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I love the Oscars.  I watch them every year, putting the date of the show on my calendar just the way I would one of my kids sporting events or my speaking engagements.  Last night I watched alone but it was really fun.   I sat with my computer and worked on my book in between acceptance speeches, munching on my next to last box of Peeps as my special Oscar night treat.

I started watching at 4 pm to catch all the red carpet excitement and didn’t turn the TV off until the last award had been given.  I thought Hugh Jackman did a great job hosting and I loved the song and dance numbers.  Maybe not everyone is into musicals like I am, but I dug the music numbers and thought there was a wonderful old fashioned quality to the show. 

I thought it was an interesting touch to have former award winners present in the best actor, actress, and supporting actor and actress categories.  And it was very emotional when Heath Ledgar won for his Joker performance and his family accepted the award on his behalf. 

Did your favorite film win?  Who did you want to win?  And who did you think looked amazing on the red carpet?  Share with me your post Oscar thoughts in the comment section below and you’ll have a chance to win a red glazed mug filled with JP reader goodies, a Starbucks drink card and a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card.   The contest runs through Tuesday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning.  By the way, I’ve still only heard from two of my four winners today so everyone, check the bottom of the comments from my last blog and see if your name is there! 


  1. I agree, Hugh Jackman did a tremendous job! I also love musicals, so I totally dug last nights show! 🙂
    Having former winners up there and addressing each nominee was so special. I don’t think I would have been able to keep my tears in check if I was one of those nominees and an academy award WINNER was speaking directly to me and listing all my talents and triumphs off. WOW! I loved it!
    Some of my favorite gowns were… Kate Winslet, Miley Cyrus (yes, I liked it!), and the girl from Slumdog Millionaire (I’m sorry, can’t remember her name).

    Great show this year! Loved it! 🙂

  2. I am hoping we can get a picture of Jane… pre-Mac/post Oscars :)!

    I missed the Oscars, but enjoyed all of the “talk” throughout the day from various news, friends, and fellow “twitter”ers”. Instead I worked on a project I need to have in by Wednesday a.m. and fear I should have watched the Oscars to have an excuse as I am falling behind!

    Hope you two are feeling well!

  3. I’m thrilled that Slumdog Millionaire got so many awards. I thought that was the best movie I can remember seeing. I’m glad I didn’t know about the really sad parts before going because I wouldn’t have seen it. But it was so eye openning and a story told in such a creative way. And I loved the starring guy- can’t remember his name… but I wish he and the 2 kids that played him as a younger boy wouldn’ve all got awards. All the kids were amazing. I also loved Milk and Sean Pean. As for the dresses… I don’t know why everyone loves black and white and grey so much. I like color! I’m glad Michelle Obama is making her own fasion statement wearing lots of color! Haven’t we had enough years of everything (fashion) being black?!

  4. I loved Kate Winslet’s acceptance speech and her story of “practicing with a shampoo bottle in the bathroom mirror” – didn’t we all do something like that when we were kids? She is so real and so talented. And Anne Hathaway blew me away in that gorgeous white strapless gown just standing there looking perfect. Then she sang with Hugh Jackman and blew me totally away. This was the best telecast in years with the group award presenters a terrific idea. I hope they do that again.

  5. I missed the Oscars. My daughter has been very ill so she was my priority. I did have predictions for the top 5 and I was right in all of them! I admit that the only one I have seen is Dark Knight.

    Looks like I will be adding a whole bunch of movies to my Netflix! 🙂

  6. My most memorable moments…the emotional expressions on the faces and in the eyes of the nominees as former Oscar winners shared their thoughts and admiration for the individual nominees…everyone went home with something so very special…the statue seemed almost secondary.

  7. I liked the fact that they didn’t leak who was going to present. I loved loved loved Penelope Cruz’s speech and the fact that she told them no way to the 45 seconds.
    I guess I need to see Slumdog Millionaire.

  8. Didn’t get a chance to see the whole thing, but did enjoy the old-fashion tone to it! Our 12 year old daughter did enjoy seeing Rob Pattison (Edward from Twilight). The person and dress that I enjoyed was Jennifer Anniston. What gives with the camera panning to Angelina and Brad when Jen was on stage? Hope you are feeling well and Mac is off surfboard.

  9. I haven’t watched them yet – the ceremony is recorded on my DVR – but I was very happy to learn that Ledger received the award he so greatly deserved.

