New Book

I actually started writing the new book yesterday. It’s Shey’s story–Marta’s friend, the Texas model, in Odd Mom Out–and she’s back in Texas, although for how long remains to be seen.

It’s wonderful that after four days or research and constant thinking about the book, that I opened up a new word doc and started with page one, chapter one. This is always the hardest part for me. I love researching and brainstorming, mulling and musing. Love creating my visual board and organizing the binder of research materials. Love it all until the first words hit the page and I realize how far I have to go.

But this time, I’m allowing myself lots of time and I’m going to write every day, even on weekends, even if its just a paragraph.

I’m excited about this book. A little scared, too, because there are things in this story that make my heart ache.  It reminds me a bit of Mrs. Perfect and how every now and then I felt so sad while writing Taylor’s story. Her life, her choices, her pain weighed on me. Shey’s story is a bit like that. There are things in her life–hurts and heartaches–that I can relate to more than maybe I’d like.But there are fun things in this book that make me itch to write.  The Texas setting–Palo Pinto County, Texas–and her family ranch and her relationship with her older brothers and the candle she once held for one of her brother’s good friends, retired bullriding champ, Dane Kelly.

I like to write stories about going home, or at least trying to go home, and the discoveries we make about ourselves, as well as the memory of who we once were and who we’ve become. And in these stories of going home, there are stories of first love and that first wrenching broken heart. I love these stories because the emotion is real and honest, maybe even raw, but these are the stories we all have inside ourselves, buried deep where we think no one will know or see.

Do you remember your first real love? Did it end happy, or in heartbreak?

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