Hawaii Dreaming

Snowflakes drift past my windows and the sky’s a steely gray. Even though the snow isn’t sticking it certainly looks cold enough. I’m about to head to an OB appointment and my youngest is home sick–although at his dad’s–with a 103 degree fever and a cough that makes the walls shake. And right now Hawaii sounds like heaven. If only I could get on a plane and just go. I’d love to be warm right now, would love to be near the sea.

Speaking of the sun and sea, I heard from a number of my Canadian readers that Flirting with Forty finally showed on TV there last night. Not sure which channel/station was showing the movie but I hope those who waited so long to see it enjoyed it. I almost watched the taped movie again just because I’m missing Hawaii at the moment and unfortunately can’t be there until late June when my boys get out of school for the summer.

But there’s no reason we can’t dream of Hawaii, and to create some much needed aloha, I’m going to give away a ‘Little Hawaii” prize: a beautiful red sarong, a Hawaii thermos from Hawaii Starbucks, Kona coffee, macadamia nuts and a signed copy of the mass market edition of Flirting with Forty, plus lots of my JP reader goodies. If this sounds like your kind of a prize, just talk to me in the comments below and you’re entered. The contest will run until Wednesday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winner’s name Thursday morning. How’s your Monday? How’s your health? How’s life? I want to know!


  1. Hello Jane,
    Monday is Monday. Is there any day of the week that is longer? I really think that the papers on my desk multiple on the weekends because I couldn’t have left all of those papers there on Friday. Hope your Monday is good.

  2. Actually, I’ve always liked Mondays! They’re a nice new fresh start (not that I’m planning on doing anything today…) It’s so nice to be retired.

  3. hi jane!
    after getting a chance to go to hawaii last june, i dream of about it daily. you can ask my husband, he gets to hear about it:O) and reading “flirty with forty” totally took me back. {we stayed at the outriggers} even though the sky’s gray, weathers chilly and its monday- life is good.

  4. Jane, I totally know what your talking about with the cough that makes the walls shake. My kids just got over that along with the temp. a few weeks ago. It was horrible and I felt helpless…since it was a nasty virus, no meds could touch it. I hope he feels better soon and I hope you don’t get it!
    Health is a funny topic around this house. I am a stay at home mom and this is my daughters first year out of the house with other children. So, as you could imagine, every bug or cold she comes across she catches! Usually she gets over one thing and then 2 days later has a new cold. It’s crazy but hopefully her immune system will be built up soon. 🙂
    I hope all goes well at your OB appointment! It is freezing here in Portland too. Stay inside and keep warm!!

  5. Aloha!
    This last weekend I went to the ocean with my children. I love to spend my birthday walking along the shore and feeling the breeze around me. There is just something that calls to my soul. There is a connection between my body and the massive body of water before me. This is where I find complete solitude and peace. I can understand your desire to be in Hawaii and spend time by the sea. It is a magical thing.

    When ever I need to warm up I draw up a warm bubble bath, grab a book and relax. Since you have the house to yourself it might not be a bad idea!

    Hope your son feels better soon and everything goes well at your appointment. Don’t forget to swing by the store and pick up some more PEEPS for later! I bet they would taste great enjoyed in a hot bubble bath!

    Warm wishes from sunny CA!

  6. P.S. Did you know that you can sign up for the PEEPS fan club on the web site? How come I can see you as an honorary member? ;o)

  7. Hi Jane, the weather here is beautiful here today with the sun shinning and about 60 degrees, although it is going to turn cold later in the week. I am going to make good of the nice weather. It is also alergy season because I am having all kinds of head aches. But I do like the warmer weather.

    I hope you got a big stock of peeps on hand, you never know when Mac will need some. Take care of yourself and have a great week.

  8. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I dream about it… and I assure you it will seem that much closer dreaming in a red sarong!!! Lovely prize, great thoughts for the end of winter… it’s snowing here today (Montreal) and I just really wish winter was over — realistically I know we have at least one good snowstorm left, but one can always look forward.

    Hope your son gets better soon. One of my daughters always finished a cold with earth shattering coughing spasms. Kept the whole house awake!

  9. Wow, I love dreaming of Hawaii! I have never been there and have always wanted to go. I love hearing all about your visits…it makes me feel like I am there with you. Sorry you are missing it! Today I had to register my daughter for kindergarten!!! I can’t even believe it!!! time is going by too fast!

    By the way, I love Michelle’s comments about the Peeps Fan Club…I could see you as a member:)

  10. Oh you’re making me dream, Jane. My husband and I were married in Hawaii – on Maui. I haven’t been back since 2002 and I want to go soooo bad. Someday…

    Thanks for the contest! I hope your son feels better.