  10. I have to say I didn’t get to watch them, but tuned into red carpet photos first thing Monday morning! I thought Kate Winslet looked absolutely gorgeous. I just saw The Reader on Friday night, and I must say, her Oscar was well deserved. I thought Anne Hathaway looked like a vision and Angelina Jolie looked so classy.

  11. Hi, Jane,
    Do you by any chance watch ‘Worst Week?’ Dh dvr’d it for me the other night and after being told I’m being let go from my fourteen year part-time job, I needed to laugh…and laugh I did! The female lead character went into labor and it was sooo funny…I thought of you…(!) By the way, my daughter had a breech pregnancy and she did all sorts of exercises, including standing on her head while lying on an ironing board inclined on the sofa…she endured two sessions where the doctor tried to turn Brianna…to no avail…she had to have the C-section. Good luck with turning Mac around and may all your exercises do the trick!
    Oh, I loved Natalie Portman’s gown the most…followed by the black and white gowns of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

    Hugs, Debora H

  12. I’m glad Slumdog won it’s awards, although I had mixed feelings about the movie. So much poverty.
    Angelina Jolie was incredible in The Changeling, and Heath Ledger also.
    I thought Jennifer Aniston looked beautiful, and Penolope Cruz!! OMG, she is hard to understand at times, but she played such a great crazy role in Vickey Christina Barcelona!!
    Missing at the Oscars?? Flirting with Forty!!

  13. Alicia Keys looked gorgeous in her gown. Anne Hathway was another extraordinatry beauty on the Red Carpet.

    I love underdogs. Slumdog Millionaire blew everything out of the water. Considering Bollywood’s significant participation in the film industry, it was time for a similar type movie and actors to get global respect.

    And…I love crazy Mickey Rourke. Welcome back.

  14. I am glad Kate Winslet won. She looked beautiful. I also thought Jennifer Aniston,Anne Hathaway and Penelope Cruz looked great.

  15. The Oscar’s was interesting with the unique entertainment and presentation. I thought that Natalie Portman looked fabulous.

  16. As someone who used to dance, the Hollywood musical is dear to me. Big fan of the Arthur Freed unit of old MGM (they did all the Gene Kelly movies). But I must say, I don’t watch the Oscars. The glamour is gone for me. But I would have liked to have seen Hugh Jackman because he is sort of a throwback to the old days where people did many things like singing, acting, dancing. I heard from reviews that he did a great job with his opening number. I always enjoy the photos on the day after and I thought many of the women looked beautiful. So pleased that Meryl Streep dressed up – she looked great. Thought Angelina’s dress was just okay, and Penelope Cruz’s dress was lovely. But Natalie Portman was my favorite. Really elegant and glam.

  17. I’m reading your post this morning thinking “now, why can’t I be that succinct when writing about the Oscars?” I babbled away about the Oscars on my blog already, but I too make it a date every year to see the awards because I am movie mad. I thought the women really looked gorgeous across the board this year and was generally pleased with the big winners. Go Kate! And Heath Ledger’s family was really very classy. Really, really liked the way they presented the acting awards. Sort of a passing of the torch moment there and I’m a sucker for that stuff. And then there was my fantasy lover hosting and kicking up his heels all night. I’m not sure whether I want to kill Anne Hathaway or become her. I am a weak woman where Hugh is concerned, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I really enjoyed the whole night, for the most part, and think the changes were great.

    Hope you are feeling well. I continue to keep you and your friends in mind and in prayer. Have a great week!

  18. I loved Kate Winslets dress. Also Natalie Portman gown so simple and lovely.
    I also loved the musicals. I have lots of old musicals on DVD Pplus all the new ones.
    I think Hugh should be given an award for best host. He has the looks, the voice and he can dance.
    I didn’t see any of the nominated movies. When I go to the theatre I go for it to make me feel good. I would rather watch those that make you cry at home on DVD
    . Overall it is the best Academy Awards show I have seen in years.
    Two thumbs up!

  19. I thought it was amazing. I watched all of it and my favorite part (and the part that ALMOST made me cry) was when Heath Ledger won. I thought he really deserved it.

    Can I just say the Hugh Jackman did the BEST JOB EVER? Because, you know he did!

  20. I only saw bits and pieces but I thought Hugh Jackman did a great job. I can’t remember the actress’ name but she was wearing a beautiful pink dress and it was definitely my favorite.

