Mac The Monkey

I saw my OB this morning for my 8 month check up and when I mentioned how I was feeling and what I was feeling (like the baby’s dancing on my cervix) the doctor requested the ultrasound machine and did a quick check, and yep, Mac is breech.  Those crazy little spasms aren’t my imagination.  Now we’ve got two months to get the little monkey to shift around and I’m determined to do it as I don’t want a C-section.

Returning from the OBs I made lunch for my two sickie boys and a hot pastrami and swiss cheese sandwich for me and contemplated the weekend ahead.  I’m definitely going to sleep, read, and eat, which includes snacking on some of those yellow Peeps I bought yesterday and stashed in a cabinet that nobody knows about but me.

I so love Peeps.  And marshmallows.  And peanut butter cookies.  And cinnamon toast.  And cupcakes loaded with frosting.    All my crazy carb cravings have finally hit.  Fortunately, I don’t indulge too much.  Just one treat or so a day (okay, maybe two or three but surely not more than three…surely…???)

Give me your list of favorite things, or share your very favorite snack or treat, and you’ll be entered in my weekend contest.  The contest will run through Sunday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winners on Monday.  Once again I’ll draw three winners, and all three winners will be getting a very fun 2009 calendar, a pretty pink notebook, my favorite Bella Bar scented soap from pal Kari Andersen (check out all her soaps and candles at ) and tons of my brand new reader goodies. 

Everyone, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Oscars Sunday night.  I’ll be watching and trying to do some of the exercises the doctor mentioned to try to jiggle and shift baby Mac into another position!

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