  11. Hawaii would be a dream come true since I love sunshine and beaches. Nothing can compare. It is sunny with beautiful, blue skies here in the mountains of the Southwest. Health is a priority in life and deserves prime importance.

  12. I’m nervous today… too many things to get done before heading to my brother’s wedding this week – and I had already taken off next week for spring break before finding out about the wedding… AHHHHH!

  13. Oh, Jane, I wanted to let you know that Flirting with Forty aired on the W Network here in Canada yesterday. I’m so disappointed because I was only able to catch the last little bit. I didn’t know until too late to PVR (Tivo) it. I’m hoping they re-air it so I can record the whole movie.

    I couldn’t believe it when I found it and my husband couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was like “see all these books? They were written by her! Well, not her, as in Heather Locklear, but her as in the person who wrote this book. This book!” I held up the book. I think he thought I was nuts. LOL 😀

    Anyway, Monday morning, woke up to snow here on the Lower Mainlan. Yay! 🙁

  14. My Monday is crazy busy. But, that is good since it means we make money to pay bills and hopefully put some dinero aside.

    My health is excellent (okay, those extra 30 lbs. don’t help) but, other than that, I am excellent.

    Life is good. I am blessed with healthy, happy, funny kids, a good, sexy husband and a thriving business. I have a warm, dry home, a washer and dryer that work properly, food in my fridge, a warm bed to sleep in, and lots of books to read!

    So, that’s how life is right now.

  15. Let’s see. I overslept, woke up feeling okay about it, refreshed and all…UNTIL I realized my 14-year-old daughter (SUPPOSED to be responsible enough to get herself up for school) had fallen back asleep and was late. So fine. I can drive her to school. Sure. As you mentioned, we have snow. So it was a treacherous ride, I slid no less than 6 times taking her to school….whoo hoo. Love these days. LMBO.

  16. Hi Jane, I hope your little guy is feeling better soon! We had a balmy weekend here in the Boston this past weekend, with temperatures hovering near 60 degrees; I even put the top down on my car! But I woke up to snowflakes this morning, too. Lots and lots of snowflakes, that have been coming down steadily all day long, so that all traces of the spring weather we had are now gone, buried under six inches of heavy, white snow. Normally, I’d work from home on a day like this, but I had an appointment in downtown Boston, so braved the road conditions and drove in, only to find it had been canceled. Grrr…but at least I’m home again now, with a steaming cup of tea and my two girls, so all is well. Good luck with your OB appointment!

  17. Mondays are good…new day, new week and positive expectations. I’ve never been to Hawaii and should have taken advantage of a trip when my military son lived there for three years. Now he’s in Florida and we did go there to see him a few months ago. Overslept today but didn’t matter since I do as little as I can get a way with. Had wonderful temps of 75+ here in VA (it’s a start), so can’t complain…life is good. Hope your son is better soon.

  18. It sure was a Monday here. Started off not too bad at work, only a few samples to run analysis on. Just as I was starting them, we got two rush samples & had to work those in. Everything went ok after that & I actually got out on time. So all’s well that ends well.

  19. Hi Jane,

    Hope your OB appt. went well!! It’s actually not too cold here but we’ve already had tornadoes this weekend! Hope your son feels better soon. It’s always hard when the kids are sick. My Mon. went pretty well. I went to work for a few hours and the kids did not call me fighting!! ( They had the day off today) I would say that is a good day!!

  20. Back to work after 2 weeks off. Napping, reading, spring cleaning, baking…It started snowing as soon as I got outside with the dogs at 5 am and has not stopped. Thinking about it, with the time change I was outside with them at what was 4 am…yuck. It was totally Monday.

  21. I got off work at 7 am this morning and came home and had a little sleep (till noon). I have since been watching curling on TV and catching up on blogs, e-mail.

    Hope the appt. went well and that your son gets better soon. It is stressful when kids are sick.
    Love the prizes you give; you are kind and generous for sure.

  22. Hi Jane,
    I am leaving for Hawaii next Wednesday to meet up with my husband whom I haven’t seen in nearly three weeks. I am very excited as this is my third trip to Hawaii. I have never stayed in Oahu so I am anxious to experience it. Any suggestions? We are staying on the north shore area.

    I will think of Flirting with Forty as I have my first umbrella drink and toast you! Thanks for being such an awesome writer!

  23. Hi Jane! I hope this finds you buried in deliciously granulated, teeth scratching Peeps!! Do you like them fresh or stale? Me? Both….

