Bugs, Babies & Boys

The boys have a bug and I’m not sure if I do or not, or if I’m simply exhausted from flying.  I noticed when I returned from Jefferson, Texas in January that I was really tired for about a week, and so I’m thinking I’m just tired from flying pregnant, but its hard to say.  I do know that the hour I spent sleeping from 5-6 pm tonight was wonderful and I wouldn’t have climbed from bed if I hadn’t needed to feed boys and be a reasonably attentive mom.

Being a mom is strange.  There are ups and downs and hopes and disappointments and yet even when I’m the maddest, or most frustrated, I still feel the need and desire to take care of the boys, to make sure they’re fed and comfortable.   To make sure they know they’re loved. 

The truth is, I don’t need a lot if they’re around. 

And now the baby…

He’ll be here in just months.  Sixty-six days to be precise.  And I still have a book to write.  And a torn apart house with no room ready for him.  I know babies are small and can sleep anywhere but the nesting part of me me wants a proper nursery with assembled crib and new clean sheets and freshly scrubbed dresser that’s stocked with newborn diapers.   I have to get motivated.  Have to focus.  Can’t stare out the window in dreamy, sleepy state of being.  But it’s hard to concentrate.  He moves a lot and I’m getting those Braxton-Hicks contractions and the moment its time to work I just want one more nap.

I vow to write tomorrow.  As soon as I return from my OB appointment I’ll write, even if its just for an hour.  But writing will help, it’ll ease my anxiety that I’m not getting enough done.  Because let’s face it.  I can’t build the new bathroom or bedroom.  Can’t hurry the carpenters or plumbers or electrician.  But I can write a book.  That’s what I do.  That’s who I am.

Or so I tell myself as I put my head down on my desk for just a quick little break…


  1. Poor Jane. Better enjoy the naps while you can because once baby Mac arrives, all bets are off! Unless you luck out and have the most cooperative baby ever born. Everything will get completed in time for his arrival. I hope you are able to get something written once you get back from your OB appt.
    Have a good day.

  2. Hi Jane,
    You are such a Great Mom!
    Getting your rest for baby as well as taking care of your Big Boys.
    Jane hope your taking time for yourself too!
    Being Mothers, we have our hopes and dreams for our precious children. No-one is more important than those babies big or small.
    Along with dealing ups & downs, some difficult times. We will always be Mothers. Nurturing & Loving Moms! And with the hope to be a Great Mom!
    We love it when you write whether it’s you working on your books or writing on your blog. We are Big Fans!
    Happy Writing! Speaking of Happy, Happy Belated Birthday!
    Hope it was Great!
    Thanks for writing, Jane!


  3. Hopefully it’s just pregnancy exhaustion and not a bug. I have such admiration for mothers. Always giving of yourself. For me, it’s just my husband and I and our two cats and I never seem to get caught up. I can’t even imagine taking on everything that you do. Enjoy your naps whenever you can. You are going to raise amazing children because you are an amazing mom.

  4. I hope your boys feel better soon Jane! Hopefully you aren’t getting it, that is just not fare when your pregnant! 🙂

  5. Back many years ago when I was pregnant I was tired a lot. It’s a lot of work to carry someone else around all the time. I have one kid in high school and one in college and I still like taking care of them. I don’t think that ever stops.

  6. i feel the same way and i’m not even pregnant nor have i just gotten back from a quick trip :O) hope everyone in the family starts feeling better soon!

  7. I will be praying for your comfort Jane! I had a real hard time when I was pregnant with my third. I had gained 60 pounds & my little bone structure struggled with carrying the weight. I barely walked around the last month and was tired all the time.
    Take care!

  8. Jane,
    Hope it’s not a bug!! The room will get done and if it doesn’t, you will be so in love and preoccupied with the baby and the older boys that it will not matter! Now, the book is something you can do something about and I am speaking mostly out of selfishness, I would like the book done:) But honestly, being a mom too, the moment will pass and you will get what you need done!! Just take it one step at a time! That’s my motto and my song (Jordin Sparks) when I need to be reminded that things don’t happen overnight.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. My little boy arrives in 134 days. Yesterday I went on a nesting binge, since he’s rooming in our bedroom for a while, until he’s old enough to share with his older brother, I just went crazy.

    I know what you mean, I want to set up his nursery, but I only have three bedrooms and this little bun in the oven has an older brother and sister.

  10. Hi Jane,
    Rest when you can, and don’t feel guilty!
    I do understand all the different feelings being a Mom, especially with boy’s. I can tell you, I still worry about my son, and he is almost 30 (had him young). It feels like the years went too fast, and at times I wish I could replay back to when he was the little boy with the stack of books wanting me to read to him 🙁
    Your baby’s room will get done, and all will work out!
    Enjoy each day.

