Need Some Tips

I’m still sick despite forty-eight hours of antibiotics and doctor approved doses of Robitussin DM and Mucinex. My energy’s definitely better but I’m still so congested at the back of my throat that I feel like I’m choking. It’s thick and gross and at night I half panic when its time to sleep because lying down makes it even worse.

I’m hoping that my readers and friends might have some suggestions. The over the counter medicine I’m allowed currently isn’t working. Despite regular doses of both, I still can’t swallow easily or breathe.

If you’ve got any suggestions on how to get rid of the thick stuff blocking my airways—proven medical tips or old wives tales–I’ll take them. I’m desperate! Doctors want me to eat, eat, eat and rest, rest, rest but how can I when I can’t even breathe?

So share with me your best tip in the comment section below, and you have my gratitude, along with a chance to win a Starbucks drink card, a $10 Barnes & Noble card, JP goodes, and one of my books signed to you. You get to choose the book and how you want it signed–to you, your mom for Mother’s Day, or for a best friend’s birthday.

Because I’m really wanting to feel better, this is a one day contest. I’ll take all suggestions today, Wednesday, until midnight PST and then announce the winner tomorrow morning. So save me from my cold and you might just win!


  1. It’s awful being sick, especially when pregnant and your choices of relief are limited.

    I have a couple of things to try, once you run them by your doctor.

    Eucalyptus essential oil: you can try a couple of drops on a teaspoon of sugar and swallow it. Also, a few drops over a steaming bowl of water with a towel draped over your head.

    My doctor is open to homeopathy and introduced it to me… I don’t know if this applies when pregnant though. For a cold, take the following 4-6 times a day: goldenseal and echinacea (tastes disgusting), 12 drops in orange juice; 1 olive leaf capsules, 1 vitamin A capsule and 2 vitamin C tablets. Do not use this more than five days in a row and is especially effective at the beginning of a cold.

    My father used to swear by 15-20 drops Tabasco sauce in a beer for clearing his throat and airways.

    Hope you feel better soon, breathe more easily.

  2. Jane, I would buy a Neti pot (it irrigates your sinuses) – they sell them everywhere, esp. at health food stores. You use warm water and a little salt, and you can flush all that nasty stuff OUT of your sinues… It’s a little gross, but you definitely won’t be choking at night! Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Jane…

    I’m Kari’s cousin!! 🙂 I work for an ear, nose, and throat office and so I know that what works better than anything else is saline spray….use it ALOT…like we are talking every hour…its over the counter (called Ocean, Ayr, or you can even buy it generic)…the salt breaks up the mucus so it can drain out of your sinuses….ALSO…when i was pregnant with my little ones I know it was OK to take Tylenol Cold and Sinus but it dries you out ALOT so you need to drink lots of fluids with it…if you have any other questions you can definitely email me…I know how awful it is to be miserably sick on top of being miserably sick and pregnant…my heart goes out to you!!! I’ll send get well vibes to you all day long today girlie!! 🙂 ((HUGS))

  4. My husband has this problem every day of his life, rinses nasal passages at least once a day. My daughter just started having problems, too. She is 14 and will have to have shots for the next two years but they also say one of the most important parts will be the nasal rinsing. She doesn’t like it but it does work. AND she uses a humidifier when it gets really bad, props her pillows up, etc.

    And they use mucinex (sp?)

    I just bought the new Afrin AFRIN® PureSea™ Hydrating Nasal Rinse, the only nasal rinse product entirely made of 100 percent purified sea water. Available in the cold/allergy aisle at retailers nationwide, AFRIN PureSea is clinically proven to cleanse nasal and sinus passages of mucus, pollutants, and irritants so users can breathe freely.

    That’s its claim and I am hoping that using this will be easier on my daughter..I like that it will be natural.

    I know how gross it is….I have allergies, too……not as bad as my family but sometimes that happens and it is gross.

  5. I agree with Tanya! Saline sprays work great! I use them on my kids as well. When my daughter gets a cold, she always sounds like she’s choking when she’s sleeping. Within a couple of days, she’s is breathing great and no more snoring and choking for her at night!!

  6. Hi Jane.
    Take a really hot and steamy shower.
    Also if you can eat anything get some Campbells chicken and rice soup. It will help.