  21. I thought the show was great and Hugh Jackman did a superb job! Like you, I watched from 4pm until the last award was given. Even my kid got into the show this, especially my 10 year old daughter. She loved the dresses and her presence kept my remarks constructive and polite! :o)
    I thought Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Anniston and Kate Winslet looked stunning. Dresses worn by Marissa Tomei, Tilda Swinton and Heidi Klum were unflattering. I loved how 5 previous winners gave awards for the “best” categories; a really nice touch. My favorite Oscar tribute is always the one with stars and industry professionals that passed on in the year prior. Paul Newman, Roy Scheider, Sydney Pollack…wow!
    I am somewhat proud, in a goofy way, that my favorite movie this year was the one totally snubbed by the Academy: Gran Torino. Clint Eastwood is a genius in directing and acting. The man is legendary and everything he does is first class.
    It was a fun event and after the kids went to bed (a wee bit too late), I even watched the post-awards show. Fun, fun, fun!
    Now Jane, you’ve got me hungry for some peeps. I need to go to Target today!!

  22. There were so many gorgeous gowns this year! Some of my favorites were Penelope Cruz, Taraji P. Henson, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman. I love the glamour of the Oscars. I think Hugh Jackman did a great job hosting. The musical numbers were very entertaining. I enjoyed Tina Fey and Steve Martin presenting. I thought they were very funny. I was also happy to see Sean Penn, Heath Ledger, and Penelope Cruz awarded for their great work this year.

  23. I didn’t get to watch them since we had company but I watched E! yesterday. I love the dresses, seeing all the celebs and how happy the winners are. But I am still scratching my head and wondering why Miley Cyrus was at the Oscars…

    Friday night we are having a “Death by Chocolate Sleepover-pa-looza” for my daughter’s 14th b-day. I am wondering how peeps would taste dipped in the chocolate fountain. I love Peeps! They were my son’s first taste of candy.

    Take care!

  24. I enjoyed the Oscars. The show was much more entertaining this year. Hugh Jackman did a great job. Is there anything that man can’t do? 😉

  25. Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job! Loved the dance numbers. Ben Stiller – you weren’t funny. Queen Latifah – marvelous!

  26. I had tears running down my face as I listened to Heath Ledger’s family accept the award.
    I can’t say whether or not I agree with the winning choices, since I have not seen any of those movies. 🙁 I am working on that!
    I think Jennifer Aniston looked beautiful, as she always does!

  27. The red carpet, Hugh Jackman, Tina Fey & Steve Martin…loved, loved, loved it all!

    I really enjoyed the musical numbers, and thought it was a very nice touch having former winners present the actor/actress nominations…what an honor for the nominees!

    Can’t wait until next year!

  28. I am not sure if I deserve to win again since I just did, BUT….

    My favorite dresses were Natalie Portman’s pink dress and I really liked Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress, as well as Jennifer Aniston’s. I wanted Mickey Rourke to win–I love a comeback story, but I am sure Sean Penn deserved to win. Happy that Kate Winslet won. That’s all!

  29. I watched bits and pieces of the Oscars. I think that Hugh did a great job. One of my favorite moments was when Health Ledger won for best Supporting Actor. I loved the speech they gave in his honor. It brought a few tears to my eyes. I love watching all the interviews before the show too and seeing the stars. It makes them seem more real. Love looking at the dresses and all the hair syles and makeup!!! Good fun all around!

  30. Hi Jane, I love watching the Oscars as well. I thought Penelope Cruz looked amazing and also saw the movie she won for and thought it was great. I did not think it was cool when Jennifer Aniston was presenting and they decided to pan to Jolie/Pitt, I am a team Aniston supporter! My hubby and I plan to go and see Slumdog Millionaire this weekend if it is still playing which I am sure it will be with all the wins it took. Have a great rest of the week! ~Michelle

  31. I didn’t get to see much of the show. 🙁 Taking care of tired babies. However, I got to see the last three awards, and got tears in my eyes (you’d think I was pregnant and hormonal) as the phenomenal Shirley Maclaine lauded the young Anne Hathaway. And wasn’t it cool to hear DeNiro applaud Sean Penn? And the friendship between Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt? I loved that they did it this way. Oh, it’s so fun to see the glamour.

  32. Hi Jane,

    I just love The Oscars,I think that Hugh Jackman did such a great job and he is just so handsome. I really wish The Changling would have won more awards. I really loved Meryl Streep’s dress she just looked so elegant.


