Way Too Much Info

It’s been an exciting few days with the inauguration ceremony and activities as well as Martin Luther King holiday. It’s also been an emotional few days. I actually was caught crying in the mall on Monday afternoon. Yes, there I was, outside the Lego store sitting on a bench in pregnant glory and a lady seeing me wiping away tears, asked me if I was okay.

Yes, I just miss my guy.

And I’m just really tired.

And I’m just hormonal.

But something wonderful did happen on Monday at the mall. And this is where it really becomes TMI–too much information. So if intimate stuff isn’t your thing, stop reading for today. Because I’m going to get personal, and it’s not pretty.

I finally bought some new bras. Yes, that’s the big wonderful news, and trust me, I needed something big and wonderful for my new boobs.  I am not, nor have I ever been, big on top. A practical 34B, I consider myself not necessarily sleek, but relatively streamlined. Traditionally they don’t get in the way. I don’t need special bras or straps or gear to control them.  When working out a sports bra is more than adequate and I forget they’re there. And this is how I’ve lived twenty plus years of my adult life.  Ignoring the boobs and yet grateful I have something.

But that’s all changed. The boobs have changed. And stuffing what I’ve now got into 34B bras or even old 36C’s (leftover bras from after the last pregnancy) had become unbearable.  The underwires.  The enormous cleavage. The pale enormous cleavage. The stuff spilling from the sides (more boob, I’m guessing).  The straps that dug into my shoulders. The hooks that barely closed. I endured the misery for months but on the flight to and from Texas I almost went mad.  I was so so so uncomfortable.  I could barely sit still. Could barely think about anything but the mashed, smashed mammary glands that hurt all the time.

So I dragged boys to the mall before the movie Monday to make a visit to Victoria Secret. I didn’t go there because I wanted pretty lingerie. I went there because it was close to Game Stop and I prayed I could get in and out fast.

The pert young saleswoman saw me with a handful of new 36C’s and said I should probably be measured before I tried anything on. She whipped out her tape, measured the fullest part of me (above the belly) and with a smile pronounced me 38D.



I am not a 38D. There’s no way I can be a 38D. But it’s what fit and yes, it’s what I bought, and yes, I know they’ll go away later and hopefully shrink back to something more… well, me.

But in the meantime, I’ve this body that is so strange to me (was I really this big with the other pregnancies?). And while I can’t remember the bra size in the past, I do remember one thing—I make a lot of milk.  In the old days I could have been employed as a wet nurse. The boys used to have to latch on good and tight because once the milk let down, there was enough to feed a whole nursery. On the plus side, Baby Mac isn’t going to go hungry.

So I’ll count my blessings, all blessings, especially the blessing of  four new wireless bras in assorted colors. Wires are fine for telephone poles and electrical boxes, but on my chest right now? Heck no.

In the spirit of change, and in the celebration of new purchases, I’m giving away another one of my fun Hawaii prize packages which includes a signed copy of Flirting with Forty, a Hawaii 2009 calendar, a Hawaii Starbucks drink mug, and a Hawaii Starbucks drink card, plus lots of other JP goodies.   To enter, just post a comment and tell me about a purchase you’ve just made, or a purchase you should make but haven’t yet and you’re in! The contest will close Friday night and I’ll announce the winner Saturday morning. I’ll post the winner’s name in the comments below, and do remember to check back to see who won because three of my last seven winners never emailed me to collect their prize!!


  1. Ahhh…well, my nine year old just did a very grown up thing. He is usually not a saver of money, gift cards etc. Today, he received a late Christmas gift from a special friend of the family and it was just enough money for him to buy himself the hard drive to make his xbox 360 arcade into live so he could play live with his other 9 year old buddies (which I will police).
    I was actually so proud of him b/c he actually has been saving a long time.
    I need to make some new reading material purchases, but I go into BN or Borders and it is a couple hour process…maybe this weekend.
    Have a good weekend and enjoy your new fun body!!!

