Mac The Monkey

I saw my OB this morning for my 8 month check up and when I mentioned how I was feeling and what I was feeling (like the baby’s dancing on my cervix) the doctor requested the ultrasound machine and did a quick check, and yep, Mac is breech.  Those crazy little spasms aren’t my imagination.  Now we’ve got two months to get the little monkey to shift around and I’m determined to do it as I don’t want a C-section.

Returning from the OBs I made lunch for my two sickie boys and a hot pastrami and swiss cheese sandwich for me and contemplated the weekend ahead.  I’m definitely going to sleep, read, and eat, which includes snacking on some of those yellow Peeps I bought yesterday and stashed in a cabinet that nobody knows about but me.

I so love Peeps.  And marshmallows.  And peanut butter cookies.  And cinnamon toast.  And cupcakes loaded with frosting.    All my crazy carb cravings have finally hit.  Fortunately, I don’t indulge too much.  Just one treat or so a day (okay, maybe two or three but surely not more than three…surely…???)

Give me your list of favorite things, or share your very favorite snack or treat, and you’ll be entered in my weekend contest.  The contest will run through Sunday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winners on Monday.  Once again I’ll draw three winners, and all three winners will be getting a very fun 2009 calendar, a pretty pink notebook, my favorite Bella Bar scented soap from pal Kari Andersen (check out all her soaps and candles at ) and tons of my brand new reader goodies. 

Everyone, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Oscars Sunday night.  I’ll be watching and trying to do some of the exercises the doctor mentioned to try to jiggle and shift baby Mac into another position!


  1. Hi, Jane!

    My third child was breech and I ended up having a c-section. Yuck! After the fact, I heard that you could stand on your head in a swimming pool and the baby would flip because their head is more bouyant than water…sounds easily accomplished at 8 months pregnant, huh?! :0) Funny thing, my little breech baby was going to be named Mac, too. But my little “he” ended up a “she”. Her name is Logan. And we both loooove Reese’s Peanut Butter cups!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Jane

    My favorite thing to do when it’s winter is skiing. My favorite snack is fresh raspberries, and of course dark chocolate.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I am sure that the baby will do many flips in the next month, but i do remember that dancing part.
    3 favorite snacks: snickers ice cream bar.
    homemade fudge
    Peeps ( i totally agree with you on that one.)

  4. I hope the baby cooperates soon. Fudge, brownies, cheescake are some of my favorite sweets but I have been trying to stay away from them but it’s not easy.

  5. Jane, you really crack me up about the peeps, so cute and funny. My daughter was breech at 28 weeks and I was determined not to have a C-section. So, I did what seemed like every exercise found on the internet to turn a baby. My husband thought I was nuts. One must have worked because she debuted “regular”. Dark chocolate for me; if I do not get a fix everyday, I swear I go through withdrawal. The latest to satisfy my craving is a handful of plain organic semi-sweet choco chips. I do hope your boys are feeling better soon. Poor guys!

  6. If anyone can get Mac to turn around it’s you Jane. Maybe those Peeps will get him moving. 🙂 My favorite things are weekends, family, friends and having a big pile of TBR books! Have a great weekend.

  7. Ooh I hope baby flips to the right position!!
    Well lets see, my fave snack is chips and dip or strawberry cheesecake ice cream. But I’m dieting so my fovorite will be sugarless something or other thats not really a favorite but I’ll…pretend.

  8. Jane,
    Leave it to your little guy to be difficult. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he gets into the correct position and stays there. Rainy days curled up in a blanket with a book or two, flavored jelly beans and angel food cake are a few of my favorites.

    I hope you enjoy the weekend. Get well soon to the boys.

  9. Oh, how do I pick just one favorite treat? This sounds nuts, but one of my favorite snacks is those mini Spanikopita triangles that you buy in the freezer section. Anything involving gooey cheese and spinach is up my alley and such a good comfort food!

  10. I’ve been having this thing for twinkies lately – and chocolate with nuts.

    mmm… twinkies covered in chocolate and nuts…

  11. My favorite snacks when I was pregnant were peanut m&m’s with my son, and chocolate eclairs with my daughter. It’s a wonder I didn’t get fat! Now I indulge in ice cream bon bons, and chocolate truffles…..Im a chocoholic. Especially when it comes to dark chocolate. Yummmm

  12. Favorite things…….how Marcus and Ariana smell right when they get out of the bath, Jeremy coming up behind me and hugging me, and Reese’s peanut butter cups. Dang, those are good!

