Blah & Bah

I’m slightly out of sorts today.  I don’t know why but everything just feels harder.  Like getting off the couch.  And getting a good night sleep.  My back–which hasn’t been a problem at all–started to go wonky on me these past two days and I’m a lot more tired than I remember being with my last pregnancy, but heck, that was ten years ago and who remembers the details of ten years earlier?

I’m definitely wanting to rest more, and maybe it’s because I’m now 27 weeks along or so, but after I eat, all I can think of is sleep.  Must lie down, must close eyes, must just lie very still in quiet dark room…

Which is all very nice when you’re alone but Surfer Ty is still here and I’m not exactly a barrel of fun.  We go out for lunch and then he has to immediately drive me home so I can nap.  I swear, I’m a little old lady.  How can little old ladies have babies?  But no, that’s just panic and I’m not that old and eventually I’ll be more energetic, right?

In the meantime, in my desire to get hip and with it, I asked for a Blackberry Storm phone for Christmas and Ty bought it for me but after just a day and a half with it, I’m planning on returning to the Verizon store this afternoon and asking if they’ll let me return all my contacts to my old cheapie phone and I’ll donate the Blackberry Storm to my eldest son.  He’s thirteen and loves to fiddle with stuff.  I try to fiddle around and I start to have panic attacks because I can’t figure out how to text anyone and I’m hitting all the wrong keys and it’s just annoying.  I hate it when things aren’t familiar.  One more sign of aging…

However, it is sunny today and Surfer Ty is still here and we’re going to our favorite Brazilian restaurant in Seattle tonight for dinner as a family after son Ty’s basketball game.  And nobody should mind that I want to go to bed after dinner as sleeping at night isn’t just for old ladies.  Even kids like to curl up in bed with a favorite blankie…

Tell me what’s on your mind, or what you’re doing this weekend and you’ll be entered in my Blah & Bah contest, a contest with a prize that includes a Starbuck drink card, a $10 B&N gift card, See’s chocolate hearts and lots of JP goodies.  And maybe, just maybe, by hearing about your lives I’ll feel a little less blah and bah.  Contest ends Sunday night midnight and I’ll announce the winner Monday morning.

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