  2. My last purchase was for my 4 year old daughter. Once again it was clothes, just as it was 3 weeks ago! She is just sprouting up so quickly I can’t seem to keep up! Hopefully things will mellow out soon, so I can get my new wardrobe I need so badly! 🙂

  3. I just got some new clothes, courtesy of a gift card I received for my birthday. Two pairs of pants (a size smaller, yay!) and two tops. $168 worth of stuff ofr $58 due to post-Christmas sales still going on. I was quite happy.

    I had to laugh about the bras. I went to a double D with my last pg (my youngest will be 3 in March) and my dh thought it was lots of fun. Meanwhile I wanted no one to touch me. Ever! I was pretty sick that whole pregnancy, but my surprise little boy is a joy!

    What is your due date again?

  4. This is a great post, I absolutely adore the fact that you arent afraid to speak about everyday normal things. I do remember the days after giving birth to my kids, those were the only times in my life that I actually had something on top that didnt need help from the magical wonder bra. The bad part was that they hurt to bad to enjoy them. I am looking forward to getting my taxes back to I can buy some art work for my new home.

  5. Oh Jane, I LOVE this post! I remember these days of bra searching when I was pregnant. I have always been fairly busty so I hate to say that when I was searching for nursing bras, they didn’t even have my size!!! Now how can that be when they go up to a size F in the store!!! Thankfully, they have since gone down after two kids (maybe even a little too far down if you know what I mean LOL). Glad you are feeling well and out and about!

    We did some shopping in Downtown Disney today with the girls…more stuffed animals!!! I think we have enough to open up our win shop!

    Sending many hugs!

  6. LOL…I just had to buy new bras this weekend myself…of course, not for your reasons. Since I have lost a lot of weight, my old bras were not keeping the girls in. I was getting pretty frustrated. The straps didn’t want to stay up and I felt like I was constantly falling out of my bra. So, I went in and got refitted and got some new smaller bras 🙂 It was pretty exciting 🙂

  7. HI Jane,
    Last weekend I bought some new Ipex bras from Victoria’s Secret and somes new panties.
    I love the Ipex bra you don’t get the nipple show thru when you wear it.
    I tell you I really admire you. You are so brave to be going at this pregnancy like you are. I tell you hormones can be vicious and really upset your life.

  8. I haven’t been doing that much shopping lately. I won a gift card to a clothing store before Christmas, so I’m saving that to buy some new spring/summer clothes soon.

  9. Jane, I love this post…brings back so many of my same memories. Oh, the dreaded hormones, I hated them. Anything could make me cry!!
    I need to buy some new summer clothes since I will be traveling to Hawaii in Feb! I’m excited, now if I can just find the clothes. It is sort of a last minute trip, so I haven’t had much time to prepare.

  10. That post was so real and so darn hilarious!! I cracked up! I have been searching for a wooden sign to hang above our bed for some time now. It’s really challenging to find just the right words too, as most every saying seemed to have a double meaning. Recently, I knew I found just the right one and scooped it up. It says, “Love you More!” For the past 19 years, every time my husband says “i love you” and I reply back, he quickly declares….”I love you More!” It’s my favorite purchase. (Well, that and a great pair of jeans that are supposed to lift my buns a bit!)

    Keep on counting your many blessings…who knows, you may need DD cups soon?!!


  11. i bought some bras +undies over the weekend and a new pair of jeans yesterday. why dont they jeans for short people is my question??? and not to be re-tar-ded or that i would actually win but where are the names of the winners? i never see them on the new post. i like to see who the lucky winners are….

  12. oh i soo remember getting new bras when i was pg! best thing in the world, then the nursing ones to follow..hating giving that one up. i did tho’ 🙂 lets see i cant think of a new purchase..i do know i am hitting target tomorrow so i just might have to get myself something! have a great night…

  13. Hi Jane, loved your post on your recent purchases @ VS. I need to get some new bras but just haven’t gotten around to it. However, I did purchase a winter hat today for my wonderful hubby as we got snow here yesterday and it has been brutally cold and we live in NC. The best part was that is was 50% off so got a great deal!