  7. I have chronic sinus conditions that started while I was pregnant, so I totally feel for you.

    By the time my 2nd pregnancy rolled around I was an expert on what you can do that is “non-addictive”, and doesn’t cause post nasal drip.

    The best thing I have tried is the “neti pot” which I bought at a local drug store, but I would recommend a health food store because I am told them have a ceramic variety, which would be safer with recent BPA concerns. Also there are a lot of purse size nasal sprays that are good for a quick fix — Salinex is the best one I found, available at most drug stores. Hydrasense also has a saline solution that is good for irrigating your sinuses.

    If you can stand accupuncture, I would also recommend that too!! It’s not painful, just a little uncomfortable — I think I had only 4 tiny needles in my face, and 2 in your hands (and I am the biggest wimp).

    Good luck!

  8. Hi Jane,

    If you can take Afrin…it clears you right up and you can get through the night. It truly clears the gunk without giving you the fuzzy feeling that the sudafed etc give you. If you can’t try the saline…but that just doesn’t do it as well as the Afrin. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

  9. I don’t know of any old wive’s tale but a steaming hot cup of tea helps me with most things…But what about sitting in a steamed bathroom? That’s what they tell me to do with my kids. I hope you feel better soon and that someone here can help you!!

  10. Hey Jane, I can feel your pain! Right after I found out I was pregnant with my youngest I got incredibly sick. And of course they couldn’t do anything for me. What worked best for me was sitting in the bathroom running a Very Hot shower! And just sitting by it, since you can’t get in. I read while I was in there. Also laying Warm wet towels on my head and throat helped. Then of course eating and drinking warm liquids.

    I will be praying for you quick recovery!

  11. I’m contractually obligated to tout Mucinex as it’s one of our major clients. Okay, I’m actually not obligated, but it does work on loosening the mucus so that when you cough, your clearing more of it out of your lungs. Not sure that applies for you though; sounds like your problem is more sinus related. Which makes this post entirely unhelpful! 🙂

    Feel better soon! Being sick really stinks, I know.

  12. Hi Jane ~

    I feel so bad for you! It is miserable enough to feel the way you do…add the pregnancy to it and it’s so much worse, I’m sure.

    We swear by chicken noodle soup and hot tea around here. The more liquids, the better. 🙂

    Hope you feel well soon!!!

  13. Have you tried a humidifier? Also try warm towels against your chest or a heating pad to get the yuk moving and help you breath easier. Increase your water too…I know water means more trips to the potty but it also means flushing the yuk out. And sleep in a recliner not a bed..naps. The elevated position helps you breath easier keeping baby off your chest and feet up reducing swelling.
    Sorry you feel so awful. This lfu is the pits when you arent prego,hang in there.

  14. I would have to agree with the Neti Pot. I love my Neti Pot – and I just got it at Walgreens.

    Simply Orange – it is the only oj I drink. Ginger Ale. – Plenty of liquids.

    Vicks vapor rub, and the Vicks humidifier stuff.

    And I would say have some Zyrtec D – but I don’t know if it safe for Mac.

    Get better soon!

  15. So sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad! Hope you are lots better soon!

    I have to use a humidifier in the winter months when the heaters are busy drying out the air. I even have one in my office at work. That seems to help me alot along with some Clarinex or Claritin, but I’m not sure if it is ok to take when you are preggo or not.

    I’ve heard others swear by the nasal rinses like the ones mentioned here – I just have never worked up the nerve, or maybe not been sick enough, to try those yet.

    Girl, I wish you luck and hope that you can breathe again soon! I am thinking about ya!

  16. Hi Jane,

    You have a lot of great advice here with about everything I can think of covered. But, I remember something my grandma used to do for us when we were young. At bedtime, she would rub Vicks Vapor Rub on our chest and neck, and then she would take an old clean sock (weird I know) or a rag and soak the front of it in rubbing alcohol and put it around our neck. It helped us breath better through the night while we were sleeping!

    Whatever you choose, good luck, and I hope you feel better soon!!

    PS – Homemade chicken noodle soup always makes me smile : )

  17. I hate when I feel like that. When I feel that bad I close the door and run my humidifier at night and although you shouldn’t sleep with more than one pillow I put a couple behind my head to allow me to breathe while I sleep. We also drink tea with slippery elm in it. We add some honey too.