    My Monday started off with a visit to the vet for Lucy the Beagle. She got out of our yard (bad for Beagles) and got herself injured but we’re not quite sure how. So 2 x-rays, a doctor visit, two prescriptions and $241 later we have orders to have her rest for 7-10 days. No walks, jumping, etc. A dog’s life, I say!! We do love her so, but there’s a heaping helping of cash that’ll have to come from somewhere else. Other than that morning news, it’s been a regular Monday.

    Stay well and keep feeding Mac that sugary goodness!!

    P.S. Who wouldn’t dream of Hawaii after spending the time you have there?! So much to look forward to in every way!!

  24. Jane-Just finished reading Odd Mom Out. I loved it! I live in Redmond and some of my dear friends live on Clyde Hill, so I could totally relate! Thanks for a great book—can’t wait to read your others!

  25. Hi Jane! It was a typical busy Monday. Had to do grocery shopping, do laundry, go to the post office,etc. All done in the middle of a snowstorm! Ah, well! Finally got home safe and sound. Hope your little one is feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.

  26. My Monday is looong…I have a sick dog..Luckily my child is healthy so I sympathize with you. Yesterday was a beautiful 61 degrees and today Mother Nature fooled us again and dropped some snowflakes. Life is good with surprises like that!

  27. Hi Jane,

    Your giveaway sounds right up my alley after this weekend. We had to go to a funeral so I’m glad the weekend is over with. Have a great day.

  28. At the end of the day here on the East Coast, I can say that my Monday has been pretty good. I’m recovering a bit still from the weekend – sometimes I go to work to relax – particularly as I drove a lot yesterday to get to the east end of beyond Pennsylvania for family stuff. My great aunt (97!) had some complications from a minor stroke earlier in the week. She the kind of woman who wears bright red toxic lipstick that stays on your cheek forever when she kisses you. She a darling and a hoot. So we spent the afternoon with the English side of my family, who we don’t get to see as often as we do the Polish side, so we had a good time despite the fact that we were in the hospital. It was a good day, but very long and so today I am weary. All that driving rewarded me with a milestone, though, as my odometer clicked on over 100,000 miles.

    Work was busy as there were only two out of three of us to hold down the fort, so we were kept hopping all day with lots of reads and double reads of Rx sales pieces. Now I’m on the computer, trying to put an hour of work in while listening for the commercial free event of U2 live in Los Angeles on WRXP here in Jersey.

    We had lovely spring weather this weekend with dodgy clouds finally working their way through in a rain storm late last night and this morning. It was warm enough on Saturday that I put the screens down in the two windows and let the breeze blow through for a while. My kitty cats rewarded me by camping out together on the living room window ledge.

    Not too bad of a start to the work week.

  29. I’m a Canadian, and yes, finally I had a chance to watch the movie last night. I thought the choice of actors was great. By the end of the movie I wanted ‘more’, which I’m sure is always a good sign for a book/or movie.
    I enjoyed the ‘out-takes’ and both actors looked like they had a great time. The ocean shots were fantastic, and because here, we had about three inches of snow today – the pictures of sand and sun were a wonderful reminder of summer.
    I spent most of today editing a YA novel that I’ve just completed.
    I admire your career path – books and then into movies. What fun!

  30. Mondays are tough, especially with the “lost” hour that I wanted to sleep through this morning when the alarm rang. Still, the snow was pretty but not a hassle on the roads, and I got to take a walk all bundled up to stay warm after work because of the extra hour of daylight. Love daylight time!

  31. Oh Jane….I know what you mean about Hawaii. It’s my favorite place and go there at lease once a year and stay at Outrigger Reef on the Beach. After the snow we had here today I am so ready for some sunshine. Heading to Vegas this weekend and know at least it won’t be snowing. I’m with you though thinking about being on the beach in Hawaii. As soon as I get off the plane and see the water all my troubles seem to melt away. At least you know you’ll be there in a few months. Hold onto that thought. Have a good week.

  32. Hi Jane,
    today I felt like I was back in Washington, it was drizzling and grey all day! But not near as cold as you have had.
    Hawaii, how often I dream of going back. It’s magical there, we spent our Honeymoon at the Outrigger next door to the pink Sheraton, which I think is on the same beach Flirting with Forty was filmed, right? It was beautiful. We went back 3 years later to Maui and I felt like I could just move there. Such a slower pace of living and healthier. Maybe in the next few years we can go back 🙂
    I hope your son gets better, and you had a great OB visit.
    Did you buy more Peeps??

  33. I am desperately ready for warmer weather…so desperate that I’m thinking about going to a tanning salon! ;-0 I don’t like tanning salons, normally, but I need some warmth and some rays. I have my heat cranked up to 70 and my flannels on. Just 10 more days until spring….I hope I can hang on! LOL

  34. My Monday was great but also tiring! I started my new job last Tuesday and have worked everyday since! Today was my last day of training so after my next two days off I will be flying solo! I’m super pumped though, it’s a great company and I get to work with kids again!!