    I have no experience with breech babies, so have no advice to give. But will pray that Mac will behave himself and get in the right position!

  13. It sounds like you have a sweet tooth just like I do! My all time favorite are those Cadbury Mini Eggs that are out at Easter time. They are Chocolate with a thin hard chocolate shell…Mmm! But, I am not picky if it’s sweet and not good for you, I probably like it and crave it, even not when I’m pregnant!

  14. It sounds like you have a sweet tooth just like I do! My all time favorite are those Cadbury Mini Eggs that are out at Easter time. They are Chocolate with a thin hard chocolate shell…Mmm! But, I am not picky if it’s sweet and not good for you, I probably like it and crave it, even not when I’m pregnant!

  15. Jane, sorry about the last comment. My daughter and I are sharing a computer and I accidentally sent the comment before I erased hers and wrote mine. Whoops!

    My favorite indulgence has to be doughnuts! I crave them in the mornings while I’m drinking my coffee, but I do resist! 🙂

  16. Hello Jane! During the class we took with one of our Doulas…they talked about how todays Mommies lounge to much… Back in the day we would sit at the dining room table in straight backed chairs and there were no lazyboys. Also Mothers usually did all the gardening, scrubbing, and cleaning while basically on hands and knees…This naturally gets the baby to move around into the correct position. Any if you really want to get crazy with a breached baby, start walking up stairs on your hands and knees. No joke, it will really move things around!

  17. I’ll send positve thoughts that Baby Mac will flip around! Have you ever tried frozen peeps- now that’s tasty! Right now I’m a Girls Scout cookie mood- I’m my daughter’s troop cookie mom and I have cases and cases in my house calling to me…..

  18. I went to the eye doc yesterday and the lobby is shared and the best part was watching all the cute babies and kids. Hang in there, Jane; not much longer and your dear baby boy is going to do the twist and turn for you!
    My favorite guilty pleasure is Hershey Kisses with almonds. I can (and have) eaten an entire bag. I like ice cream that has nuts, too – there is something so satisfying about eating something creamy and smooth and then hitting that crunch! I love the flavor of almonds and the smell reminds me of my mom because she used Jergens hand lotion and it smells like almonds. Almonds are wonderful, and hazelnuts are even better. Hershey doesn’t make a kiss with hazelnuts, or they would be my favorite. Crunchy Cheetos are fabulous, and cc cookies – oh so good!

  19. Sorry to hear that baby is breech!
    A few a my favs are: a date night with my hubby, a good movie, a GREAT book that dras me in and can make me cry AND laugh, a good cup of coffee and when I have that sweet tooth a great piece of dark chocolate!

  20. Cheetos, Snickers, popcorn with loads of butter. Good luck with the turning…maybe he’ll enjoy all your treats and turn for you soon.

  21. Dear Jane,
    I am glad to read that Mac is full of energy, but sorry to hear that he is dancing on your cervix.
    Here is a list of some of my favorite things:
    -good health for my family
    -sleeping late
    -warm sand and clear water
    -chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
    -birds singing
    -Spring flowers
    -travel with my family
    -pizza on Friday nights
    -dreams and goals
    -the sound of crickets on a warm summer night with the windows open
    -dinner at Mom’s house
    -watching my boys surf
    -reading magazines and Jane Porter novels
    -jeans that fit
    -a good cup of coffee with good conversation
    -cuddling with my husband
    -the last day of school
    (I would try the standing on my head in the pool -it couldn’t hurt:-) Good Luck!

  22. Hi Jane,

    My favorite things:
    Bowl of popcorn with a really good book and a side of chocolate!

  23. My third child was breech, and my OB had him turned externally. Took only five minutes whereas with some it may take longer than a half-hour…ouchie. After their trying for 2 minutes I spoke to my little burger and told him if he didn’t turn I was going to torture him with more of my dancing. He turned and stayed in the right position up until his birth three days later. It hurts, but it’s so much easier to deliver naturally if you’re able than having a c-section – I’ve had both, especially if you have other children that need attending to! Hope your baby turns on his own, just the same, but that there is an option if he doesn’t! But most importantly that he’s healthy! My current faves are Starbucks White Mocha, chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Schwan’s. I try not to indulge too often now that my metabolism has changed and it all goes to my hips, thighs and belly more so than it ever had up until just two short years ago! 🙂

  24. Oh, man, don’t get me started on goodies. Ginger snaps (the soft kind), those dratted hostess cupcakes that call your name in the grocery store, fresh cinnamon rolls. Sooooo many…

    Of course, at 8 months with my second son, I craved avacadoes and cranberries. Not together, but there were seemingly not enough cranberry muffins made for me and the Q-babe. Ouch on the breech. Q, the cranberry babe, did that to me too. My DH and I came up with some…ahem…creative ways to get him to turn. Grins. We won’t go into that.