  18. The Neti-Pot is the best thing for all cold related issues. I use it at least three times a week just to keep my sinuses clear. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel. I use sea salt and warm water with mine. Check out these websites for more info: and I purchased mine at Vitamin World in Redmond but I’m almost certain that I’ve seen them at Whole Foods. I’ve also found that drinking lots of clear fluids helps. I make an aromatic chicken broth that really makes you feel better, opens your sinus cavities and warms your soul. Put a whole chicken (or chicken parts – whatever you have) in a soup pot, fill with water (or boxed/canned chicken broth – organic preferably), one diced jalapeno (seeds removed), 1 diced onion, 2-3 minced garlic cloves, 2-3 tablespoons fresh ginger – minced, a handful of cilantro, a teaspoon of salt, and a teaspoon of ground black pepper. Don’t worry about the size of your cut up veggies – you’ll strain them out at the end. Bring to a boil, put the lid on the pot, turn down the heat and simmer until the chicken is falling off the bone. Cool, strain, reserve the chicken for another use, discard the solids, and store in freezer bags for use when needed. It’s a lifesaver when you don’t feel good.

    Take good care and feel better soon.


  19. I think netti pots work, too, as some readers have said, but they are kinda gross. I personally like having a vaporizer close to my bed and also tea with honey. Feel better soon!

  20. Hi Jane,

    Sorry to hear your not feeling well, my 3 kiddos have the same thing. Have you tried accupuncture, I started using it with the third child for sinus infections and found it work much better then OTC meds. I still use it for allergies, colds and flu. Well I hope you feel better, soon.


  21. Commiserations, Jane. I hate having that kind of thing! My 5 month old has a similar condition right now too…

    I’ll echo a couple of other suggestions: hot/steamy shower, saline spray, sleeping with a couple of more pillows for elevation, and I also put a little Vicks vapor rub on a handkerchief and keep it near my pillow at night.

  22. I’m so sorry you are sick!

    There’s no doubt that the Neti pot is worth a try. (Much more effective than saline spray — it’s all about volume!) It has changed my life! I used to get horrible sinus infections all the time, but haven’t had one since I started using it.

    It is weird at first, but after a while you’ll come to love it. Just make sure you blow your nose really well before you try it. Good luck and feel better!

  23. Your pregnant, so check with your doc first…. I have bronchial asthma and SWEAR by Vicks Vapor liquid. Put it in a pot on the stove breathe (safely) the vapors…careful it will make you sneeze, cough, but believe me it brings relief. Also, yellow Triaminic. I don’t know why but it works. And prop open windows…fresh air works miracles.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  24. Hate to hear you are still sick. Here’s one old time remedy. Get a big pot with water. Put a palm full of salt in the water. Bring the water to a boil. Put a towel over your head and just breathe. You need to breathe the mixture as long as you can. Another is just plain old Vick’s salve on your chest and cover up. Hope you get to feeling better and are able to have a great day.

  25. Saline spray. Spicy tea (hot).

    Saltwater gargles? If it’s at the back of your throat?

    If you have a little cough, really dark chocolate (like 93% cocoa or better) will help. Eat one square when you cough. After a few hours, my cough was clear and I was full of yummy chocolate.

    Are you moving around? Walking and stuff? I know, for me, sometimes just getting up and getting out into the fresh air and moving helps clear things out.

    And make sure you’re blowing/spitting the stuff out and not sniffing/swallowing it. Get it out of your body!

    Hugs, sweetie. I hope you feel better SOON!

  26. Try a steam vaporizer with some vicks vapor oil in it. It may open you head. Being pregnate does give you a lot of options. Or hot most wash cloths on your head and masage the sinus cavaties.

  27. Hi Jane,

    I feel for you, hate a cold without being pregnant, I can’t even imagine how you feel.
    I looks like everybody is giving you great advise. I will agree with a saline solution (spray might work better right now while the neti pot doesn’t have the force to get all the way into your sinuses when you are that clogged). If you like tea, that ginger will work some wonders and a steam bath with either eucalyptus or lavender. I wouldn’t try too many things over the counter because they do dry you out and also there is not knowing what it do to your baby.
    When you are done with this cold, I would take some probiotics, I think little Ty was sick too and those are great for strenghening the immune system, specially after antibiotics. They have them at Whole foods, let me know and I can get them for you, we live very close.

