The Bachelor Finale

Despite fighting a cold, I spent three hours watching the Bachelor last night and it was three hours that could have easily been condensed into two. Or even ninety minutes. I’d heard the scuttle ahead of time that Jason, this season’s Bachelor, a single dad from Kirkland, WA (Kirkland’s right next to Bellevue, where I live) ends up dumping his first choice for his second choice in the “after the ring” show.

Not everyone watches the show, but even those that don’t, might have heard some of the online chatter today about how Jason broke two hearts, or how he shouldn’t have dumped Melissa for Molly, or whatever. A link to one of the online articles is here and I’m curious what my readers think.

Personally I believe no one should continue with a relationship that isn’t working, or going to work.

More to the point, Jason hadn’t married Melissa. There were no children involved (other than his young son from his previous marriage who hadn’t formed a serious attachment to Melissa yet). There was nothing but a six week TV show followed by a six week long distance relationship.

Yes, it’s sad that this pretty and sweet Dallas twenty-five year old got dumped on national TV. And it’s sad that things didn’t work out for them. But that’s what dating is all about. That’s why people date, and hopefully date for long enough to discover whether you’re compatible or not, have chemistry or don’t, and that your personalities can handle conflict. As humiliating as it must have been for Melissa to be rejected for another, I thought she lacked compassion and some maturity during the whole discussion and break up as she blamed Jason for everything. But come on! Melissa chose to go on the show.  She chose to play a game. She chose to sign a contract. The Bachelor–and I watch this show every time–is a high risk game, and its entertainment, and the relationships usually don’t last. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to see them last. I’m a romantic and a softie and Melissa was someone I cheered for from the beginning, but when people aren’t happy together and you’re still in the dating stage, then do what Jason did–admit you’ve made a mistake and move on.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Jason did have a commitment to Melissa and should have stuck it out even if the chemistry had changed and the attraction had gone. What do you think? Share your thoughts and you’re entered in my March Weekend contest where the prize is a plush robe, a travel bag of body and bath products, a bottle of fruity scented bubble bath, a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card and tons more goodies. The contest runs through Friday night. I’ll post the winner Saturday morning. Do check back on Saturday, read the comment section to see if you’ve won and then for heaven’s sake, claim the prize!!

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