  11. aww you need a nap! Pregnant ladies should nap often, and who cares what doesnt get done. You’re growing a little baby!
    I hope you can get rested and feel better and get a little writing done. I hope your sons are not sick and are just a little tired too. We had that bug and it was a quick one anyway, so if they got it, it will be gone fast.

  12. Jane, you are a doting mother.
    I know because I am the same.
    My best friend never was to her kids and she always told me I Did too much for my girls.

    Lets just say I took the mothering job seriously. Now that the girls are 22 and 18 sometimes I think maybe my friend knew what she was talking about.
    I feel very taken for granted sometimes. But I still love to take care of people. I get so much satisfaction out of helping others.

    As for the naps…the baby is in serious high gear in the growing deptartment. Your body probably just needs more time to recharge.
    plus, flying on the plane you were probably exposed to a bug. You know that is how the flu makes it around to our country every year.

    Hope you feel like yourself soon.

  13. I hope you are feeling better! All moms are tired. It’s our occupation. Being a mom is the best and hardest thing I have ever done. My almost 12 year old is home sick today and I have to take him to the doc. Ears, throat & fever. No wonder he was soooo extra crabby last night! He was like a whiney girl. I was expecting him to start his period! LOL I miss when they were babies but I enjoy them so much now too!

    It will all get done Jane! It’s so difficult when you can’t control the things you want to! I know that well.

    I am proud that I have actually been working on my book more than usual lately.

    Take care!!!

  14. I loved this post. You’re so cute! That tired pregnant-tired feeling is insurmountable at times. I am always tired, but carry on like the energizer bunny! But when I was pregnant (8 years ago), everything stopped when I was that tired. I just needed to close my eyes on the sofa for a power nap. Luckily my sweet little 3 year-old was happy watching Sesame Street or Bear In the Big Blue House at that time.

    Now my grade school-ers just laugh at me when I’m always yawning. Take care of yourself and stock-pile those naps. Everything will get done in time and all Baby Mac needs is a warm, loving arms when he arrives.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. I think its the winter blues, because I am felling really tired lately and I know I’m not pregnate. Its sad to say but my son is nineteen now and I still take care of him like he is still a child. I guess that just being a mom.

  16. Take care of “you” too Jane…nap, write, do what makes you feel good because that’s what’s good for all 3 of your boys!! I’m pretty sure the new little one isn’t going to notice the nursery isn’t ready!

  17. I just woke up at TEN this morning. That is huge for me. 🙂 Considering I fell asleep at 2 am and got a full 8 hours. PLUS a two hour nap yesterday. I keep hearing there is a bug around so who knows? I also had FOUR migraines last week. Ugh.

    My girls are 24(in a month) and 14. I fight a lot with the youngest and it is the oldest one that gives me peace. We are close now and the peace part comes from knowing that once upon a time we fought just like this. Girls and their moms……

    Sleep, Jane, sleep….. get rest while you can.

  18. Jane, the room and bathroom’s gonna be done. Writing makes you happy. So be happy and rest, and let the contractors worry about the fixing the house. By the time Mac’s six months and just starting to notice his room, I bet you’ll have his room done up beautifully. I can’t wait to see you!

  19. Order in and sleep… you are going to have lots of time later to organize…. oh yes and write so I have something good to read

  20. Babies come when we are ready and when we are not. We just got over a long 3 week flu, hope it isnt in your house..it is a nasty one!
    Plenty of rest, vitamin C..try Ester C it works like wildfire!, and of course enlist those around you to help put the baby things in order. Bet they are dying to help you out, just ask.
    As for the last 66 days..they seem to crawl along…I remember.
    Find a quiet moment and write it all out, take care~ Shelley

  21. Ok, Jane according to the post, it looks like you wrote this at 8:46 pm. At my house, I breathe a sigh of relief that both kids are now in bed and it’s ME time. You should be putting your feet up and relaxing. You are pregnant and deserve to give yourself just a little bit of time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are an excellent writer and when you can, you will write, but take the time NOW to relax. Your body needs it. 🙂 Hope I didn’t sound TOO much like my mother! 🙂

  22. Jane, you are a great Mom. And if you need to grab a nap here & there, then do it. The world won’t stop if you get a little ME time. Your boys love you, whether you’re sitting watching tv with them, or taking a little rest. They aren’t little & helpless, which is great for you! They will even help out once Baby Mac is here, without you even asking…they just do. So don’t be too hard on yourself; you’re a GREAT mom, and a great person. We love your books, but if you need a break from writing for a little while, with all that’s coming up, we understand!! Loyal fans never fade away. Now I’m going to say a Mom Thing: GO TAKE A NAP!! 🙂

  23. You might have to schedule your naps and relaxing time just as you’re scheduling your writing time. It just might be that writing time will be 30 mins every other hour.

    I have confidence that you’ll get it all done and still be able to put up your feet.

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