  28. Saline nasal spray morning, noon and night (or according to directions). Also, this is something my grandmother did with my mom, and my mom did with me – glass (8oz) of cold water and 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Bleck! Drink it (quickly) and it miraculously soothes sore throats, clears mucous clogging crap, and viola! It’s nasty stuff, but we’ve been doing it for years and it works 99.9% of the time. Even now, if I’m getting sick, my dad asks me, “did you do the vinegar and water yet?”

    Hope you feel better soon. Not being able to breath sucks, and it’s hard enough when you’ve got a baby squishing your insides! Hugs to you…….

  29. I always heat a few drops of peppermint extract mixed with water and inhale the steam. Doubt if it is a cure but it does help with the breathing – very important!

    Get well!

  30. Jane, I hope you feel better soon. It sucks to be that sick.

    I highly recommend using a neti pot to irrigate the nasal passages. Mucinex is a good medicine for mucus problems. Also, sucking on Cold-Eeze brand lozenges to keep your throat coated with medicine usually helps me when I am sick. The only other advice I can give is to make sure to drink plenty of Orange Juice and warm tea. The juice will help your body stay strong, and the tea will help open up the clogged passages.

  31. Hope you feel better soon girl…I gargle with salt water and use the zicam gel swabs to cut my cold time in half.

  32. Buckley’s mixture is all natural, herbal based, sugar and alcohol free. It’s effective and fast and can be purchased at drug stores. It tastes horrible and it works…good luck with your choice of treatment here, they all sound good. That chicken soup is a real comfort too…oh, and some peeps!

  33. After drinking this recipe, your sinus congestion will disappear REAL fast. All these ingredients not only work on the immediate symptoms, but add plenty of vitamin C to fight a cold, and garlic to fight infection

    Tomatoe Tea

    1 cup Tomatoe Juice
    1 tsp chopped fresh garlic
    1/2 tsp of HOT sauce
    1 tsp lemon juice
    and a pinch or two of celery salt for flavor.

    Heat ingredients and drink hot.”
    Hope it helps!

  34. Hi Jane. Sorry you are feeling so horrible. 🙁 My husband and I are both in the Medical field and I can tell you the antibiotics are probably not working because you most likely have a virus. Therefore none of the cold medicines will work or even make you feel better either. Not the news you were looking for, but there really isn’t much that can help a virus, other than REST and drink A TON of water. I always feel so much better after drinking all the water…it helps flush the toxins and it will definately help all that gross thick stuff. Yuck! I hope you feel better soon, it just isn’t fair to be sick and pregnant! Take care of yourself!

  35. Jane, get someone to place a board under your mattress to elevate your upper body. This is also good for those with reflux/indegestion problems. As for the mucus and soar throat, nothing is better than sea salt or coca cola. These were recommended to me by my doctor when I was pregnant. Good luck the last leg of pregnancy is by far the worst heh? Best wishes for a speedy recovery and easy birth! Focus on Hawaii.

  36. Try anything by Olba’s. They have an inhaler stick, aroma oils, a vapor tea and they are all natural and you can use as much as you want. They work wonders. My family lives by them!

  37. Okay Jane, I’m not voo-doo mama but this home remedie should help kick your sinus congestion right back to were it came from.

    Thyme is a good antiseptic and decongestant. Pour a quart of boiling water into a bowl. Add a heaping teaspoon of dried thyme leaves. Drape a large, dry cottong towel over your head and hold your face about 12 inches above the bowl. Breathe in the thyme steam for 8 minutes. Then gently blow your nose. This is to help clear the sinus cavity where everything is collecting and then draining to the back of the throat. Put a little Vicks vapor rub on tip of your nose to help keep passage open while sleeping. Of course your not on your back in bed, with little Mac it might help to roll to your side and put a large pillow between your knees. This will also help keep the drainage from going to the back of your throat. This may sound a little groce, but never sniffle. By doing so you are keeping the junk inside. ALWAYS spit out anything you sniff up..