    Thanks for all your great posts and happy day!


  14. Hi Jane,
    I purchased a new laptop a few weeks ago and I love it, love it, love it! It is my little escape from reality when I need to check out from my life.

    I laughed when I read your email. I finally got the boobs I dreamed about when I was pg. Now, 11 years later, I wish I still them! Oh well…

    Keep smiling and keep writing. You always keep me smiling!

  15. I need to purchase new jeans to accommodate my still “having a squishy belly from baby #4”
    body. I’m embarrassed to say I’m still wearing a few of my maternity jeans (my daughter will be 1 on Valentines Day) because they’re the most comfy. I can sqeeze into my prepregnancy jeans, but it ain’t pretty!

  16. I need to buy some new jeans! Baby #4 will be a year old on Valentines Day. I can squeeze into my prebaby jeans, but it ain’t pretty!

  17. OMG if you are bigger than you thought, then what might I be? I thinks I am a 38DD. Are there E’s F’s and G’s? I’m scared of my boobs now!
    I think I need new shoes. I’m not sure cause I cant see past my boobs.

  18. I bought a book for a friend just diagnosed with breast cancer – survivor stories, stuff the author wishes she had known, and positive messages. Debbie

  19. I have a new purse. A white Furla. Her name is Carmen. No, I didn’t name her but apparently someone at Furla did. It is so gorgeous. And shh…don’t tell anyone but I find myself either grinning like a crazy person or smelling the leather. No, I haven’t put anything in it or used it yet. I just like to look at it right now. To tell the truth, I am a bit scared. It cost more than any purse I have ever owned….

    Can you fall in love with a purse?

  20. New Year’s Eve I also made the trek to Victoria’s Secret – and got measured for the first time. So I feel your pain. 🙂

    During that same mall visit, I made a big splurge and bought my first Coach purse. Oh, and some perfume.

  21. After that posting, I’m going shopping for some new bras. Maybe there is still hope for me to become more than a 34B!

  22. Jane, your post was HILARIOUS!! And I must say, pre-pregnancy I was a 34B & loved it. Now a 34B is a wistful memory (or should I say mammary)… I was one of those unlucky ones who never went back to “normal” after my 1st child, then the 2nd came along 3 years later & the girls got even bigger, and they never found their way home. And the worst part is my “kids” are 19 & 22!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!!!

  23. I keep recycling my favourite two bras…wash one, wear the other. Is that why they’re looking a bit worn out? 😉 It’s so hard to find a comfortable bra. And they’re a must need to keep the ‘girls’ from hanging out 😉

    Jane, your story is hilarious and has inspired me to go buy a new bra this weekend! Enjoy your new 38D girls!

  24. Jane,

    I have been on a spending spree this week. Or actually just yesterday since I was left alone and did a lot of shopping. I finally found and bought Wii Fit last night…Can’t wait to try it! I have been looking for it for about a year now. Or it feels like a year…I also went to Borders last night and wandered around. I, of course, can’t leave there without buying at least 2 more books to be added to the TBR pile. But there’s nothing better than a brand new book where the covers and pages are so perfect.

    Glad you found the comfy bras! Nothing worse than being uncomfortable and pregnancy has so much of that already. Why add to it:)

  25. Hi Jane,
    Hope you are feeling more comfortable! I loved your post. Three weeks ago our microwave put on a firework display for us. It was immediately unplugged and banished to the basement. For the past 3 weekends purchasing a new one has been on my to do list but since we live 40 minutes plus to the nearest mall between school activities, etc. I had no time to shop Every morning since the event my middle child gets up in the morning and tells me he hopes it was all a bad dream and the microwave is still on the counter and he can have a Hot Pocket! So last night I was determined to buy the microwave after a quick stop into Borders for the new Wimpy Kid book for my youngest son. Oh yea, a quick stop – an hour and a half later I am out the door with a bag of books and no microwave money left! Oh well we won’t have instant food but we have plenty to read this month.

