Need Some Tips

I’m still sick despite forty-eight hours of antibiotics and doctor approved doses of Robitussin DM and Mucinex. My energy’s definitely better but I’m still so congested at the back of my throat that I feel like I’m choking. It’s thick and gross and at night I half panic when its time to sleep because lying down makes it even worse.

I’m hoping that my readers and friends might have some suggestions. The over the counter medicine I’m allowed currently isn’t working. Despite regular doses of both, I still can’t swallow easily or breathe.

If you’ve got any suggestions on how to get rid of the thick stuff blocking my airways—proven medical tips or old wives tales–I’ll take them. I’m desperate! Doctors want me to eat, eat, eat and rest, rest, rest but how can I when I can’t even breathe?

So share with me your best tip in the comment section below, and you have my gratitude, along with a chance to win a Starbucks drink card, a $10 Barnes & Noble card, JP goodes, and one of my books signed to you. You get to choose the book and how you want it signed–to you, your mom for Mother’s Day, or for a best friend’s birthday.

Because I’m really wanting to feel better, this is a one day contest. I’ll take all suggestions today, Wednesday, until midnight PST and then announce the winner tomorrow morning. So save me from my cold and you might just win!

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