    Keeping you and little Mac in prayers.

  38. Hi Jane
    Bless your heart! A couple of things – I had 5 kids…and allergies. Sudafed helps with sinus congestion and is safe to take while pregnant. Also, as a baby, my son had ‘Reactive Airway Disease’ – long story short, everything caused that mucus to ‘settle’ in his lungs and he would get pneumonia. The ONLY thing that worked for his was Triaminic in the YELLOW label – it will break all that up. It will cause you to cough and hack and spit and sputter, but it gets it all out. Also, take a pan of water and put salt in it, bring it to a boil and just stand over or very near it. The salt acts like saline and loosens all that up (plus it saves you a trip to the store).
    Get well!

  39. My grandfather swore by rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub in the little hollow area at the base of your neck. I do that and use a hot mist Vicks Vaporizer which you can buy at Walmart for under $10.00. Add a teaspoon of salt to the filled vaporizer, use for a few nights, it always breaks up my chest/nasal congestion. Feel better soon!

  40. I fill the sink with hot water and lower my head just above it. Tent a towel over my head and inhale the steam for a bit. Also, I rub Vicks on my neck and wrap a nice warm towel loosely around it so I can breath in the vapors. Lots of liquids to thin and loosen the mucus. Hope you feel better soon.

  41. I agree with everyone about the Vicks (swear by that, although I make my own version, that doesn’t use petroleum jelly). Also, if you can get some eucalyptus oil and put a few drops in a steaming bowl, then drape a towl over your head and breathe in.

    I was so sick when I was pg, I know it seems like it’s never going to get better. I’ll send some positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  42. I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling so bad, Jane. I’m always a fan of Vicks Vaporub on your chest at night. I don’t know how it works, but it seems to break stuff up. A warm mist vaporizer is great as well.

  43. Jane,
    I’m so sorry to hear your down with awful stuff that’s going around. Especially while your pregnant. And you really can’t take anything. I always do tea w/ lemon and of course honey. I was told about a Neti pot about a year and a half ago, when was really sick in 2007. I think everyone has some good tips for you. Oh! Prop yourself on some pillows, don’t lay flat when you go to bed. May be hard to do, you can usually breathe better. It may take you a hour to get ready with all off these ideas. Something has got to work!!! I hope you are feeling better very very soon!!! I wish you the best!
    Please let us all know what did work for you!
    Have a Nice Evening

  44. Hi Jane: So sorry to hear you’re still down!!

    I’m with Terri (#2): Buy a neti pot (like a miniature tea pot) and flush your sinuses. Here’s a link to watch a demo (type “neti pot how-to” in the search engine of YouTube if the link doesn’t work).

    The whole idea is kinda gross and at first you’ll feel like someone is holding you under the water in the pool! It might take a few tries as well to get things going right. BUT, afterward you will feel like someone vacuumed the gunk out of you!! Great part is you can do it as much as you want/need because its just a little table salt (no need to buy the stuff in the stores, you just need the pot). You can take it into the shower too and that makes things a little less messy. Beware, that warm water will loosen up LOTS of stuff. Be prepared right over the sink.

    After I’ve been doing this a few days, the very outer part of my nostrils feel dry; a little vaseline cures that.

    My 2nd tip is to sleep with your head/shoulders slightly propped up; kinda like you’re reading or watching tv in bed at an incline (not up straight). It helps so much. You won’t wake up feeling like you’re drowning in gunk.

    Last but not least, the BreatheRight strips are awesome when you feel like someone stuffed silly putty up your nostrils. They literally separate things from the outside and it keeps your nasal passages open. Another drug-free remedy for you and Mac! I don’t recommend the store-brand of those–go name-brand for sure.

    I do hope you get some relief soon. What a drag!! I’ve been fighting a cold/sinus infection for a week and I refuse to give up!!

    Take care and PLEASE let us know what works!! Sending a warm cup of hugs…..

  45. Sorry to hear you are sick, sucks when you are pregnant! I just got over the same thing here in Hawaii, I go the old fashion way-chicken broth & hot tea. I am a big fan now of the afrin nasal mist..hope things get better soon!!