  26. Ok, I just had to comment because I have gone through a similar ordeal in the past. I myself am a petite girl, and have never had much of a chest. That all ended when I got pregnant! My first pregnancy I started at 105 pounds & a barely a B bra. But had reached a D with my last pregnancy. During each pregnancy good friends of mine would actually gawk at how big my chest & belly were. I had one friend even accuse me of stuffing my bra because there was no way I could have gotten that large so quickly. Like you I can hold alot of milk! And it was a good thing because my youngest (1 yr) was a big eater! I oftened joked about being able to feed all the babies in my churches nursery.

    Just make sure you don’t wear wires! I don’t know if you have ever had mastitis but it is not fun, and you can get it from wearing wires or bras that are too small! I have had mastitis 4 times (3 with the last pregnancy) and it is miserable! I even had to have fluids pumped in me at the hospital.

    I’ll be praying for your comfort!

  27. I’m enjoy running and after this last bout of winter weather left me indoors-I decided it was finally time to buy an exercise machine. I purchase an elliptical online through my favorite warehouse store and it will finally be delivered tomorrow! yah! How often will I actually use it, since I would rather be outside running, who knows! But, at least, I have it~

  28. Let’s see, a new purchase… about the only thing that I have purchased other then the normal groceries and household stuff is a bunch of new books for my Sony Reader… and yes that was exciting. Not nearly as exciting as 38D bra’s that’s for sure. I’ve never been that size in my life!!!!! Congratulations! No wonder you were so uncomfortable!

    I am sorry you miss your guys so much. I hope he comes to visit soon!



  29. I’m laughing cuz I just took my bra off since it was making me crazy!

    I hated buying new bras when I was pregnant. My son stretched my rib cage out so much it was a long time before I could even tolerate underwire. They have so many nice nursing bras now. I see them advertised on http://www.celebrity-babies.com

    Well as for purchases…I have been very good since the holidays but our niece is turning 16 Saturday and a possible gift is a life-size Edward Cullen (Robert Pattenson) card board cut out. My daughter and the b-day girl’s sister think it will be the BEST gift ever. However, I have a difficult time paying $30 for a piece of card board!
    I wish I could buy her a car –then I would be the best Auntie in the World for sure! Edward Cullen might have to do!

    Take Care!

  30. Hi Jane,
    I’m glad you bought new bras, because there is nothing more uncomfortable that a bra that doesn’t fit. Well, except for maybe shoes and jeans. Anyway…. I want a new purse. I saw a really cute one at Anthropologie and resisted buying it last week. So, maybe this week. Of course, my daughter just broke her cell phone, so that is a purchase I don’t really want to make right now!


  31. Ah, boobs. They, or rather their increasing size and sensitivity, become the focus of the pregnancy and the months of nursing. Add leaking and pads to that list of ever-bigger bra sizes. I went through three over the pregnancy and two more during nursing. I was so afraid they would never stop growing. I hate underwires. They never seem to fit right somehow–always digging into soft flesh.

    Glad your girls are comfy and supported.

  32. Winter is a killer to my hands. . so I bought myself Crabtree and Evelyn’s Gardeners hand soap and hand cream. It smelled really good and the cream leaves my hands nice and smooth, not sticky or gunky.

  33. Your request is very timely because I have been a little blue with the -30 C weather in Alberta, so I have done a bit of retail therapy online in the last week…

    The most ridiculous purchase I made though was some environmentally friendly shopping bags (ridiculous because let’s face it, the 0.99 eco-friendly bags you can buy at the grocery store work just as well as the $10 ones) to the tune of $170. But they were so beautiful…and why not, right? That purchase also included a couple of eco purse hooks that were a little pricey, but quite glamorous.

    Check it out yourself, they have great products:


    By the way, congratulations on your 38D’s! Being pregnant has to have some perks, and good on you for finding the silver lining!