    Poptarts. Cheese toast. With my older son, I wanted pancakes all the time. :>

    Enjoy the gestating! Grins.

  25. Jane, I work as an OB nurse and have seen a midwife use a grain of rice and tape it to the outside of the mom’s baby toe. For some reason this has worked to turn breech babies into the vertex position! I is so amazing and unbelievable..except that I have seen it work at my job! Research it and see what you get. Apparently it was even written in a medical journal or something! I think you are supposed to leave it taped to your toe until the baby turns. It sounds like a wive’s tale, but it is worth a shot! Anyway…let me know if you try and it works! As for treats..Junior Mints and Reeces!

    Take care,


  26. my favorite things to eat are any kind of little snack when i am watching the news after the kids go to bed. (crackers, cookies, and yogert)

    have a great weekend and good luck with the baby

  27. Hi Jane! esides the breech thing it sounds like things are going well with little Mac. I’m so glad!

    My favorite snack is celery with Jiff Peanut butter. I had three sticks with my dinner tonight and it was so yummy. I also really love cheese, soft, yummy cheese.

  28. Too funny!! In a location were no one knows about!
    Hide the Good stuff!
    That’s great!
    Definitely Robin eggs, Jelly beans, & Peeps this time of year.
    Hmm! My Favorite things?
    Well here’s a few!

    I love when my children are happy! Just so jazzed they are dancing around the house!
    Like crazy kids! Too cute!!

    I love when my husband brings me Roses! (OH! I better remind him) Hint Hint

    I love to sit on the beach with a GREAT Book!
    Jane I am hoping your new book,
    Easy on the Eyes will be my beach read this summer!

    I love to take our own candy bag with us to the movies!
    Licorice, chocolate, & all of the above!
    You know it’s the best to take leftover Halloween candy!

    I love to wake up to snow on a winter day!

    I love a cup of coffee with creamer! And with brownie once in a while!

    I love to take Pictures! Those fall leaves, Sunsets, & Smiling Faces!

    I love freshly baked cupcakes with tons of frosting!

    I guess there many! Just too many to list!

    As for a c – section,
    It’s not pretty I have had two!
    One Good thing, hours hours of labor could be minimal.
    I also had one natural birth.
    I was glad I had the babies
    the way I had them! They all came out healthy!
    I know it was meant be. Just lots of tummy exercises after birth.

    So don’t be too hard on Mac,
    if he decides to stay breech.
    What ever he decides, is probably meant to be.
    He wants be healthy for you! He just may be more stubborn
    than your other two boys! Wishing you the Best!!

    I ate a lot of See’s candy while I was pregnant with my son.(my third) Poor child, I can’t believe I put him through that! My hips didn’t like me that year.

    It’s tough when your babies
    are sick! I hope the boys are feeling better soon!
    Take time for a catnap and don’t eat too many peeps!

  29. Hi Jane,

    Good luck getting the baby to flip. I hope he does it on his own and you can avoid the C-section! How’s this for a list of fanorites from a middle class stay-at-home mommy: lobster, champagne and my mom’s homemade fudge. Oh and strawberry-green iced tea and scones with double devon cream and blackberry jam. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!


  30. Jane- I just caught up reading your blogs- all of Jan. and Feb…! You blew me away with your thoughts and comments about joy… and then about pain, and of not being afraid of change, of remembering what little we really “need”, of not hoping or trying to be perfect… so many amazing points! You’re so good at seeing the things between the lines and expressing them! And your simple, personal thoughts are so fun,funny, and touching too! Like about the bra, the Valentines card family memories and meltdown with your sons, the peeps, the urges to nap!…Thanks for all of it! Congrats on your little one and good job with the nutritional boosts you gave him! One of my favorite treats is pecan pie! I make my own so I can add tons of pecans and make the crust with a crunchy cereal. I also love plain butter cookies with powder sugar frosting! Yum!
    PS-I loved “The Frog Prince”!!!