    I have never been to Hawaii but I LOVE the beach so I’m sure I would love it there!!!!

  35. Oh, it was so hard to drag out of bed this morning. I reset the alarm and got up an hour later. I always hate the day after the time change.
    I am with you when I say I am ready for springtime. We rarely get snow down here but it has been cold.

    I spent my monday as usual cleaning and doing laundry. Then I spent part of the afternoon before I picked up my daughter from school grocery shopping.
    After dinner me and the hubby took a brisk half hour walk and then fed the fish and ducks off our dock.
    My mom picked up a copy of Love Story at Target last week. I named my daughter Alison but we call her Ali and it is because of Ali Macgraw the actress. I thought Ali to be a cool name. I was 7 when Love Story came out and I couldn’t remember anything except the haunting theme song. So while waiting for my husband to come home while I was cooking dinner I watched the movie. I had to stop the movie to go for the walk but I got to finish the last twenty minutes after Watching dancing With the Stars.
    Now it is off to bed.

  36. Sorry to hear about your little one- they always suffer much more from colds because their noses are so small so it takes very little to stop them from breathing comfortably!
    Dreaming of Hawaii is way beyond me – the most I can dream of is that we won’t have another record-breaking snow dump during March Break next week like we did last year(picture snow drifts up to the top of the door jam).
    Flirting with forty? We no longer flirt. We’re old acquaintances.

  37. I am anxiously awaiting a third book in the Odd Mom Out/Mrs. Perfect series. I grew up in Clyde Hill, attended St. Thomas (my mom is still on Altar Guild) and spent many summer days at Overlake CC. I think you hit the nail on the head with you portrayal of te women of Medina. BTW, I am also a Pi Phi.

  38. woke up this morning to snow! what the heck its march..so i trotted off to work, then grocery shopping, made dinner, had some “me time”…which was like 6 mins before the little one came cruising down the hall and bam the door opens w.a big smile on her face..oh looked for a long lost shirt for 25 mins in the closet..thought i was going nuts til i found it. now off to bed…

  39. My cough is finally gone! Yay!

    I don’t mind Mondays in particular, it all depends on what actually happens during the course of a day…one of my worst days this year was a Saturday – all a sense of perspective.

    Have a great day!

  40. I was layed off 3 months ago, my wife just got layed off….I have surgery tomorrow,good times! My wife just read mrs. perfect and realized she is over commited and is deciding to spend more quality time with our kids(thank you!) I read odd mom out and even though I am a guy, I related to it. My wife grew up on the hill, I am a transplant and went into culture shock but love it here now.

  41. Jane,
    Sounds like your home sick, for your home away from home. I am too!!! I dream about Hawaii and I haven’t had a chance to make a trip there.
    SOON! really SOON!
    Before we go this next year, I will have to get info from you, on all great places we need to go & see!
    So sorry to hear one of your babies isn’t feeling well. Something is really going around. Hope he feels better soon!
    I had a cold back in January, but my over health is pretty good for turning 44 years old this year in October. I plan on getting back into some exercise routine later this week. Since we are going to be in the 60’s by Friday. My 16 year old daughter will probably join me. She needs to be careful though, she dislocated her knee last August & she missed tennis tryouts.
    Our Monday started off with a white out & icy roads. I wasn’t sure about driving my son to school it was sooooo icy. Four wheel drive is great!
    I had a nice day today. We are making plans right now for the summer. Camping and beach days. Riding bikes with my kids & hiking. Gardening! Life is good!!

    I just got a hearing aid last Wednesday, a little difficult getting use to. Thank goodness for tax returns! We had one disappointment we will not be taking the kids to the beach over spring break. We have been over loaded with car repairs. The Suburban works! That’s what matters. We will get a chance to go this summer.

    Hope your feeling well and staying out of those cabinets, with the supply of peeps. LOL

    Happy Writing!!
    Have a Great Week!

  42. Monday Monday…ugh “can’t trust that day”…….. I can’t express how badly I hate Mondays.

    Nothing worse when the wee ones are sick.. OB appointments rank up there with Mondays in my book.

    Could I be in Hawaii with surf lessons and a second chance in life….oh please let it be me..okay..so not a possibility.. but a little red sarong would lift my spirits…..

    Okay…so things are okay with hubby and family.. but I could really use the spark of a red sarong to start off my summer expectations of a new hope and an image of a get away from it all….Hawaii is not in the future plans…. but you know.. It is up to us each day to put in a spark or a sizzle….43, and 43 lbs over weight…….ugh…….. and if I am not careful I will be flirting with 50 and have 50 lbs to loose.

