Birth Date

The weather here is gorgeous. Today is the third day of beautiful 70 degree weather and I love it. When not in bed, resting on my side, I’m sitting in a chair in the sun soaking it up, soaking it in. I even propped my Alpha Smart on my belly and typed as best as I could until I had to return to bed to rest.

I saw the doctor today and we have a delivery date. Mac will arrive on April 26th via C-section sometime that Sunday morning. I’m going to have a son with an April birthday. It’s so strange. But still not quite real. April 26th isn’t far away at all… nineteen days.

Nineteen days.

The bad thing is Shey’s book won’t be done. It was going to be really really close as it was, but every day I write a little slower and my brain’s trying so hard, but moving his delivery up by almost a week throws a huge wrench into the mix. I have to find childcare for big boys. Have to figure out where everybody will be sleeping as remodel still won’t be done. Have to finally pull stuff out of the attic and organize some of the newborn things so there’ll be a place to change baby and keep his diapers.

I haven’t had a baby in ten years. I don’t even know how to have a baby anymore. I don’t even remember how to diaper a baby.

I’m scared! This is real. This is going to happen. And every year from now on I’ll be planning an April birthday celebration. So funny. So exciting. So nerve-wracking.

Oh, Lord, how do I do this? Because I’m not ready!


  1. Whew…I can’t imagine trying to concentrate and finish a book while all that is going on. Hopefully things will calm down for you soon before Mac arrives. Everything will work out, it always does. Don’t worry about the diaper changing, trust me , it’ll all come back to you! You are going to be a wonderful Mom and love every minute of it, all over again! 🙂

  2. Hi Jane,

    How exciting!!! It is finally going to happen!!! I am so happy for you!!! I need to calm down, I act like I am going to have a baby !!! You will be just fine. I will say a little prayer for you that you will be calm and peaceful. Enjoy.

  3. Remember the first time. You definitely know more than you did then, and when the time comes, you will be ready. It’s just how nature makes it all work out. I remember at one point how scared I was of having my baby come out and saying, no there must be another way!

  4. Jane,

    Relax and breathe. The very first second you see Baby Mac all will be well,and you will be great!
    One look at your son’s dear ,little face, will take all of your anxiety away . You have waited a long time for this precious miracle, now enjoy.
    Take care of yourself!!!!

  5. Oh this great! It will all come back to you and you’ll be in the swing of things in no time. I had never held a newborn till I had my little one in January. No it all feels very comfortable.

  6. Relax you are going to be fine.
    You have already have had two perfect little boys . I bet it will be like getting back on a bike after a few years. It will all come back real quick plus you will have surfer Ty right their helping you. Don’t fret, just think how much better diapers are than they were 10 years ago. They have so many new dodads to make bringing up baby easier.

  7. Hi, Jane:

    What wonderful news and April 26th is my “adopted daughter” Lisa’s birthday. She and my oldest have been friends since they were four.

    Don’t worry about the diapering, feeding, etc. I knew just what to do when my grandsons were born and I hadn’t been around babies for 22 years. It will all come back to you and your maternal instinct will kick in with a vengeance – trust me.
    I discovered today that one of my customers is having her second child at the age of 41 (second marriage) and has a daughter who is 22 and a senior in college. I shared your story with her and she can’t wait to check out your web page. She has seen Flirting with Forty but didn’t know about your pregnancy. She is equally as nervous and is also having a boy, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her. Her due date is August 13th.

    Best of luck to you and make sure you ask for help in preparing for your new arrival. You will be a Super Mom – but don’t try to be Supermom!!

  8. You’re going to do great! It was eight years before my first and second child and I went through the same panic. Then I realized it’s even easier to take care of a baby these days! You’ll fall right back into it.

    April 26th is a great day – my husband’s birthday. 🙂

  9. Jane,
    You have nothing to worry about, you have had two babies and it is like riding a bike, it will all come back to you. My bosses birthday is in late March, and she loves it because spring is the “re-birth” season and the whole country is celebrating life with flowers poking out of the ground and the trees are in bloom. How exciting! A baby sleeps so much you can write during the “down” times and get that book done in now time. To have a due date is so exciting, we are all anticipating the big event and are “pushing” for you!

  10. I think having another baby is like riding a bike– it all comes back to you. 🙂

    I’m so excited for you! This is a wonderful time of year for a baby.

    Plus, don’t forget that in nineteen days (or less!) Surfer Ty will be back. 🙂

  11. April b-day’s are grand (since I’m an April b-day.) Congrats on a delivery date.

    And if it is any consolation… April 26 is the date of Shakespeare’s baptism.

  12. April is a great month for a birthday. My oldest will be 5 tomorrow, my Dad was born on April 13th and my wedding Anniversary is the 26th-great day for Mac to be born!!! I’m so anxious to see him and hopefully meet him one day! I’m sure once you have that little guy in your arms, it will all come back to you!!!

  13. Step One: Breathe.

    Step Two: Repeat.

    Step Three: Pick one thing and start there.

    You can do this, Jane. You are smart, capable and amazing.

  14. Jane,
    congrats on having a date!!! How exciting!!! Relax, enjoy the sunshine and rest!! it will all work out fine. As soon as you see his beautiful little face, all your fears will fade away!
    April is a wonderful month to have a birthday! everything is blooming 🙂

  15. I’m so happy and excited for you and your family! I will be sending prayers and positive thoughts your way on April 26! You already are an amazing mom and person and will continue to be!

  16. You will be great! There is ten years between my two girls. When I met my second husband I never dreamed we would have a baby. I was enjoying the freedom a 10-year-old brings and loving being out of a horrible marriage. Bill wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids and I had a record of lots of miscarriages…then a miracle…along came a baby into our lives. It joined our family in a special way. My daughter now had a sister!