  31. Hey Jane! Yes-the cupcakes…Emily and I made some for Valentines Day and I’ve been eating them ever since. Along with the sugar cookies with lots of frosting as well. I should throw them out-I know I should! And the Peeps-that’s so funny. I still think of you every Easter when I see peeps on the shelves. I still have to refrain from buying you some 🙂 Enjoy! Lots of love to you and the boys xo

  32. *sigh* Am I the only person that loved my c-sections? I had three. After labor hell with the first kid, I had an emergency c. I requested them after that. Sure, I was laid up for a while, but my man waited on me hand and foot!

  33. My fourth was a footling breech. She was in correct position until a week before birth, then flipped and stuck one foot in the birth canal, she was born three weeks early by semi-emergency C-section.

    I was 30 when she was born, and my mom had recently shared that her menopause years, didn’t end until 60. So I was scheduled for a tubal at the same time as my 4th birth. Another 30 years for a possible pregnancy was too long to consider. The tubal was easier with a C-section. Unfortunately my primary doctor wasn’t available and his staff associate had a reputation as a sloppy surgeon.

    OK, 20 years later I can still say, the hip-to-hip scar, sucks. But the birth and recovery were great. Just walk lots, get the gas moving, and keep your weight under control forever after.

    Since I’ve always called gas, “peeps”,I was even more delighted by your post. My grandson is 4 months old and I’ve slipped right back into the vernacular of “peeps” vs. “poops”. And the secret behind a good C-section recovery is – letting the “peeps” flow at will.

    I’ve never been into the sugar stuff. I’m a salt-a-holic.

  34. Have never eaten a lot of “Peeps”, but am a MAJOR fool for the Cadbury mini-eggs (not the big ones with mushy stuff inside, but the little tiny chocolate calorie bombs!)

    Hope baby cooperates quickly!

  35. Cadbury Mini Eggs!!!!
    Hint of Lime Tostitos!
    Artichoke and Spinach dip!

    Prayers for you, your family and of course baby Mac. My boy was quite a challenge to bring into the world from start to finish, but worth every difficulty! Debbie

  36. Jane,
    Sometimes it just amazes me how much we love the same things…I eat cinnamon toast every day for breakfast, some of my favorite snacks are peanut butter cookies and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter topping:) My sister buys me peeps every singe Easter and never fails. Out of curiosity, which Bella bar is your fave? Mine is Sweet Orange Chili Pepper. I just love to turn on the shower and smell that bar in the morning or after a good workout at the gym:) Good luck with your exercises and shifting Baby Mac around!! Thanks for my prize! I love it! I opened it at my friend’s house and she is going to hit the book store to grab your books now:) Wow…I really am learning from Kari:)Take Care!

  37. Hi Jane! PEEPS!! Have I got a story for you about them…last year (3 months before Easter because you know EVERY store puts stuff out before the current holiday is even over), my guy & I were walking thru WalMart & all of the sudden he stops & yells “AAAGGGGHHH!!!”
    I am mortified & turn to him & say “WHAT are you DOING?!?!” And in his matter-of-fact goofy man-voice, he says “Giving a shout out to my PEEPS!”
    I thought this lady behind us was going to have a stroke laughing. Oh, the joys of shopping with a man.

    Anyway, my favorites are:
    pizza, mexican food, iced tea, pizza, mexican food, Hershey’s cherry cordial kisses (YUM), Little Caesar’s breadsticks, did I mention pizza & mexican food???

    Tell that boy to get moving or he’s grounded already! HA! 🙂

  38. My favorite snack is quickly becoming the new Delmonte pink grapefruit cups. And oh yes, peanut butter. I had a big problem with peanut butter in my first pregnancy, and happily it was just red delicious apples I couldn’t get enough of in my second pregnancy.

    Good luck getting baby Mac turned around, there are some interesting suggestions here! I will add a little prayer 🙂

  39. Jane,
    I’m sending my best hopes and wishes to you in getting your little guy turned around! As a kid I would play with my peeps. I’d line them up and have them hop over each other and eat them one by one. I love eating Nesquik by the spoonful and chocolate covered marshmallow eggs…mmmm. A favorite salty snack is cream cheese on crackers with a sliced jalapeno pepper.
    Hope your boys are feeling better, too.

  40. Hi Jane,

    I’m confident that Baby Mac will turn around just in time to be delivered. You know how little boys are, they always wait til the last minute to do what their Mom wants them to.