  34. The only things I have purchased lately was some fabric to go in the quilts I am making and I also bought some jeans for my son who has gain weight and needed new jeans but he said he is going to loose his weight. I am sure he will loose the weight because he is young but he needed the jeans now.

  35. I treated myself to a pair of Faux Suede Boots from the animal rescue site. I love shopping on this site. They have everything from Coffee mugs, to jewelry, to clothes and the proceeds benefit shelter animals.

  36. Let’s see…last purchase I made was new shoes for my son who has the fastest growing feet in town! He’s only 7 and he’s wearing a 3.5 shoe; heaven help me!! He’s catching up to his 10 year-old sister faster than I care to admit. Also, for myself: a pair of UGG slippers that I was able to snag for $42!! Normally they are $100 so I am thrilled and I can’t wait until they get here.

    Whoo Hoo!! Enjoy your new size and the comfortable bras to hold them in place. You are SO lucky to have Game Stop near VS–we have no such luck so I have to carve out a block of time when I need to visit that place. I just can’t take my kids (7 and 10) in there with all the pictures and such. I see lots of people in there with kids, but I guess I’m a prude!

    Have a good weekend, Jane. Hope you get to see your guy sooner than you expect!!

  37. I laughed until I cried when I read this (I assure you it was not AT you…read on). I was the exact bra size as you pre-pregnancy, and I went to Victoria’s Secret ready to try on bras as well. Just like you, the nice little “measuring lady” materialized with her measuring tape…and told me I was a 38D. I was so much in denial that I refused to even try on that size at first. Obviously, she was right, and I shamefully had to hand the 36Cs out to her as she handed over the 38D bras that actually did fit. It sure isn’t funny at the time, but one day you will look back and laugh!

    As for my current purchases, I have two things on my list that I need to get right away…a new pair of glasses for myself since mine are falling apart and a bedwetting alarm for my 7-year-old son (fun stuff:) I’ve put both of those off long enough, and I think I’m going to bite the bullet and take care of that tomorrow.

    Enjoy your pregnancy, and try to remember that all of these changes in your body will be well worth it! Oh, and if you happen to have had any experience with bedwetting alarms, let me know. This will be my first dose of that reality.

  38. Just bought (well, rescued) a puppy. Bought a leash and a collar. Then another leash after he chewed the first one in half. Then a new harness collar after he slipped out twice with the first. Then yet another leash. Seriously. And mounds of good toys, of course. I don’t mind these purchases, but I’m considering investing in a leash company…

  39. I just got my hair cut and bought some jeans. 🙂
    Congrats on the new boobs, for however long they last. 🙂

  40. I’m 12 years old and I’m already in a size 34B. It seems like every 2 weeks I have to go out and get new bigger bras. My horse trainer always ask me why I have all these “sexy” bras. Well I never can find a bra without fancy lace and sexy stuff on it. When I layer my shirts with a Cami on the bottom and another shirt one top they cut the cami’s so low when you bend over your boobs are exposed! So I have to go out find a bra that won’t show clevage. They just don’t make non sexy cover up clevage 34B bras! Seriously boobs stop growing!

  41. I went out the other day looking for a kitchen item and perhaps a new duvet cover and I came back with neither of those things but some extremely hot shoes and a couple of movies that I didn’t need. I felt good because I did not spend as much money as I had intended to spend, but when I realized that I would, eventually, buy the original planned purchases the “I got great shoes and saved money” feeling was replaced by the “Oh well, those shoes are amazing!” feeling.

  42. Hi Jane!
    Loved your post! Not too much info but very fun and very real! I could relate to the bra shopping. I am not pregnant but deal with a big chest on a regular basis. I finally broke down 2 years ago and was professionally fitted. I thought I would die having someone push my boobs into various bras for sizing. 🙂 I felt a bit embarrassed being so big chested and wished for smaller boobs at the time. It all went ok and I was happy with the bras I bought! More lift, less droop and comfortable!

