Chilly April

Yesterday morning Surfer Ty flew back to Hawaii and I returned to my desk even as snow fell outside my window. The snow didn’t stick but the slushy rain and snow and cold made me want to be anywhere but sitting at my desk for nine hours. I did take a couple catnaps yesterday, though, and those helped but it’s going to be a long month until I see Ty again.

I know he’ll return end of April for the baby’s birth, and I know he needs to be in Hawaii–it’s Spring Break after all and one of the busiest times of the year–but the bigger I get the more I want his company. He was such good company this time, too, and so sweet. Even though I’m enormous he’s quite proud of my ‘bump’, and pleased that it’s his son growing in there. When I tell him I feel horribly unattractive he says that I’m still ‘one hot Mama’ and beautiful. And when he’s here, I do feel beautiful because he’s so protective of me. Ty doesn’t let me lift anything or do too much. It felt good letting him be the man, too. I’m competent as a single mom, but I do love the moments when I don’t have to manage everything on my own.

Now it’s Thursday and I’ve already been writing this morning. I lit a couple mango scented candles on my desk to help woo me to the keyboard as the cold front remains and its another wet and gray day. I’m hoping to complete another chapter by tonight. The writing is slow but steady and I like what I’m seeing and am intrigued as the characters grow.

This is the kind of writing I like to do. I love it when I’m hooked into my story and thinking about it all the time, playing the next scene out in my mind, testing the different ways it’ll work, or not work. I like considering different alternatives to the scene and again weighing each to see how it’ll enrich the story, or add another layer of tension or emotional complexity. Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes a chapter needs a twist.

Of course I wish I had more time. Because I’m writing slow I need the time and we’re down to 29 days before Mac is scheduled to appear and book is due before Mac so pressure’s beginning to hum.

I’ve given up reading until the book is done–a terrible sacrifice on my part as I love reading probably more than any other activity–and all social activities as well. But not reading fiction doesn’t mean I can’t read the paper, or articles on the internet. In fact, yesterday morning I was delighted when I found two great stories that support future novel ideas perfectly. One was a MSN Money article on the web, and the other was a story in yesterday’s morning paper’s sports section.  Both articles help flesh out and cement two different story proposals for the next couple books I want to write. I always get new ideas when writing hard. I don’t know why but it’s a benefit of writing, and how creativity begets creativity.

To help warm up this chilly gray day, I’m giving away a pink and white Tully’s mug, a bag of Tully’s coffee, a signed copy of Mrs. Perfect, some wonderful pink bubbles for an indulgent bath, and tons of JP reader goodies. Bring me up to speed on your family, your day, your upcoming weekend in a comment and you’re entered. The contest ends Friday night midnight PST and I’ll post the winner’s name Saturday morning.

Now I’m back to working on Shey’s book but I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

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