    As for my favorite thing:

    -a nice long pedicure and then slipping my feet in to a brand new pair of strappy sandles w/ 4 inch heels.

    -Dove Dark Chocolate.

    -The movie-City of Angles w/ Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. I cry everytime.

    -Playing a game of Phase 10 with hubby and the kids.

    -Sitting on the beach reading a good book while the kids play in the water with their boggie boards.

    – My new Canon 50S DSLR camera.

    And finally, I too love Peeps, I was so happy when they started making them for other holiday then Easter. But the only thing I do different is I have to open then and let them get stale so that they are just a little bit hard on the outside and fluffy on the inside.


  41. My daughter and I have a new favorite: peanut butter popcorn. Found the recipe at Christmas and now we are addicted! I am also hooked on diet coke and Papa Murphy’s pepperoni pizza.

    Favorite thing to do is play with my granddaughter.

  42. I’m sure you will get the baby shifted. I’m sending warm thoughts your way! Hang in there!

    Some of my favorite snacks are… nuts, preferably pistachios. Veggies with ranch dip, when I’m feeling “healthy”. Just about any kind of candy, when I’m feeling “notsohealthy”. Popcorn. Anything “cheese”, love cheese!

    Gosh, now I’m hungry.

    Take care Jane!

  43. Hi,Jane – Sorry to hear that Mac is breech, but hopefully he will turn around before he makes his grand entrance into the world. My first was born face up instead of face down and they insisted they needed to perform a C-section. I was only 21 at the time and said – no way – when I pushed, she literally flew out of the birth canal and almost off the table in the delivery room. She was only 5 lbs. 14 oz and had a perfect little head – full of dark hair – and no issues from the natural birth. Thinking of my favorite things, that would certainly be at the top of my list. She is now 31 and has two beautiful boys of her own – #2 and #3 on my favorite things list. My youngest daughter is working on a grandchild for me. Right now we are at Jiminy Peak Ski Resort in Massachusetts for a week’s vacation. I am looking out at the sunny slopes right now and can see melting icicles hanging from our balcony. Relaxing with the family with no immediate plans for today other than family bonding. We can ski tomorrow and the rest of the week. Didn’t arrive until late last night so chilling is the only plan we have for today.

    Best of luck to you in your final months. Can’t wait to see baby pics of little Mac. Will be interesting to see if he looks more like Dad or Mom – either way he will be beautiful.

  44. Good luck getting the baby into the correct position, Jane. I will send some prayers your way. I so agree with you about peeps. I love them. Some of my other favorite snacks are Cadbury eggs, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate is my weakness.

  45. Hi Jane, my favorite thing right now would be some sunshine and warmer weather. I am so tried of winter and I am ready for spring.

    Favorite snacks would all be sweet things, like chocolate, banana pudding, Butterfinger bars, peanut butter cookies, my sister makes the best. Just about anything that is sweet is my favorite thing I do have a sweet tooth.

  46. Some of my favorite treats are: Twix, Rolo, popcorn, Kit kat & Lindt Lindor truffles,

    Have a great weekend and good luck with the exercises!

  47. My favorite treat is the Almond Coconut Treat made by the Ferrero Roche folks. You used to could only get the coconut ones in the holiday packages, but now you can get the coconut ones in a box all by themselves. They taste just like the very best homemade coconut cake ever made. Yum!

  48. Well good luck with Mac hope everything works out for you! Some of my favorite treats are COOKIE (rolo ones) i can eat them by the dozen!! Also Love the PEEPS! But you got to open them right away and eat them later!!

  49. Hey Jane!

    Some of my favorite things are:

    -Spending the day with my nephew (he’s 1 and so cute!)

    -Superman Ice Cream! (YUMMM!)

    -and of course a GOOD BOOK!!

    Hope all is going well for you!

  50. Wow, Jane, good luck with turning your little guy. Do those exercises from the doc!! I will be sending lots of prayers your way. Hang in there!!

    Fav treat -Dreyer’s Fruit Bars. All flavors. My mouth waters just thinking about them….

  51. Hi Jane! Good luck with getting Mac turned into the right position. I’m sending prayers and best wishes your way!

    Some of my favorite things are ice cream, popcorn, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate…anything chocolate!

