Saturday Chill

I’m coooold.  Having just sat through a lacrosse game in 37 degree weather, with snow and hail pelting down, my hair’s soaked and body’s chilled and that’s on top of the cold I was fighting…but lost out to.  I hate it when you’re fighting a bug and the bug wins.  Not fair, not at all.  But I’m home now and relatively dry (except for my hair) and I’ve a cup of hot water next to me and my last box of Peeps.

That’s right. I’m down to one box of yellow bunnies and it’s opened. I opened it earlier after lunch and I’ve only 7 Peeps left. I just thank God that Easter is five weeks away. I have five weeks to stock up on Peeps before they disappear from the market for awhile. Five weeks of sugar coated marshmallow. Mmmmm. So healthy. So good for the baby. I almost wonder if Mac will come out dusted in colored granulated sugar.

Today’s the first day in 5 days where I almost feel like myself again. The cold was tough but nearing the end. And although my nose is alternating between stuffy and runny, and the my chest is like a drum with its nice big deep cough, I don’t ache as much and I can focus enough to read and maybe even write.  I’m hoping to write tonight since the kids are with their dad. I haven’t written in a week and it makes me nervous to not be writing when the deadline is so close.

I’ve been reading all day though, up until this afternoon’s lacrosse game in Kirkland. Yesterday I received the page proofs for Easy On The Eyes and I’ve been reading closely, trying to catch typos and errors, but I’m torn as I read. This book feels different to me than my other books.  But then my writer friends tell me I say that every book.  And I probably do because let’s face it,  Jackie from Flirting isn’t Marta from Odd Mom Out, or Taylor from Mrs. Perfect. Easy  On The Eyes is Tiana’s story and she’s her own woman with her own conflicts.  I’ll be so interested in what my readers have to say after reading it.  In fact, I can’t wait to hear what readers think. It’s hard to wait, too…

But July is a long time away and tonight I’m going to write. Even if it’s just for an hour. I’ve downloaded more songs onto my iPod, including purchasing U2’s new album from iTunes, along with Melinda Doolittle’s and Chris Issak’s. This is my favorite kind of night when the kids aren’t here. Just Jane hanging with her writing, her tunes, and her Peeps. Life can’t get much better than that, can it?

Well, it could, and it would, if I had just one more box of Peeps. Seven little Peeps are nothing. Seven little Peeps go so fast. Maybe before I start writing I should make a quick trip to the store. Always better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Hi Jane,
    I am sooo cold too! It is snowy and cold in Colorado today. I am so over it! I am ready for spring, real spring and warm weather. With the clocks changing tonight, we are that much closer to spring.

    My favorite book and the one I most relate to is Flirting with Forty. That books illustrates my life in so many ways. I have read it over and over sometimes the whole book, other times it is just a chapter or two. I do love Odd Mom Out too. I feel like Marta in many ways as well. Especially the whole PTA thing/working mom situation.

    I am anxiously awaiting this book. I know it will be great. Whether it becomes my favorite remains to be seen.

    Get yourself another box of Peeps. It will be a great motivation to write tonight. Enjoy your peace and quiet without the kiddos too. I am in the same boat, enjoying a little me time. Yay us!

  2. LOL Poor Jane running low on her Peeps. Maybe you should get an extra box or 4 to tide you over while you write tonight.

    Feel better.

  3. Sorry Jane, It was 70+ here today. It was beautiful. But as the weather goes here in Arkansas, today it was 70, tomorrow it might be 20. If you don’t like the weather here, just wait 5 minutes and it will change. I hope you are feeling better, and you can have me share of Peeps!
    Hugs to all

  4. Happy Writing!
    Too Funny! Don’t eat too
    many peeps.
    We are working on our to do
    list & maybe catch a movie tonight.
    Dinner with Grammy tomorrow.
    Hope your feeling better soon.
    Have a Great weekend.