    Look forward to more updates from you!

  43. My last purchase was some luxurious shampoo and conditioner from my favorite beauty salon. She told me that since it was pricey, it would only take a tiny little bit of each to be effective. Considering the cost, I sure hope so. But isn’t it something about what we spend at the hair dresser on these produts? We’re always sure they will be so much better than what we could buy down at the grocery store. Isn’t that how it works? My hair had better look spectacular tomorrow! LOL
    (I was reading the post by the 12 year old girl who keeps growing at the top and to that I say- You lucky girl you! Rejoice!

  44. Best purchase I made last your was a new laptop, one of my very first brand new or not put together out of parts computers I’ve owned.

    The funny part of this story?

    Fry’s had laptops on sale. I don’t drive, quickly arranged a ride to the local one way out in the burbs, and then found out that Best Buy had basically the same laptop for about the same price, with the added bonus of being in town. So I come home with a brand new Compaq for under $500, it had three gigs of RAM and was generally shiny.

    Six hours later the motherboard died. Kapoot, would not post to BIOS, I had a $500 brick. Called HP and they offered to repair it, but three weeks without my brand new toy? ;_; I got talked into calling Best Buy and seeing what they could do.

    So I called the closest store, they were out of stock of that model, but thought that one on the other side of town might have one. Called over there, and between talking to the first store and talking to them, they’d sold out, and the closest store with any in stock was in Anchorage. I’m in Portland.

    The sales guy I was talking to was very nice, dug up his manager, and they offered an equivalent exchange on it. Cue a call to another friend, “CAN YOU TAKE ME TO THE WASHINGTON SQUARE BEST BUY? LIKE NOW?” I ended up with a Toshiba with a better processor and bigger hard drive (but less RAM) as an exchange.

    The other thing about this story was that night was the first night the boy and I used the L word.

    So ends the story of the laptop.

  45. Honey, you probably AREN’T a 38D. I’ve found that Victoria’s Secret bras are sized differently. I wear a 36 or 38 in any other bra and a 40 in a VS one. Others I’ve talked to say the same.

    I bought a cool nail buffer at the spa Tuesday. My DH gave me a spa day for Christmas and I went Tuesday. Instead of putting clear polish on my hands, she used a buffer and they just shine. So I bought one. I also bought some insect repellent towelettes for our trip next week. We’re going somewhere warm where they have mosquitos. But am I complaining? Heck no.

  46. Hello Jane,
    I have a beautiful little girl 11 months her name is Nikita, and have 2 other kids one 14 and 12, my chest got bigger just for the 3 months that I breast fed, I wished they stayed bigger but it did not happened. I think I’m a 34 A (barely)Anyways you are lucky. I just went to Hobby Lobby 3 days ago and bought 1 yard of brown baby corduroy fabric so that I could sew an outfit fot Kita and it turned out to be one of the cutest dresses I have ever made. I always make her an outfit for the monthly pics. We went to The picture People studio at the mall and got some of the cutest Valentines cards ever! She was born in Feb,12th 2008 on my wedding aniversary too, so that day I gave my husband a great wedding aniversary present! Chao and take care, I’m a big fan!

  47. Had a good laugh about your new lingerie! I recently made a purchase that has changed my life too. I am, how shall I put this delicately, well endowed and sometimes when it is a bit chilly outside everyone knows I am too! There are things called silicone gel guards that can now hide the evidence. My life will never be the same–freedom!!!

  48. Hi Jane,
    It would be my luck to have maybe been one of those winners. You see I just figured out that you post the winners name in the comment section of your blog not on the blog post itself:)

    I think I dread buying bras more than jeans…I sympathize being a 36DD, those underwires are no fun! I just bought grodceries, not too exciting but a necessity.