  52. Jane, no worries! Baby Mac will turn around, all will be fine!
    Favorite things for me, as I write from one of them, cabin in the snow!!:
    My familey
    old movies,
    Jane Porter novels
    Jane Porter Blog
    Cooking Channel
    Bare Esscentuals makeup
    Fridays @ 2:30 (off work!)
    Soft lap blankets
    Rainy Days
    Nice Fire in Fire place
    Book Store
    Washington State
    Snacks are Nutella on rice cake with sliced banana if I am healthy
    M&M’s with popcorn, dark chocolate, Barbaque Pop Chips, Chips and Guac if I’m bad, and egg rolls!!
    Have a great weekend! I am enjoying the snow here in the mountains with the hubby and dog. 🙂 All I need is a new Jane Porter novel to read!

  53. My favorite things:
    books (of course)
    clean sheets
    good movies
    sleeping in
    my favorite snacks:
    peanut butter cookies
    buttered popcorn
    birthday cake
    Ruffles chips
    Milky Way candy bars

  54. The best part of reading this fun post was that most of these ‘favorite’ things cost next to nothing and are such simple pleasures.

    My favorite things….(to name a few)

    ~Cadbury eggs
    ~coconut/lime lotion (smells like summer!)
    ~card games
    ~candle light
    ~Catalina Island, CA
    ~Cashmina sheets from Domestications (the coziest sheets ever!!)
    ~sounds and smell of rain
    ~watching reality shows weekly~

    Hope all goes well with turning baby Mac around. The name “Monkey” might stay around awhile…I’ll continue to pray for a healthy baby boy. xoxo ME

  55. This is an easy one… one of my favorite things are books that seem so real that I don’t want to stop reading. Vacations are definitely favorite things!

    My favorite treat is raspberry, dark chocolate truffles. They are currently hard to find where I live, so I’m having to substitute Harry & David dark choc truffles. I stash them away for myself and treat myself to one most days. Yum!

    Have a good weekend!

  56. Hi Jane:
    How do those babies get turned around like that? They are so squished in there as it is…

    Marshmallows are a favorite of mine. I do love Peeps (fresh or stale) but I think my very, most favorite candy is the chocolate covered marshmallow hearts at Valentine’s Day. They’ve kind of morphed into other holidays I’ve noticed. Seems I’ve bought ones shaped like Christmas Trees, etc.

    I also love Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies. I know they have a shelf life of a Twinkie, but I just can’t resist them. In fact, I’ll only buy them if they’re in the little snack-sized bags. If I buy a box or (heaven forbid) a big bag at Costco, I’m done!!! Pass the milk….

    Get the boys well and put your feet up a bit!

  57. Hi Jane-
    I think you might just have a little surfer boy on your hands. He probably feels the fluid moving in your bladder and thinks surfs up! With feet firmly planted he is off to ride the waves. Don’t worry, he has plenty of time to get into position. It is magical how they know.

    Some of my favorite things would be spending time with my children, running, reading, See’s Calilfornia toffee, peanut butter with chocolate chips sprinkled on top, lemon bars, hot bubble baths, and my fuzzy pink slippers.

    And just remember which ever way Mac decides to make his entrance, as long as he is healthy, mom is safe and he is greeted with love, it’s all good! XO

  58. Jane, both my girls were breech, but did turn before the delivery, so fingers crossed that your little guy does the same!

    Some of my favorite secret pleasures? Hmm…there are so many, LOL! But I absolutely love Charleston Chews and Key Lime chocolate (which I only get when my sister sends it to me from Florida, but it’s so delicious!).

    Now get some writing done, because we all want another Jane Porter book in our hands, and here’s hoping your boys are feeling better soon.

  59. Jane, I sure hope that Baby Mac turns for you! Some of my favorite things are: Girl Scout Cookies (and of course they only come around once a year so it is a good thing they freeze well), Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Crunch, reading and watching movies!

    I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy those Peeps!!!

  60. Hi Jane! Some of my favorite things are books, warm sandy beaches, peanut butter cups, fudge, and banana splits.

    Keeping you and baby Mac in my thoughts and prayers!

  61. I like chocolate! Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies, Cookie dough or just a bag of chocolate chips. I have a major sweet tooth, but I don’t eat candy just chocolate. I eat a box of raisinets when I scrapbook so (as you know) I’ve been eating quite a few lately! Mmm chocolate, I’m going to go get some now!

  62. Jane,don’t worry about the nursery being incomplete. You have been down this road before. You only need your bed,and your breasts! I always took the baby to bed with me while nursing,it’s so much easier! Once you can nurse while lying down, life is easier.