    I am glad that Canada finally got to see the movie. Anyway.. life is far to serious and the economy is beating us down.. but red sarongs make things a bit bearable.. don’t you think?

    It just sounds fun, fiery and hopeful!

    PS.. I am gifting Flirting with Forty to a gal who is graduating soon… she gets to actually read for fun now.. Imagine that?

    Thanks for the giveaway… take care.

  43. Hi Jane! My Monday is going ok now that I am in a warm house. I have a tree nursery here in OR and I am the one who gets the joy of taking care of them in this horrible weather! We have been having snow flurries off and on all day here also.
    I hope you had a good checkup at the doctor today and hopefully the little guy will be making an appearence soon!

  44. Hi Jane!
    At the moment I am recovering from some major stress/health issues. In december it started: I have had stress upon stress(repeat..repeat) and got anxiety and hyperventilati on attacks. So I’m at home now and recovering. plenty time for reading now..and coffee!

  45. Hi Jane,
    I would love to win that great gift package you are giving away! Is it too late? Coffee one of my favorite things! A book written by you! No spring break trip this year with my husband and kids- so this would be nice!
    Love, Kandy

  46. Oh there was no doubt that it was a Monday. I opened a drawer at work and had some very important papers fall behind it, where I couldn’t get to them. Then, I called maintenance to come “disassemble” my desk so I could get to them. To their credit, they showed up very quickly. And promptly broke my drawer so that it now doesn’t pull all the way out…fortunately AFTER we retrieved the documents. Plus, we came into the office to find the hallways on either side of the restrooms flooded. I don’t even want to know the details. BUT, they (again, maintenance) showed up with little “fans” to blow the carpet dry. Did I mention that if you stepped on the carpet that the “liquid” (really don’t want to know what) would rush over your foot? And they were using a blower to dry the carpet?

    Oh, but I watch Dancing with the Stars last night. Melissa from The Bachelor was a last minute replacement and I thought she did a great job – particularly considering she roughly 48 hours to prepare!

    Anyway, have a great week.

  47. Jane, I wrote you right when you worte Flirting with Forty that you had written my story and I got the sweeteset message back from you. My life is looking up. I meet a really sweet guy that I met online. We both Love to dance and we are going both nights this week-end. And he’s one who loves to layout in the sun by his pool. Already got my tan for the summer, but I can’t wait to go to the beach in April. Already got the condo reserved.

  48. Hi Jane,

    Just love reading your blog. I too am thinking of warm tropical places Hawaii is somewhere I would love to go to one day. I just changed by bedroom to the beachy look so I go in there and I think I’m someplace tropical. Hope your son feels better. Hope your OB appointment was good and Mac has turned.


  49. Hi, Jane!

    ‘Hope your Monday went well. I didn’t even make it to my computer on Monday.

    I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday to birds chirping outside my window – all night long! They’re so noisy that I couldn’t sleep. So, after taking the kids to school Monday morning, I went back to bed to get some sleep. 🙂

    Today is better. I really enjoy your blog. Today it is especially nice. I like reading about going to Hawaii even though I haven’t made it to Hawaii yet. I hope to visit there in the next few years.

    Have a great day! ‘Hope your son feels better.

  50. Aloha Jane!
    Hope your week is going great!
    I definitely have spring fever. Loving the time change with daylight til 7 p.m. I can’t wait to get the garden started and flowerbeds planted.
    I hope winter is long gone!
    Have a great day!!

  51. I spent my Monday shopping with my sister for plants, seeds, fertilizer, and other planting paraphernalia. (Seems that the warm weather that we’ve been having here lately has struck my sister with a horrendous case of spring-fever.) There are many other worst-ways to spend a Monday, I know. But you see, I don’t have even a tint of green in my thumb, so all of this is a bit foreign to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers, fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs from the garden… I just don’t like the insects, dirt, and weeding involved with it all. I’d much rather be on the beach with required umbrella drink in-hand. Now if the gardening was of the type from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory candy garden, well that’s a different story. Just imagine… Easter candy growing on trees. Yum!
    Hope that your appointment brings only good news and that your little one is feeling better soon.

  52. Hi Jane! I’ve never been to Hawaii. I hope I can go someday. My brother lived there for about 6 years…why didn’t I go then???? It has been raining here the past few days, & supposed to have strong thunderstorms with damaging winds today & tonight. Yep, I need some Hawaii too….

  53. HI Jane!
    I hope your little guy is feeling better! My son was home sick Friday with Strep. He had tonislitis two weeks ago. Now every day he is trying to stay home again!