  49. Jane,
    Laughed reading your post about pregnancy. It reminds me of the times I went back to work part-time while still nursing. I used to have a guy friend of mine check out my chest to see if I was leaking. Enjoy this time in your life!
    (I did by a box of ovulation predictor tests – because hubby and I decided to try the baby thing one more time -if it works out for us it will be great – I am keeping my fingers crossed!)

  50. Hahaha! I love this post! I don’t have a ton of sympathy — I’ve been a 38DD since NINTH GRADE! You don’t even wanna know what I wore after my milk came in with the pregnancies. It’s obnoxious!

    However, I do need to purchase me some new bras. Unwires are a part of my daily life… unfortunately. Hmm… does “need to purchase more bras” count for the contest? I hope so!

  51. Ok, I’ve been way too busy to make the purchases I need to make! UNDERWEAR! No…I don’t pin them together like you hear on Oprah! I just can never remember what I bought the last time (which I liked) when I go to the store again. SO…I end up with all kinds of underwear that I don’t like and only a few that I do! I don’t return them to the store because…eeeewww…would you want to buy underwear that someone has tried on!!!

  52. LOL Jane! Bless your heart with the hormones–they do work us over!
    I bought my daughter boots today. I needed some, but of course got sidetracked with flipflops. I’m very bad about trying to wear them all the time. They are so easy, comfortable. In my dreams I have a personal shopper. Anything beyond flipflops is so much work!

    Hugs to you Jane!

  53. Today I purchased my first college texbook! At 21 years old, I had a daughter, at 26, another daughter! Fourteen months later, at 27 years old, I had twin boys (8lbs. 10 oz. and 7 lbs. 6 oz). Who says twins are born small??? Anyway, now I am 45 years old and STARTING college! I couldn’t believe my textbook cost $182.

  54. It is my daughters 12th Birthday today. It is hard to believe that she is already 12…time goes by too fast. It seems like yesterday that she was a baby. So, I have been buying her presents over the past week. The present she was most excited about was a song book of Beetles music for the piano and a Beetles t-shirt 🙂 So I guess I did well.

  55. Jane, you are just too cute!
    A purchase that I need to make soon is: I need to find some 80’s looking clothes for a decade party that I’m supposed to be attending in a few weeks. I decided to do the 1980’s because I assumed that many will choose the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s… because they were such iconic decades. Why oh why didn’t I hold on to those florescent tops and legwarmers that matched in that oh-so-cool way?

  56. So you have a rack! I read somewhere that 34B was the “average” size until lately when it has increased to 34C – don’t know why, because more women are heavier now or maybe implants? Anyway, glory in your curves as Earth Mother!
    I have to buy a microwave which is funny because I had a monster Amana for years and now this one is only 4 years old and went “kaput” already . I didn’t realize how much I used one until yesterday when it stopped working for my breakfast oatmeal but it is on top of the shopping list for this weekend.

  57. LOL – I NEED to go bra shopping, but it’s not as much fun when you are a 38DDD because they just aren’t pretty! Yikes!!

    On the upside, I went to the Disney Store at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood yesterday and they have a huge selection of boy’s pj’s on sale for $6, so I’ve picked up a few for the next few years for our son . . . 2T, 3T and even a few 4T – Yeah!! He just had his second birthday party (born Christmas Eve, but no one want’s to come to a party then . . . ), so I picked up some thank you cards that were on sale too!

    🙂 I just love that Lego Store (assuming you were at BellSquare)!

    Take care ~ Wendi

  58. It’s pretty dull, but I just got new black pants. My old “good” pants were too shiny to wear anymore. I have a wash&wear pair for work that are fine, but I needed something more elegant–I can pair them with a fancy top and pretty much have any event, short of black-tie, covered.

  59. I need to buy some yarn to finish an afghan I am currently making for my mother. I love to crochet but am finding it harder and harder to get the time.

  60. The one thing that’s great about Victoria’s Secret is that handy dandy tape measure – it really does help especially when you’ve been wearing a 36B forever and should have been wearing a 36C all along! Now, if only the right strap wouldn’t keep falling down!! Enjoy your new purchase. Have a great weekend, Jane!

