February’s Here

As many of my friends and long-time readers know, I love the month of February.  February is my personal month, the month I just love best.  It may be due to Valentine’s Day and the associated colors–reds and pinks and luscious corals–or the fact that it’s the shortest month of the year, or the gorgeous bulb flowers that begin to bloom, or that it’s my birthday month and I’m quite proud of being an Aquarius (we are apparently mad or brilliant, or a little of both…).  Regardless of the reason, it’s a month that always cheers me and I enjoy it, and celebrate it, to the fullest.  Which will mean lots of fun contests this month here.  As well as lots of positive thoughts.

And speaking of positive thoughts, I’ve had two different reminders pop up on my desk today that reinforce how important our thoughts are.

I keep this quote on my desk right next to my computer screen:  “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  What we think we become.”  Buddha

Negative begets negative.  Sadness creates sadness.  Energy, courage and hope give rise to more energy, courage and hope.  That’s not to say we can’t get blue or feel low or be tired.  But we have to realize it’s not a permanent thing, but a passing mood that we want to help send on its way so that we can feel better things.

And then this morning, I got an email from a favorite website devoted to artists, writers and creative types (www.talentdevelop.com) and they always have fascinating quotes and insights into creativity and life and I loved this quote from Jack Canfield’s work: 

Your thoughts are not just wispy little clouds drifting through your head. Your thoughts are things.

They are actually measurable units of energy. Thoughts are biochemical electrical impulses. They are waves of energy that, as far as we can tell, penetrate all time and space.

Your thoughts are powerful.

They are real, they are measurable, they are energy.”

When I think back over the weekend and my bit of blues I can see now it was fear, as well as physical fatigue.  The baby is very wanted but the baby will change everything.  Change is something I embrace, but it also can be scary.  Change represents the unknown, and the unknown can be stressful.  But change also represents life.  Growth.  Possibility. 

Maybe that’s why I love February with its Valentine’s Day in the middle, or heart, of the month, and the burst of flower blooms and the promise of spring. February represents change and life and love.

I vow right here and right now not to be afraid of the changes coming. Instead of approaching the coming year with fear and anxiety, I will be hopeful and brave, excited and optimistic. There’s no room for fear, no time for regrets. Life is so short–like the month of February–and it’s to be lived, fully, joyfully, completely.

To celebrate my ‘no fear, no worrying’ vow, I’m giving away a In The Pink pampering prize package–everything’s pink and lovely and coming up roses for one lucky winner. The prize includes a princess tote bag, a gorgeous white lily, jasmine, and Moroccan rose and pear scented candle, a copy of Beth Kendrick’s The Pre-Nup, pink lip gloss, a pink Starbucks drink card, a pink $15 Barnes & Noble gift-card, Valentine chocolates, and lots of JP goodies. My In The Pink contest will run through Wednesday night midnight and I’ll post the winner’s name Thursday morning. How to enter? Just post in the comment section below.

As Buddha reminds us, what we think, we become. So let’s become peaceful and joyful and strong.

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