    Monday was actually a wonderful day although it was difficult to get up and get myself and everyone going with teh time change and busy weekend we had. The kids had their Solo & Ensemble competition for band and did well (despite the strep throat — but we wanted him to have the experience for when he is graded next year).

    Monday was sunny and dry…Today is wet and cold. BLAH!

    I am waiting for the girl who rents our old house to come over so I can help her make a resume. She lost her job — guess thats what you get for sleeping with the boss! But she is a friend and needs help getting her life together. A new job would help!

    Have a good day and take care of yourself Jane & baby Mac!

  54. Hawaii sounds wonderful right about now – 27 degrees in mid-March is not my idea of Spring. I’m so tired of snow and the cold weather. Hopefully it will be all over soon as we’ll be able to enjoy our “normal” Seattle summer. Take care, Jane. And keep dreaming! It’s good for your soul. ~LeAnne

  55. Ever since I saw your “Flirting with forty” movie, I have been daydreaming to enjoy the magic of the place. Maybe one day I will. Thank you for writing the book and letting it be made into a movie.

  56. Hello Jane!
    I absolutely loved your Flirting with Forty book.. and the movie was great too! I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii! My husband went many years ago (before we were married) with his dad on a business trip and he said it was awesome! We would LOVE to take our 2 boys. My oldest will be a hs senior this fall and we know our time is running out with him as far as family vacations! I hope your little one gets better fast! My life is hectic these days, my youngest son plays baseball on 2 teams.. so all we’ll be doing the next few months is going to practices & games! But I love it… they won’t be kids long! Take care of yourself Jane!

  57. Hope everything is well, Jane!

    I have just been reading and keeping up with reviews. As well as writing on a few myself. I’m also waiting on DH to decide on going into the military. Ugh. All this waiting is killing me.

    I need a getaway…to HAWAII! lol

    Have a great week!!

  58. Hi Jane! I hope your little guy feels better soon. Well, I am supposed to work later today, but am requesting a cancel because it is my 10 year old son’s basketball party tonight. The team won the championship in the league, so it will be fun to celebrate tonight at a local pizza parlor! As for Hawaii..sigh. We were hoping to go this summer, but have decided that we shouldn’t spend the money and will plan on next year. I love, love, love, Hawaii and feel like I have some kind of spiritual connection there! We are going to Lake Tahoe instead and that is fine. I love it there as well! Well, that is about it from Nortern Ca. The day is starting out sunny and beautiful here!

    Oh, do you think you will ever write another book set in Hawaii?


  59. Well, my Monday was fine although I was a bit sleepy still from the time change. Today is better. Life in general is great; my job isn’t overly crazy right now, I’m adjusting pretty well to being separated…things are just humming along these days. I’m determined to enjoy it, because the job never stays “less busy” for long and I’m sure there are more divorce bumps in the road to come. But for now, I’m lovin’ life!

  60. How’s life? Hectic. How’s your health? Thank God I am well,… got to be, driving hubby to and fro to doctor’s appointments and work, home and everywhere else.
    I need a Hawaiian vacation, but that is not in the immediate future, so how about a little hawaii prize instead??

  61. Wish I was getting married in Hawaii! I will settle for the beach in FL though 🙂 I did find a dress on Saturday and boy is that a relief! We just decided to get married and have 3 months to plan the big event – I had no idea how long it took to get a dress in! I was almost in tears on Friday, so thank goodness we found dresses on Saturday.

    Hope your son is feeling better!

    Have a great week!

  62. Hi Jane,
    I love your novels and also i love Hawaii! We hope to go again this summer. I have read your books for some time not realizing that I know your sister-in-law and your nieces! My daughter is Maddie’s age! Keep up the great writing!

  63. I have never been to Hawaii and have been dreaming of it forever. One of these days hopefully I’ll get every last bill finally paid and be able to start to save for my Hawaii trip. To bad I will be in a retirement home by then! Ha ha
    Anyway, its lovely to think about going there.

  64. Hi Jane,

    My Monday was so crazy that I didn’t even get a change to get on the computer, except for work. So here I am on Tuesday, not as crazy but it’s only 2:00. I can’t wait for this weekend, hoping for a nice warm weekend for a change. Even though I won’t really be in Hawaii I can sit in my lounge chair by the pool and pretent like I am.

    Take care,

  65. Man, Hawaii sounds fantastic right now. I am so sick of shoveling heavy, water-logged snow only to have it plowed into a solid mass across the driveway. I’m done with snow! Hawaiian dreams, here I come…

  66. Hawaii…sigh.
    It was -37 degrees Celcius this morning when I left for work, so I am trying to think warmer thoughts too!

    I hope baby Mac is turning in your belly, and that your other son is feeling better. Just breaks your heart when your kids are sick…although my boys are very quiet and sweet and cuddly when they are sick, so I quite selfishly enjoy the cuddle time even when I wish I could take their pain on myself!