  33. I, too, watched the show alone in my big,cozy bed listening to the rain outside and loved every minute of it! I thought Hugh Jackman did a great job. I especially enjoyed the ‘Mama Mia’ songs. Gosh, I loved that movie! I thought all the women looked great, but I really didn’t ‘get’ Tilda Swinton’s outfit. Definitely my least favorite but I’m not a huge fan of the androgynous look I guess. I am in love with the emerald earrings that Angelina Jolie wore. Very striking with the black dress. The most touching moment of the night was undoubtedly when Heath Ledger’s family accepted his award in behalf of his beloved Matilda. Very bittersweet.

    Looking forward to watching the ceremony again next year!


  34. Hi Jane! Unfortunately I missed the Oscars. I wish I could have seen Heath Ledger’s family accept the award on his behalf.

  35. Hi Jane! I am actually in Hawaii on vacation, so I missed the Oscars. I did see some pictures though. I have to say I think Nicole Kidman and Jen Aniston looked the best!
    Have a good week!

  36. Penelope Cruz looked fab. But my favorite of the evening was to see Meryl Streep with her daughter as her date. I thought Mickey Rourke looked grosssss!!
    I wish Goldie Hawn would have bought a dress that fit her – her chest was 80 percent exposed (it was not flattering ):-(
    Can’t wait to see Slum Dog Millionaire!!!

  37. I’ll admit that there were just two reasons I watched the Oscars this year: Hugh Jackman and Rob Pattinson! I do love the Red Carpet event, and kept switching back and forth between Ryan Seacrest’s coverage and the TV Guide’s coverage to make sure I didn’t miss any celebrity interviews. I was thrilled to see Kate Winslet win an Oscar, although I did not see either of her films. She remains one of my favorite actresses.

  38. I can’t believe it, but I forgot the Oscars were on & missed it. I was sure Heath Ledger would win for his portrayal of The Joker & wish I could have seen his family accepting for him. So well-deserved.

  39. I loved the Oscars. I really enjoyed Hugh Jackman (only darn, he didn’t honor his promise to do the show naked!) Loved, loved the dresses. So glad Kate Winslet won.

  40. Hi Jane! I loved the Oscars. I watched it with a bunch of people on Facebook commenting away, and my sister, via email, discussing the dresses. First time I’ve ever done it THAT way! Hahaha! It was great fun.

    I thought Hugh Jackman, Will Smith and Steve Martin all did a fab job. I thought the presentation to Jerry Lewis was wonderful as was Queen Latifah’s tribute to those passed on.

    Dresses…ah…Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, and The gal who gave Kate her Oscar – Clothard? – she looked brilliant. I have to confess I didn’t like Miley’s dress, or Heidi Klum’s, or Sophia Lorens. :> I haven’t seen Slumdog or pretty much any of the others either…It’s tough to get a babysitter. Ha!

  41. Hi Jane,

    The Oscars were just fab this year! Oncore, oncore! I loved Hugh Jackman! What a fantastic host! I hope they have him next year too! What a hottie!

    I didn’t see the movies that won awards. I heard how terrific THE DARK KNIGHT and SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE are. They are on my “Must See” list!

    Oh my gosh! The gowns were spectacular this year! Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet won top awards in my book for most beautiful!

    I am so glad that the Oscars went with an old world glamour look. It was the best Oscar show in years!

  42. I like the red carpet walkthru. I saw Meryl Streep with her daughter and even in a big gray dress, she is so beautiful!

  43. Loved the show…thought it was the best in years. I really need to go see some of these movies! I was just typing on another site about the stars being role models for young people. I don’t believe they see themselves as such. Perhaps they should, but would it change the way they choose to live?

  44. I was so glad Heath Ledger won best supporting actor. I mainly watched to see if he would win or not. Hugh Jackman was great!

  45. Kind of was in and out of watching it…had to get the family ready for the week ahead. Umm… my favorite part was taking a peek a Robert Pattinson. I still haven’t seen the movie so I’m still quite curious about this young man who portrays Edward from the book… Ahhh.. he looks pretty darn good! Can I say that about a man who is probably half my age?? 🙂

  46. Hi Jane! I wasn’t able to watch the Oscars but I’ve been seeing some snippets on the news. Jennifer Aniston looked beautiful and of course, Hugh Jackman was awesome!