    Just remember Baby Mac will love you with or without the nursery. Plus you wil be in Hawaii in June. Let Surfer Ty get that nursery going!

    Good luck with getting Baby Mac turned. Maybe go dancing (haha ) I heard the Salsa was good for turnin’ babies around.

  63. So little Mac is already dancing on moms cervix.
    I bet he is going to be an mobile little boy. I can’t believe the time is so close to Mac making an appearance.

    I love the Peeps, any color will do. I have to be careful becaue my teeth tend to be sensitive to too much sugar.

    My list of favorite snack foods-
    Dark Chocolate plain M&M’s
    Hershey Special Dark bars
    little powdered doughnuts in the bag.
    Nabisco Fig Newtons
    Pringles chips
    Keebler Danish Wedding cookies
    Keebler frosted animal cookies
    Keebler Chips Deluxe Chocolate Lover’s chocolate chip cookies
    Sunshine Cheez-it crackers (best for nausea)
    Oh and Pepperidge Farm Extreme cheddar goldfish crackers.
    These are some of my favs to keep on hand.

  64. Hi, Jane,

    These are my favorite things:

    1. My two-year old grandson Cameron’s laugh
    2. Watching the irds at my three feeders
    3. Puppy kisses (I have two)
    4. Watching sunrise over the ocean at Ocean City, Maryland
    5. The UPS truck delivering a box of books from
    6. Reading in bed
    7. Making my four cats purr
    8. Making dh purr, too.
    9. A fire in the rireplace
    10. Eating peanut butter by the spoonfuls

    Good luck turning Mac around!!

    Hugs, Debora

  65. I’m indulging my secret snickerdoodle fetish lately. I’m also partial to Turkey Hill chocolate peanut butter ice cream and asiago cheese. I love Peeps, especially when they’re a little bit stale and adore Cadbury Cream Eggs this time of year. Also, I am an icing whore – best part of the cake.

    I love lying down with my happy kitties, bright sunny mornings, late nights spent laughing or writing, and waking up in a new country.

    When I was in grade school, my best friend’s Mom hid a package of cookies from her son so well, she couldn’t find them! Ha! So, beware!

    My sister was breech – came out fanny first 40 years ago this June before c-sections were common. Just a little Krum trivia there. Glad to see you giving yourself a break and the opportunity to enjoy the little, incredibly tasty things in life.

  66. Hi Jane,

    Oh gosh, little Mac is breech. My mom said that I was a breech baby too. My mom said the doctor turned me around somehow and then I came out the right way. My hunch is to try the grain of rice trick mentioned above taped to the outside of your little toe. Many good wishes that all your exercises will help turn little Mac around.

    My favorite snacks are,
    trail mixes
    chex mix
    dried fruits
    ruffle potato chips
    taco flavored doritos
    original flavor sun chips
    sunflower seeds
    and da-da-dah!!!
    PEANUT M&M’s!!!! Love them!

    My favorite things to do with my hubby (who is my best friend),

    -go to the movies
    -walk hand-in-hand along the beach
    -grocery shopping (he makes a game of it!)
    -go to trade shows with
    -watching tv and sitting on the couch together
    -walking on the trails close to home
    -going to the outdoor movie theater in the summer time
    -eating ‘Al Fresco’ at Lucrezia in our town
    -going to parades
    -going to the county fairs
    -taking driving trips with my hubby (he is a lot of fun!)
    and basically spending QT time with my hubby! (Quality Time)

  67. My third was a brow presentation -which I’d never heard of before and apparently means the child’s forehead is pressed against the birth canal (rather than crown of head or legs/butt) meaning that with each contraction their little head is bent further and further back. My chiropractor husband just about fainted when he learned about this extreme stress on his little one’s spinal chord. In the end, everything turned out OK, and I give daily thanks that C-section was an available (and safe) option. All this to say: good luck to you and the little one, and enjoy eating whatever the heck your little heart desires!

  68. forgot to add:
    I have no strength of will when it comes to custard tarts. Something about that luscious vanilla aroma and the oozy texture just calls to me…

  69. mmmmmm my favorite snack is warm bread with melted butter and a glass of merlot!!! It is pure heaven. I had a breech baby- but he flipped during labor.. Even the doctor was shocked!! Hang in there, it will happen for you too!!

  70. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.. Just kidding!

