered in my last contest.  The contest will run through Sunday night midnight and I’ll draw the winner’s name and post it below on Monday morning when I’m back home in Bellevue.  (I heard its snowing again in Washington.  Hopefully not in Greater Seattle!  I need kids to get back to school!!)

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