  46. get someone to buy you some origins peace of mind vapor bath and take a long hot soak. the peppermint will help clear the nose and relieve any stress and tension. hope you get better soon!

  47. Have you tried a humidifier? Breathing in some warm vapors expands the passageways and just keeping it running in the room is a comfort at night and helps you sleep. I have read about irrigating each nostril but I have never tried it – seems too gross but then so it that stuff coating your throat!

  48. Hot water, with lemon and honey, and to echo another posting, a Neti pot might help clear up your nose and lower sinuses. Other than that, just as much water as you can stomach, (no pun intended), to help thin and loosen what is going on. Love, prayers, and lots of best wishes go out to you and little Mac.

  49. Aloha Jane!

    Hope you’re feeling better! Please don’t be dissuaded from the nasal irrigation with warm saline solution by the descriptive visuals. Remember better straight into the sink then down your throat and into the lungs! Plus you won’t have to cough the stuff back out! And besides all will be forgotten when you can breathe and enjoy the soothing taste and smell of chicken soup and lemon-ginger green tea without gagging! Drink orange juice and lots of water! (Yes, even water tastes good! It’s amazing!)

    Sidenote: Zicam and Airborne are great for your run of the mill colds. They shorten the effects by days! Great as a preventative, too. Not so good for what you have now. Until you get the gunk out of your lungs and all you’re stuck with the Mucinex. (That’s why the nasal irrigation is a good thing. Reduces the need for Mucinex.)


  50. H Jane,
    having worked with a fantastic OBGYN for years, I can tell you what we had our preg patients do, stay hydrated, pineapple juice (natural expectrant) you can dilute it if you like, small frequent meals, rest, elevate head of the bead and sudefed, and tylenol. Humidifer also.
    If your coughing continues or gets stronger, you need to see your family Dr. Staying hydrated is important to keep your uterus happy! dehydration can cause contractions.. Warm tea is good with lemon and honey.
    Feel better! Sending you Get Well thoughts 🙂

  51. Jane, you poor thing! I sure hope you are feeling better soon.

    I swore by the saline spray when I was pregnant too!!! I also LOVE Dlysum if you have any kinds of cough along with it. This is the only stuff I will use.

    I’m sending hugs your way and some chicken soup!

  52. Jane I am so sorry to hear you are still feeling bad.

    I heat a wet bathcloth in the microwave for a few seconds and then breathe in the warm moisture.
    The saline nasal spray is wonderful after you break the mucus free.
    A little mentholatum below the nose and the tip of nose at least lets you feel like you can breate since you can smell the Vapor rub.It is a little comfort.
    Sucking hard peppermint candy is also a comfort.

    I had the same problem you are experiencing and I slept on lots of pillows that made a good incline so the goop would run down my throat instead of pooling in the back of the throat.

    I hope you get well soon.
    It sucks being sick.

  53. Sorry to hear you are so sick Jane. I am a big fan of Garlic. Sure, it makes you awful stinky, but always does the trick for me. You can buy capsuls and take a couple a day. As far as the congestion goes drink a lot of water and fluid and they also have these things called Shower soothers. You put them on your shower floor and as you shower the vapors clear your sinuses. Good luck and you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers!

  54. awwwww…I hope you feel better soon. Someone mentioned this already, but when I was really congested a friend gave me some eucalyptus oil. It was in a plastic water bottle and I just left it open while I slept. It really seemed to help.

  55. Rub Vicks on your feet at night and wear socks to bed…also put on the dehymidfier while you sleep. Good Luck and get better!

    Tonia Vachal

  56. I agree with the saline spray and the humidifier. Also, I would try some accupuncture to open up your pathways. What about some tea made with ginger root? And, you know what I always do…I chew a clove of garlic. I think the stench knocks the sickness right out! 🙂

    Feel better soon…

  57. Oh, and can you go sit in a steam room anywhere? I always go to my gym and do that as well when I’m stuffed up.

  58. Sorry to hear you are still sick. The best herbal remedy I know of, is taking Garlic Oil (get the ones in the gel like capsules) that still has the odor. For some reason the ones that have had the odor removed are not nearly as effective. When sick, I take two, two to three times a day. Yes it smells, but it is worth it. Along with that I take elder berry (concentrated liquid) one teaspoon three times a day. When I take my daily doses, I drink ’emergen C’ powder mixed with 4 ounces of water. This program works amazingly well for me and my family of seven. I hope you are feeling better soon. Cheryl

  59. nothing sucks more than being sick & pregnant!! I’ve always done is hot shower, vicks vapor rub, and hot chamomile tea (this helps with the swelling in the nasal passages) 1 big mug with two bags.. OJ in the morning.. repeat..