  5. THe weather here was beautiful today. Not a cloud in the sky and I think the temp was 79 or 80.
    I love peeps too. I usually get a box or two before Easter and then load up on them when the stores mark them down to a quarter.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I don’t think anyone really appreciates good health until they have been under the weather for a while.

  6. Hi Jane,

    Hate to say it, but the weather was in the 70’s here today. Hope you get to feeling better. Have a great night writing.

  7. Peeps!!! I have to say the Easter holiday has the best candy. I can by pass other holiday candy (sometimes), but NOT Easter! Loved your comment about baby Mac. It’s cold here in Olympia too, but we didn’t get any snow so “Yahoo”. I’ve talked my book club into reading Odd Mom Out for this month and we’re going to try some of the drinks and recipes you sent me. I’m working on Frog Prince and though I’ve seen the movie, I still bought Flirting with Forty to read on the plane to Spokane this week. Looking forward to your new book.

  8. I agree with Tracey. Easter candy is the best candy all year. I KNOW that Easy On The Eyes will be a wonderful book, because you wrote it and you put so much of yourself into all of your books. Your passion for your craft always shines through. Hope you and Baby Mac enjoy the Peeps and the weekend. Stay warm and dry.

  9. Jane,
    Write away, right away. Now that you feel better, it will flow. Don’t worry about your fans, as we love your books. My favorite is always the one I just finished, so Easy on the Eyes will be my favorite (at least for a while).

  10. Jane, a hello from one snowy corner of the same city to the other. I recently re-read FLIRTING, ODD MOM, and MRS PERFECT in one big gulp. I loved, loved, loved FLIRTING for the story and ODD MOM for Marta. I was so impressed with what you did with Taylor, that I know you’ve done an amazing job with Tiana. I can hardly wait to read her story. See you at the Northwest show in a couple weeks.

  11. Jane,
    That was so funny!! I wouldn’t worry too much about Easy on the Eyes…the excerpt that I read was really great!! I can’t wait for it to be released so I can read the rest!! You have die hard fans…there’s not much you can do to disappoint us!! Take care of yourself and Mac and enjoy those peeps…unless they’re gone now!! Do you have a favorite color peep? I think I love the pink. Granted there’s not that much difference in the color but they’re just so pretty:)

    Take care!!

  12. This weather has been so crazy lately! We had a huge snow storm on Monday and it was freezing!!! Five days later we are playing outside in t-shirts in 60 degree weather!!!

    I love Chris Issak and you made me realize I don’t have any of his stuff on my Ipod…looks like I’ll be making a visit to the Itunes store today:-)

    As for your books, I do love them all! I think my favorite was the Frog Prince! I know we had a few conversations about this and I read this book after I read your others too. I think I must have related to Holly the most of all the characters in your books. I did love Flirty With Forty too. So many to choose from! They are all good in their own special way and I’m sure Easy on the Eyes will be great too!!!

    Enjoy those Peeps…I’m on a Girl Scout cookie kick myself!!!

  13. Hi Jane,

    My favorite is Mrs. Perfect-you nailed it with the PTA crowd and you were ahead of the curve with the storyline on Taylor’s husband losing his job and her going back to work. Such an important message for all women. You have lived close to the plots of Flirting, OMO and Mrs. P so it will be interesting to read your new book-a bit more removed from most people’s everyday lives.

    p.s have you noticed peeps come out all year long with Halloween, snowman peeps and the chickies-just a thought…

  14. hey, Jane…is it really snowing again? I heard the neighbor kids come home from their weekend with dad…and that jubilant tone (you know the one) “Mommmy! Come out! It’s snowing!”

    I am reading your blog, thinking, uh-uh…..not again, get up and yes, more Washington snow. Sigh. I feel like a snowman.

    Enjoy your peeps. I just started my morning with homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for breakfast. Hey, it’s oatmeal, right?