    Have a great week!

  67. Hawaii sounds wonderful to me, too. Michigan is very gloomy this time of year. Right now the snow has melted, but it’s raining, raining and raining some more!

  68. Jane, I’ve gushed about this book again and again and oh-god-here-she-goes-again. There are a thousand and one ways I loved this book.

    (Please, don’t count me in your contest as I already have a copy.)

  69. Hawaii sounds like heaven to me too!! But I would settle for a little Southern California. My next trip will be Las Vegas in May for a long weekend with my husband & friends from Florida who are meeting us there. In the meantime, here in good old Minneapolis we have drizzle/freezing rain/snow/wind and cold. Think warm thoughts!! Hope I might be the winning number! Sending good thoughts your way!

  70. Hi Jane!
    I thought I’d share a funny story with you. I have read all your books thus far but I have read them out of the order in which you wrote them. I read Mrs. Perfect a while ago and I just finished Odd Mom Out last night. I loved both stories. It was just interesting to read how horrible Taylor treated Marta after having already befriending Taylor myself and seeing her humble herself to Marta in Perfect. Just a different perspective when you read out of order…Thanks for the prize entry! I am also Hawaii Dreaming!! Can’t wait for Easy on the Eyes.

  71. It’s hard to believe that it’s snowing where you are… it’s 80 degrees here at 7:45 at night!

    The weather only changed a week or so ago, and now it feels as if spring has officially sprung – as if Georgia went straight from winter to summer and we missed that very important step inbetween.

    I guess they call it Hotlanta for a reason…

  72. Hi Jane,

    Obviously my ‘Monday’ was a busy one as I am just now logging on to your post and it’s already Tuesday!! Let’s see… the highlights of my week so far have been catching up with friends over soup and coconut hot chocolate, receiving a new book, ‘The Shack’, as an unexpected gift, and of course, watching the new season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. I’m looking forward to the weekend as a co-worker has just graduated from college and is throwing a celebration party. It’s supposed to be in the mid 70’s here this weekend which will be so delightful as I plan to spend time out by the bbq while my husband grills bacon/jalapeno wrapped shrimp (hoping for a few samples). Delicious!!

    It sounds like we’re all dreaming of a little sunshine, relaxation, get away. Spring fever?! I, also, am dreaming of a little island vacation at the end of June. I go every June with a group of friends and I count down the days. It may seem like ‘forever’ but will be here before too long (just like Hawaii for you).

    Enjoy your solitude and dreams. Thanks for giving me so many opportunities to be entered in your contests.

    Dream on!! ME

  73. Hi Jane,
    Monday was crazy here, so Tuesday it is! Tuesday night, at that. I’ve just been able to sit down and relax. The weather is cold (30s)and rainy today, quite a change from the 60 degrees we had on Friday. Tomorrow looks to be even colder, but if you stop and take a deep breath, you can smell spring. It’s definitely in the air. =)

  74. Lifetime TV finally e-mailed me and said they will show “Flirting with Forty” again on April 12 at 8 pm EST. Finally! I’ve missed it twice and can’t wait to see it. Spring break for me in 2 weeks and last year we went to Hawaii. This year, no such luck with this economy. We’ll be in the Colorado mts. with our pooches.

  75. Wow, Hawaii.
    I’ve wanted to go all my life, watching blue hawaii growing up made me want to go. no such luck yet. So i’ll live vicariaously through you.
    I hope the baby turns bottom up soon for you, they can sure be pickey when they want. mine was.
    Happy writing

  76. I have to second Peg’s comments about Michigan weather. Rain, rain, rain… ugh. Our family is considering moving to Florida for some sunshine and we love the sea. Hawaii would be awesome too! 🙂

  77. Hi, Jane! I would love to go to Hawaii! It’s been nothing but cold and rainy for the past couple of days. I can’t wait for spring!

  78. I totally relate to loving Hawaii! I lived there a long time ago – twice- and when I moved back to the mainland I missed it so much I would watch that Magnum PI show all the time just to see scenes of Oahu. I contemplated moving to Maui for the last 3 or 4 yrs. – I was so torn about leaving all my hard work here and starting from scratch again… but I did have a van over there for the last 3 yrs. which made me feel like I partly lived there- and it made sense ’cause I was going there alot. But I shipped it back here on my last trip because I was having all that catholic guilt about doing things I “should” like making and saving more money. The van isn’t worth what I paid to ship it back but it is sentimental and smells like Hawaii inside to me. Whevenever I go in the van the lovely aroma brings back really vivid memories of Maui. I love love love Hawaii! So when is Mac due? Are you going to go to Hawaii before he is due or after he is born? I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! One thing I do to make me feel like I’m at the beach is sit in front of my space heater! Well- thanks for the fun blog again!

