A Good Day

It’s a good day!  I slept soooo good last night–woke only once or twice–and slept right until the alarm went at seven instead of up at four and then at five and then at six. 

The carpenters are back, putting on the trusses today for the boys new room and bath (we had to add a room so baby would have somewhere to go) and its sunny for them, or at least not raining, and that’s a huge plus.

I heard from one of my best friends this morning that she received an email earlier this morning with an offer to buy her manuscript.  This is to a top notch publisher, which would open all new doors, and I’m dying to share all the incredible details but I can’t.  I promised her I’d zip it until she has contract in hand, pub date set and title settled on, but its so so thrilling as this friend has worked very hard and has been such a good, true friend to me.   I was so happy for her on hearing her news that I got goosebumps all over, my scalp literally prickled, and tears filled my eyes.   Talk about a good day!  Champagne all the way around, please.

And then if this weren’t joyous enough, I had an amazing letter from a reader’s husband letting me know why his wife–who enjoys my books and is a reader of my blog–should be a heroine in one of my future books.  This letter was so lovely, and so full of respect and admiration and love for his remarkable wife that I felt like I’d just experienced the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.  Not goopy pink hearts and chocolates (although I am a sucker for both…) but love, respect, tenderness and pride.  His letter fairly burst with pride at all she had accomplished as a woman, a wife, and mother.  It was one of the best things I’ve read in ages and rereading now brings fresh tears to my eyes.  All women should have such a strong, confident man in their corner.  What a good man.  What a wonderful woman.  What a great day.

Tell me something good–one thing good, anything good–and you’ll be entered in my Good Day contest.  It’s a one day contest and I’m giving away my favorite cookies in the world from www.cherylandco.com (so yum, yum, trust me!!), plus a signed book from your choice of my books and other JP goodies.  I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning and you have until midnight tonight to post a good thing to be entered in the drawing. 

So keep my glowing mood going.  Tell me something good!

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