  47. I watched alone, too, knowing many of my friends were also watching. I played “I choose it;” my favorite gown being a long slinky dark red satin. The glamor of the crystal curtain, the high quality art expressed in many ways like great music and speeches done with great timing made me dance with emotion at home.

  48. I was sick in bed and missed the whole thing! I had to go online Monday just to check out who won. Heath Ledger winning was great. Slumdog Millionaire winning 8 Oscars was great. I listened to the winner for Sound on the film and his speech was beautiful. A country of silence, full of people silenced, and the movie wins for SOUND! Excellent.

    Loved Kate Winslet and Marisa Tomei. There seemed to be a flash back to the 50’s glamour of Hollywood. Classy, elegant and gorgeous. Not trashy, slutty and obnoxious.

    I’m sorry I missed Hugh Jackman though. That man can sing! And he’s cute too.

  49. I also watched by myself but enjoyed every moment. It has become a tradition for me so I never miss it. I found this years winners to be the most predictable ever in my Oscar lifetime. The red carpet is as enjoyable to me as the ceremony. I miss Joan Rivers!!

  50. I loved the anticipation and all the Hollywood Glamour that went into the production and the set design. There were so many beautiful gowns, but I thought Anne Hathaway really shined. I loved that Hugh Jackman showed his funny side. My favorite part was when the previous winners introduced this years nominees and gave their tributes. So much talent in one room, it was truly an unforgettable night.

  51. I couldnt watch the Oscar show here, but I just loove the fact that Kate Winslet has won one, and that my fav actress Anne Hathaway was nominated!And soo cool for the kids of Slumdog Millionaire that they won, totally right, yeah! : )


  52. I know I didn’t make the midnight cutoff (how am I missing these posts???) but still had to comment…

    I loved the Oscars – thought they did a great job and I was so excited to see Kate Winslet win. I just love her! I would have loved to see Brad Pitt win (was he even nominated? I can’t remember) because he’s so pretty…

  53. Hi Jane,
    I didn’t have the chance to watch the Oscars this year, but I was thrilled to hear that Kate Winslet won. 🙂

  54. I LOVE the Oscars too and this year was the best show in years. Hugh Jackman added so much class and EYE CANDY to it and I thought he was fantastic!

    I had four girlfriends over and we all chose who we thought would win before the show started on a sheet of paper with all the categories and nominees on it and I tied with my friend Janice for the win. Of course we had lots of snacks too.

    I was really happy that Heath Ledger won and his family’s acceptance speech was very touching. However, I was also sad that Robert Downey Jr. didn’t win because I think he’s brilliant and have been a huge fan of his for many years. I was thrilled that Kate Winslet took Best Actress honors because she’s my favourite actress and I thought that Sean Penn deserved the statue for MILK (he was AMAZING in it!), but so did Mickey Rourke (who I have also been a fan of for many years and am so happy that he’s back! I saw him on Barbara Walters’ special before the show and almost cried listening to him talk about his dogs) and I thought it was extremely classy of Sean to mention him in his acceptance speech. The acting awards are always my favourites!

    Now, I was really unimpressed with the choices for Best Song and the winner. I am appalled that Bruce Springsteen didn’t get nominated and win for The Wrestler because he won the Golden Globe for it and it was well deserved…a far superior song to any of those nominated. I don’t know why they only had 3 songs in the category either when they could have easily had 5…same goes for Best Animated Feature. Every category should have the same amount of nominees. That’s my major complaint about the show…that and the fact that the winners should get more than 45 seconds to give their speeches because it’s one of the most important nights, if not the most important of their career and they deserve more time!

    Sadly, I haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire yet but I will as soon as possible! I’m going to the Kingston Canadian Film Festival this weekend with my friend Gaye so I’ll be seeing many films that will probably never make it to the Oscars next year! LOL Still…it’ll be fun!

    Have a great week Jane!


  55. Hi everyone, hope all are doing well. I have a winner!

    I’ve drawn lucky #43, and that’s Karen from Boston. So Karen from Boston, please send me your mail address and I can get this great red glazed mug filled with Starbucks card and a Barnes & Noble gift card and lots more wonderful things in the mail!

    I’m also picking a bonus winner who gets lots of JP fun reader goodies and a B&N gift card just because I felt like it. And our bonus winner is…#1 Amber! Amber, thanks for being the first to post. You rock! Please send me your address and I’ll put your prize in the mail, too!


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