  61. Why is it that so many of us need new bras?! I just sprung an underwire- and let me tell you it hurt!! Enjoy the girls while they’re around- in your pretty new bras!

  62. Recently, the flu ripped through our house like a tornado. We all got it but my poor 2-year-old daughter was the first. It was so bad she ended up in the ER! I felt so bad for her, I ran out and bought her $90.00 worth of new princess pajamas to make her feel like the princess she is. My husband thought I was nuts but anything to make her feel a little better.

  63. Hilarious, Jane. I can certainly relate. I need to buy crayons and markers for my kindergartener’s class. I’ve forgotten each time I went to Target. I need to stick a post-it to my head. I seem to only remember what I need to buy when I’m no where near a store. Hopefully this weekend will be the weekend of success. Another thing that changes with pregnancies…loss of memory. Sometimes I feel I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached. The memory seems to be getting progressively worse with each baby. If it weren’t for grocery lists, I’d totally forget items with making sure the two older ones don’t fight and keeping the baby from licking the handle bars.

  64. I need to buy new bras too. Not so much fun when you when you have to mail-order them because they’re 38H; not only are the bras themselves expensive but the shipping charges really add up too. Not to mention you can’t try them on and sizing isn’t always consistent. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  65. Jane- you crack me up- I love this post! Okay so today I vowed I wasn’t going to spend anymore money- Spring Break airfare is on my card and I need to pay the bill. I went to Nordstrom to return a $20 pair of stockings I ended not needing from the holidays- thought I was being so responsible to return them and put the $20 back on my debit, but know I had to stop on level two and peruse the clearance racks and I found the most dreamy, emerald green surplice top and sweater wrap- half price!!!! I look fabulous in it if I don’t say so myself. So now my $20 return ends up costing me $130- bad economics I tell you! Now this would not have been so bad had I not also visited the Soma Intimates, Gymboree and Target clearance racks this week. At Soma, I bought two awesome yoga/sweat outfits (I don’t use them to sweat so seems funny to call them that) for $35 and at Target two pairs of cute pj’s for $20. So really, I saved like $250 or something so that counts right? Those Gymbucks get me in trouble everytime is all I am saying. Perhaps I should not be working at the mall?

  66. Hi Jane! I loved your story! The most recent item I bought was a pair of black ankle boots. They were on sale and I couldn’t resist!

  67. Hi Jane,

    I rememeber those days, looking at your body and thinking, there is no way my boobs are really this big.I was so happy when they went back to normal.

    As for recent purchases, last night I booked our annual Mommy & Me Disney trip. Come the end of April we will be heading to WDW for a week of girls only fun. Take care and have a great weekend.


  68. Good morning everyone!

    I stayed up half the night reading (shame, shame but so fun) but wanted to make sure I posted the winner for the latest contest.

    Deb, poster #70 here in the comments, you’re the winner! So #70 email me privately with your address and I’ll get the goodies out in today or Monday’s mail.

    Jane Porter

  69. Oooo, I’ve wanted to purchase all kinds of things … retail therapy for this time of year in Seattle always helps. And on top of it, it’s snowing (again), big fat snow flakes. To combat that, I guess I need to buy an AWD to get up Cougar Mtn!

  70. What a delish looking book… Flirting With Forty ♥
    that will be my next purchase!
    I just bought How To Love Like A Hot Chick… quite humorous right off the bat!! in addition to buying my other sexy Booty Parlor Goodies ♥

  71. Hi Jane! How are ya doing? I am laughing reading all these posts about bras cause I am still breastfeeding my baby and I am very busty so finding bras is like pulling teeth! I need bras also and love Victoris Secrets but when Im preggo or breastfeeding there bras wont even come close to fitting me. lol
    On another note……

    To celebrate change I splurged and bought my first Coach Handbag! Its from my Hubby for my Birthday and Valentines Day! xoxoxoxo Much Hugs! Take care!

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