  15. Glad you are feeling better! It has been a beautiful weekend here. I was in San Francisco yesterday to see Wicked and it was clear and warm! Enjoy the rest of those Peeps!


  16. Jane,
    My brother flew through Seattle yesterday and reported back on how cold, wet & foggy it was.
    I was so disappointed. He had never been there before, and even though he was only passing through the airport for a few hours, I wanted Seattle to look more appealing to him. I wanted him to take one glance and know why I loved the place so much. 🙂

    I hope the weather improves and that the sun comes back soon. In the meantime, I hope you feel weel and can relax, read, write and enjoy your Peeps!

  17. I cannot wait to read Easy On The Eyes! More peeps, would probably lead to more writing!
    Good luck today with warming up and your writing adventure. I am envious that you will have a quiet, and peaceful home this evening! I will be writing, but will have distractions… I will have 2 little runs running around the house with my husband, and it is Daylight Savings Time, which means a later bedtime and an earlier (Monday) morning, and oh how I do not like Mondays!
    Hoping that “bug” will go away, and leave you alone…

  18. It snowed in Lake Stevens last night which is just a hop skip and a jump away from you, so I think we have the same weather. My favorite book of yours is Mrs. Perfect (which is who I sort of am without the big big money), which is the first one I read. I think thats why its my fave. Then Odd Mom Out (and that mom is more like me) and then Flirting with Forty (which tells me I do need to own property in Hawaii and no its not a ridiculous idea) and I bet I will love your new book because the voice will be who I am not, but could be with just a little more exercise and less junk food, ha ha ha ha
    I love all your books and I am sure many people out there will read Easy on the Eyes before all your other books and that will be their favorite.

  19. I am laughing–visualizing Mac coming out as a sugar-coated Peep!!

    My favorite of your books was Frog Prince followed very closely by Mrs. Perfect. But I LOVED them all so I have no doubt that I will love the next one too!

    stay warm!

  20. Hi jane, I’m with you on this weather…here on the east coast we had wet snow all day..augh!

    My favourite is Flirting with Forty! I absolutely loved it! and Mrs. Perfect is a close runner-up. I’m still trying to get my hands on Frog Prince and Odd Mom Out…the books store here never has them in stock.

    On an even better note – Flirting with Forty is on the Women’s network (W-tv) tonight! I don’t have Lifetime, so I was really upset when I missed it, but I get to see it tonight, yeah! If anyone has the W network, it’s on at 9pm Atlantic, which is 10pm Eastern.

    Enjoy those Peeps…just until Easter and then they’ll be gone 🙂

  21. Hi Jane, our weather today is about 70, but just for a day or two and then its getting cold again. I have really enjoy the past couple of days because we have had some really cold and icy days here this year. I am just happen for a few warm days even if its going to rain which is what it is doing right now.

    Yes you had better stock up on those peeps they only come once a year, so burn yourself out on them and enjoy.

  22. Hi Jane,
    How well I remember the Washinton weather! cold, drizzle and grey. But there is nothing like Washington!
    Enjoy your Peeps! ration them!
    Hope you have a nice fire going and some fav candles, that’s my favorite setting for reading. Although I did some outside in the 74 degree sunshine!
    Your book will be fantastic as your others are! It is hard to say which is my favorite, as they all are.
    Stay well

  23. Jane, you should live here where I do…they have Peeps not only at Easter, but shapes for Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Halloween, Christmas, and maybe even a few more!

  24. So you are a peep’s fan huh? My grandmother freeze’s them as soon as I bring them to her. She is totally addicted to them and red vines and well anything sugar! From your comments I am assuming you only eat the Easter peeps? My grandma cannot stand the chocolate peeps but she likes all the different shapes for all the holidays, as long as it’s sugar!
    Glad your feeling better!

  25. Baby Mac “covered in granulated sugar”…that just makes me chuckle! I’ll never be able to look at a ‘peeps’again without smiling all over.

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