  60. Hi Jane. Sorry you don’t feel well. I’m trying to determine if you would benefit from my favorite tried and true many times way to fell better fast. It is to use CHLORPHENIRAMINE. May also be called chorpheniramine maleate. It is a commone OTC antihistamine. This is the generic name not the brand name. It dries up your runny nose. Be sure to buy something that has only chlorpheniramine- not a combination drug such as a med combined with pseudoephedrine or dextramethorphan. I started to use that for the symptoms it sounds like you have- runny nose that gets stuffy when you lay down and makes it very hard to breath and therefore to sleep and you have to keep getting up to blow your nose and the mucous never stops…It is worse at night when you lie down… I sort of tried it by accident many years ago because I wanted the cheapest medication for a cold and it was the cheapest. It worked! It dries you up! You can sleep! Another good thing about it is it isn’t a stimulant like dextromethorpan. It is actually a mild sedative. It is a class B for pregnant women which is better than the class C that guifensesin and dextromethorphan is not even a class A, B, or C. (A is safest). I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure dextromethorphan is not recommended for pregnant women unless the Dr. thinks the benefits will outweigh the risks. What you have been taking: Mucinex is guifenesin which (again, class C) thins the mucous and therefore loosens the mucous. This allows you to productively cough the mucous out (an expectorant). That is all well and good if you have problems with sinus infections and can’t get rid of mucous in your sinuses. Alot of people don’t have that problem- the symptoms of mucous “stuck” in your sinuses are pain or headache behind your eyes and cheeks. For most people a cold doesn’t get that bad… so using an expectorant- I have found- just makes you have a constant runny nose… and when you lie down it stuffs you up… The other med you took- Robitussin DM is a combination of guaifenesin and dextromethorphan. The dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant which is suppose to give some relief of a persistent cough. But it is also a drug that has been removed from the OTC meds due to abuse by kids using it to “get high”– it can cause mild simulation to hallucinations and even worse…I forget the details- it’s all online. But it is a stimulant and even when used properly – in the correct dose- I found it made me edgey, experienced insomnia, and I had difficulty concentrating.

    So 15 yrs. ago or so I found that chlorpheniramine (maleate) worked really well- dried me up and I got over the cold way faster.

    Then last year I happenned to read an article in the newspaper that Dr.’s had found this drug to be effective for common colds and were recommending it for colds as opposed to in the past it was recommended mostly for relief of allergies (“hayfever”).

    The standard line is to use decongestants and cough suppressants and I disagree… unless you have “blocked/clogged” sinuses… but even in that case- I would recommend heating a pot of water to make steam and putting a towel over your head and inhale the steam (or use a steamer) or run a hot shower and sit in the bathroom inhaling the steam to loosen the mucous. Or if you have a really bad cough that is just getting painful and driving you nuts- use a cough supressant… which doesn’t sound like your problem… and I can’t tell for sure from what you write but I think you might not need the the decongestant- you may be better off with the antihistamine (chlorpheniramine). Of course I would recommend you always check with your Dr. since you are pregnant… but you can read all about all of these meds online. just google.
    Well, good luck! Keep us posted! And make yourself drink the protein drinks!

  61. An addendum- I see that a few people recommend sudafed(brand)- the active ingedient is pseudoephedrine- a decongestant as as I said- it makes your nose run like a faucet.

  62. Vicks rubbed on the throat sometimes helps and a little in the nostrils. Gargling with salt water to clear the drip down the back of the throat. A bowl of hot water with Vicks Vaporub in it and a towel over the head and around the bowl.

  63. I should have added that a cold steam vaporizer is good in the bedroom with the door shut and as someone else suggested I sleep with more pillows so one is at a slant and the dripping isn’t as bad. I have this drip problem right now.