    My most favorite thing is my son, Zachariah, who was also upside down! (Still stubborn to this day)

    Funny thing is…when I went in for my scheduled C-section, the nurse thought maybe he had turned himself right-side-up. Well, the doc came in, sort of laughed in a condescending way, and determined, nope he was still breech. To this day, I have a gut feeling my little one was right-side-up, but since doc already had it planned, that’s the way it was going to be.

    No matter, he turned out to be the most fantastic, favorite thing ever!

    Hang in there!

  71. Jane, have your beloved whisper to your belly to get Mac to move to a more comfortable position.
    Wacky? You bet, but still worth a try!
    Favorite carb snack
    Peanut Butter banana sandwich!

  72. Sounds like Mac is going to come out just as active as surfer Ty-very cool. :o) Don’t discount the “wives tale” posting above. I used a wives tale to get glass out of my foot, and wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.
    My girls and I are sending prayers that Mac’ll turn. I had c-sections, and I’m sorry they’re nasty. I never got my bod back (oh heck who are we kiddin, I never had one to begin with!! LOL )
    My favorite things are when my girls come up and hug me and tell me they love me for no reason(they are teenagers – this is a rare occurance), a Jane Porter novel and sand between my toes.(I live in Utah, so the last one is something I get to enjoy like once every 10 years)
    I love ice cream, sugar babies, popcorn and chocolate. (try popcorn covered in melted white chocolate –
    Take care of you and your sickie boys sweet Jane. We are all pullin for ya.

    peace out

  73. My first was breech. She sat over the opening and didn’t budge for the entire pregnancy.

    My fave snack is ginger snap cookies and hot chocolate.

    Relax and enjoy those fab treats.

  74. Hey Jane, you and your boys will be in my prayers.

    Favorite snacks, hmmm: vanilla soft serve ice cream, macadamia nut cookies! 🙂

  75. Seems like Baby Mac is doing a little surfing already.
    Faves: Chocolate covered strawberries, Swiss Rolls, and anything with chocolate and peanut butter together.

  76. Was scheduled for a c-section with my first son and he turned the night before and boy could I feel it. Sending good vibes your way. My favorite snack is the peaches and apples right off my trees. Or double stuff Oreos, its hard to stop at just a couple.

  77. Here are some favorite things: that first cup of coffee in the morning (love Dunkin Donuts), greek omelettes, dark chocolate w/carmel, pasta, books, and when my 12year old daughter gives me a hug(RARE). Will pray for you and baby Mac. Happy writing.

  78. I’m a chocolate person and I so envy your ability to limit yourself on your “snacks”. Here’s hoping you don’t have to have a C-section.

    Oh, and I’m watching the Oscars with you. 🙂

  79. Hi Jane — I hope Mac moves for you. I had 2 C-sections and recovery is no fun.

    As the song goes… here are a few of my favorite things…
    – rain on a spring day
    – the ocean at dawn
    – a kiss from my son
    – a smile from my daughter
    – a full moon over the ocean
    – fresh snow on trees
    – memories of my mom
    – swedish fish
    & fresh cookies

    Have a great week.

  80. Hi everyone,

    Happy Monday! Instead of blurting out the winners numbers and names and discovering that once again I counted wrong, I’m going to give the #’s I drew and then ask for your help matching the names!

    I drew numbers: 1, 27, and 85.

    I *think* the names that go with them are Tiffany James, Joni and Theresa. Can anyone verify that yes, those are the names, or let me know that I’m still not counting right? (But once we establish the name with the number, winner, please email me with your mail address and the prizes go out either today or tomorrow so you can enjoy them soon.)

    AND one more prize!!
    I also am giving away one last Mystery Box that was never collected over a week ago, and the Mystery Box is a sad little box because twice now no one has claimed it. But three times is the charm. And the Mystery Box goes to:

    #9. Comment #9, Latesha, that’s you. Please send me your mail address and the goodies in the Mystery Box are yours!


  81. My youngest, who is now 21 and expecting, was supposed to be breech. I went into labor and she still hadnt turned, but since my water hadnt broke..I kept walking her into place. It worked, so dont give up hope.

    My cravings while prego went to hot sauce while pregnant with my son. That was the oddest pregnancy. Hot sauce on almost everything.

    If yours is sweets, I’ll trade ya that for the hot sauce.

    Good luck with the turning of the baby. As long as he is healthy…all the rest will be fine.
    take care, Shell

  82. Jane! I am sorry to hear that he is breech, it happens alot and they turn and move alot. Are all other things still looking good, normal and healthy as they did before for baby Mac?

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