  79. I wish I was in Hawaii eating a little cooked spam…lol
    Life is great. Celebrating another birthday, recently having lost 25 pounds (wasn’t heavy, just getting a little bigger), I am in better shape now than I was before children.
    I was going to have to go on blood pressure and cholesterol meds, but with eating healthy and getting down to my lowest weight for my height, I no longer have to do that.
    I thank God every day for my healthy four boys. I work with children (birth to three) with mild to severe disabilites. I know how lucky I am and I don’t forget it.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes Jane!!!

  80. Hi Jane! We were teased over the weekend with nearly 70degree weather but this whole week has been cold and rainy…I can’t wait for Spring!!

    I think I am becoming an Odd Mom Out even more now…On Monday, I was at my daughter’s bus stop when a minivan was ignoring a stop sign and about to run down one of the children crossing so I jumped into the intersection to stop the collision and the woman started to scream and call me some rather awful names. Since then the police have been sitting on my street handing out tickets due to my husband and my neighbor calling them to complain. But apparently some neighbors think as taxpayers, they shouldn’t be ticketed…Apparently, it’s okay to run down children as long as you are a taxpayer? I don’t understand people sometimes…Another neighbor is embarrassed by us because this is a small town and everyone knows everyone…By the way, it was his daughter almost run down. I said, I am sorry but I can not let children get injured or killed when something can be stopped…it’s just bizarre to me that people will ignore it.

    But on the good side, it’s rather fun to watch these parents who are speeding through stop signs at the middle school and bus stops get ticketed…Oh well, I can deal with that:)

    Hope all is well!

  81. Hi Jane. It is cold and raining here today. Monday was a typical busy day at work. I am having computer problems with my home computer. So, after work, I had to get it ready to take to my friend to work on. I hope he can fix it.

  82. Hey Jane I just saw that on amazon.com you can preorder the Flirting with Forty DVD. It is to be released May 5th for 22.49 .
    I thought that was cool. Eveyone will get to see your Hawaii anytime they want too. It is weird that they don’t mention Heather Locklear it only has Robert Buckley’s name listed.

    Here is a thought maybe if you stand on your head (lol) Mac will do a flip for you. Just kidding don’t attempt that. Hopeully he will get active and turn a cartwheel for you.

  83. I have introduced your books to my 70 year old mother. I have given her background on you, how down to earth you are and how good you are about keeping in touch with your readers. She is currently reading Mrs. Perfect and is LOVING IT! Thanks for brightening her day Jane.

  84. HI Jane,
    I know you must be missing Hawaii quite a bit right now with the weather in Washington!
    Tho my husband & I are from Washington, we have always considered Hawaii home. We have been stationed here off & on for the 20 some years, there is no place ike it. I never understood people saying they got island fever and wanted to leave-makes no sense to me. Our wedding anniversary is this month, we are heading right back down to the beach near Diamond Head where we got married (barefoot on the beach). Everytime we have had to leave, I felt part of me staying behind. Then I cry like a baby when we head back and the plane flies over the golf course! One more tour left for the hubby and we retire for good here!! I may be a haoli, but Im a local girl at heart! Hurry on back to the dream!

  85. Good morning everyone. The sun is shining here in Seattle and although it’s cold and crisp, it looks like its going to be a beautiful day.

    I’ve just drawn the winner for the Hawaii Dreaming contest and it’s #50, Jan Mardis.

    Congratulations, Jan and do email me ASAP with your address, and let me know how you want the copy of Flirting signed. To you, to someone else so you can give it as a gift? And please, please get back to me as I think you’ll really enjoy the prize and I’d hate to have to give it away to someone else next week!



  86. Jane how the heck are you? Anyway, I will get right to the point. I was walking through Chapters last Saturday searching for my usual “true crime” genre when I came across your book “Flirting with Forty”.

    I NEVER EVER read romance novels but since I am 40 (somthing)I picked it up and read the back. I bought it and read it in 3 days (I could have made one day but I was also working). This book hit home in a huge way. I knew from the first couple pages there was alot of you in that book. I knew this because the EXACT same thing happened to me. Yup. Sure did. Anyway I wont get into all that. I have traveled alot in the Caribbean, and by coincidence my family informs me we are all going to Hawaii Xmas of 10 and we have NEVER taken a vacation together I wonder if the “happeneing upon of the book” was a sign or somthing (if you belive in that sort of thing).

    Well great book, thanks for the smiles.

    PS I always wanted to be a writer myself but life got in the way. Sigh.

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