  64. My Mom used to have us gargle with warm salt water (don’t swallow it!) and give us hot tea with lemon & honey. And a thick coat of Vicks on your throat & chest, covered with a t-shirt or something you don’t mind getting greasy from the Vicks. She also would boil a pot of water on the stove & have us breathe in the steam. I hope some of these work for you! Get better!

  65. Hope that you are feeling better. Steaming is the best method since it relieves the congestion. Hot tea with lemon and honey.

  66. Pregnant and sick…blahhhh. I like all of the above words of wisdom and would just offer this…to help you breathe use Puffs Plus kleenex with Vicks. They are wonderful. Stay hydrated this will help move the secretions and make baby Mac happy. A cup or two of hot tea also works wonders. And my remedy of all remedys, a hot bubble bath. Relax, breathe in the steam and sip of a cup of tea. Hope you feel better SOON! xo

  67. Awwww Jane! I am sorry that you are so sick! I hope you feel better soon!

    I had bronchitis when I was pregnant with my son and I was so sick. And I was congested for the last three months. All the estrogen in your body makes it so much worse.

    Sleep on your left side in bed with your head elevated. Hydrate, vaporize, etc…

    Everyone gave great ideas! I hope that you find something that works.

    Take care sweetie!

  68. I am late, but am hoping you feel better by now. My lovely nurse suggestions are just lots and lots of water and to sleep with more pillows. I hate that gross feeling at the back of your throat and really the water drinking should help.



  69. I’m back with good news…I’m feeling a little better than yesterday. In fact, a lot better. I’ve taken up tons of your suggestions (and first time I ever heard of the Neti pot! Its rather scary looking but I can see why it’d help).

    I’ve also drawn the winner for the contest prize: #24, Heidi, you’re the name I drew! Congrats!!

    Heidi, please email me ASAP with your mail address, the book you want, and how you want it signed (to you, your mom,your sister….) and I’ll get your prize out in the mail.

    And, because you’ve all been so wonderful and helpful I’ve also drawn a bonus winner, and the bonus winner will get a Mystery Prize, one of those prizes that went unclaimed in the month of February.

    The bonus prize winner is #16, Sherri Montgomery. Sherri, I’m not totally sure what’s in the box as its all sealed up, but I’m sure there’s something in there you’d like, so please shoot me an email with your address and your Mystery Prize will be on the way!

    Thank you to everyone. Your suggestions yesterday helped so much that I actually got 15 pages written. Yay!!!



  70. I know the contest is over but just wanted to add my two cents… know all these suggestions look good, i dont know about that neti pot….you know the water goes up into your FACE, your FACE! I just could not handle that. But I guess you could try that if you are brave. Also steaming in the bathroom, vicks all over the place and eating something with hot sauce on it that will clear your sinus or wasabi if you like that type of hotness. Also get some breathe right strips, my hubby wears them for snoring but they also work during a cold, I get them for my kids all the time and they say it works great. If you try the Neti pot….please come and tell us about it, LOL

  71. I hope you feel better soon, Jane! I’ve heard that oil of oregano is great for all kinds of ailments and the neti pot suggestion is a very good one too! I got this from the web:

    Naturopathy for Cold

    Immediately after contracting cold, increase the Vitamin C intake. At the early stages of cold, take very high doses of a Vitamin C supplement, up to 2,000 mg. This may stop the infection alone, but if left too late, this is not needed and may make the bowels too loose. Take 500 mg regularly until the remaining symptoms clear up.

    Suck on zinc lozenges, with up to 20 mg zinc gluconate in them, every 3 -4 hours initially (taking tablets does not have the same effect).

    Eat lots of fresh fruit for natural Vitamin A, B and C, and add plenty of raw garlic to food.

    Cut out sugary, starchy or milky foods.

    A short cleansing diet of just fresh fruit and salads, and plenty of liquids such as warm fruit juices or herb teas, will encourage the body to throw off the cold more effectively.

    Good luck and a hot bath with epsom salt never hurts either!


  72. Jane,
    Totally off topic…but I just got your Twitter about your beautiful act of kindness, and giving, for Diabetes research!
    What an amazing person you are!
    This family is cheering for you!!
    Thank you! (our 9 year old has lived with Type 1 for 4 years).
    Sending blessings your way!

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