Birth Date

The weather here is gorgeous. Today is the third day of beautiful 70 degree weather and I love it. When not in bed, resting on my side, I’m sitting in a chair in the sun soaking it up, soaking it in. I even propped my Alpha Smart on my belly and typed as best as I could until I had to return to bed to rest.

I saw the doctor today and we have a delivery date. Mac will arrive on April 26th via C-section sometime that Sunday morning. I’m going to have a son with an April birthday. It’s so strange. But still not quite real. April 26th isn’t far away at all… nineteen days.

Nineteen days.

The bad thing is Shey’s book won’t be done. It was going to be really really close as it was, but every day I write a little slower and my brain’s trying so hard, but moving his delivery up by almost a week throws a huge wrench into the mix. I have to find childcare for big boys. Have to figure out where everybody will be sleeping as remodel still won’t be done. Have to finally pull stuff out of the attic and organize some of the newborn things so there’ll be a place to change baby and keep his diapers.

I haven’t had a baby in ten years. I don’t even know how to have a baby anymore. I don’t even remember how to diaper a baby.

I’m scared! This is real. This is going to happen. And every year from now on I’ll be planning an April birthday celebration. So funny. So exciting. So nerve-wracking.

Oh, Lord, how do I do this? Because I’m not ready!

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