    And yes, it all came back to me.

    Mac is going to be an amazing addition to your family.

  17. Jane, it will all come back to you, just like it was yesterday. In the past 10 years, there have been so many new products & updates on others that it will be even easier than it was 10 years ago. I imagine it is scary, though, but everything will fall into place. April is the month of renewal…everything comes back to life, fresh & new. A new baby, a new life, the perfect month for your precious gift.

  18. It’s nice to know when it’ll happen so you can plan ahead as you’re doing and keep your ‘appointment’. April is ok, my husband is an April 26 birthday as is his nephew. We have two sets of children (older now). The first set are 3 years apart, then an 8 year rest for another set almost 3 years apart. It was absoutely wonderful and would do it again. Our house was always in the building stages and we all survived that and were always close, still are. There is a much greater focus on conveniences these days, so you’ll enjoy all that too. You’ll be surprised at what comes back to you and your little family will grow together, helping and learning. Boys are so much easier to raise, I have three and they are and always have been so pleasant. Go get your Peeps supply and put Shey on the back burner for now. It’s your turn now and you certainly do need to cut out any stress. Remember that you are only human, creative juices will continue to flow, but also deadlines can be extended. The next few weeks should be the happiest for you so let go of the things that interfer in your well being and concentrate on your boys. The sky is not falling…it’s just making way for the stork to find

  19. Jane!
    I know you’re so overwhelmed now! I know I would feel the same. Remember that Ty will be there too so you won’t be alone.

    Wow! I can’t believe that they chose a Sunday! (That’s my first thought! lol)

    I know that everything will be more than fine. Babies never come when its comvenient — even if you get to choose the day! You and the baby are the most important thing thing — and Ty and your big boys. The book will get done and so will everything else.

    And believe me! You will know what to do with the baby! After 25 months I thought I couldn’t remember what to do. You just know! And all those baby gagets are so much cooler now than they were 10 years ago! There are so many things to make life easier and more fun.

    Concentrate on your family. Everything else will fall into place.

    I am sending big hugs! (I would send peeps too but I haven’t even bought mine yet!)


  20. Congratulations and best of luck on the big day. You will to GREAT! You are amazing with all the things you handle and do every day. Your boys will be a ton of help (at least until the excitment wears off for them) but they will love having a new baby around. Just think in a couple months you will all be looking out at the ocean in Hawaii and all your worries will melt away. Good Luck – we’re all thinking about you.

  21. Awesome Jane! It was 12 years between my oldest son and my next son. The oldest now 16, helps out with the little ones. You will do great. 🙂 Best wishes, Traci

  22. Yay! What wonderful news…I have an April boy too, congratulations!

    Sounds like you are on the right path, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. It will soon enough be hectic and noisy with a new beautiful baby boy!

    Take care!

  23. You can do this Jane you’ve done this before and they’ve turned out fine.

    How exciting congrats yet again!

  24. How exciting to have a date! I hope you have a wonderful birth experience and I can’t wait to hear the details of little Mac’s birthday!



  25. You will be fine and I am so excited for you! If you need help it looks like there are a lot of women on here to offer some advice! Best wishes!

  26. Congratulations! I have two boys with April birthdays! April 2 and 25th! The birth stone is a diamond-so it’s pretty and sparkly!
    I think having a baby is like riding a bike…you just don’t forget! I know you are in panic mode with everything you need to do to get ready but it will be okay! You’ll be in the swing of things in no time!
    Congratulations again!!!!!

  27. Happy Birthday, Baby Mac! and Mommy Jane, don’t you worry. Once Baby Mac makes his entrance and smiles at you, everything will all come back to you plus more. So for now, just relax, enjoy the beautiful weather and just be Jane.


  28. I have twins born it April. Your post takes me back to when I was preparing for their birth and I already had a two-year-old. They were c-section as well and even though I had a toddler, I was scared to death to suddenly have two babies to care for. Good Luck, you will do awesome!

  29. Oh Jane they say it will all come back to you. I don’t think you ever forget. Mac will be born about two days before my birthday, so I know its a great month. Hang in there girl, things will work out. We didn’t have a place for my son when he was born either, we where adding onto the house, but we managed.

  30. I am ten years older then my brother. He is my best sibling. I love him more then my sisters. I am so glad my Dad remarried and had him.
    I’m sure this will be the same for the boys and Mac. Mom’s lil helpers…they will be very into the new boy.
    Take some time to think on the joy the new one will bring and all the rest will fade away. After all…you love being a mother! so relax. Mac wont know the addition wasnt done or care. He will wear a diaper no matter how weird it is put on. And the book will be there when you are ready.
    Breath..let God lead.
    Congratulations to you and Ty…and the boys!

  31. HI Jane,

    Congratulations! Don’t worry about delivery or motherhood. I’m sure it will be great and you are a natural.

  32. Congratuations, Jane!! So exciting to know you are going to have a little one soon! 🙂 Just to be able to hold baby Mac is going to be an amazing day. I can understand your fear too. I haven’t had a newborn around in 13 years. Time goes fast! You’ll pick it all up quickly and be in the swing of things soon. Take good care of yourself and I look forward to hearing more updates!

  33. Once you look into his eyes, all the “mommy” stuff will come into full swing (and if it doesn’t his adorable little cry will get the ball rollin’)!

    How exciting! I have had 2 c-sections…not fun at all…make sure you “prepare” yourself!

    xx’s to you and the “April Angel”!

  34. My guy is coming June 26th by section, and I’m on the bedrest too.

    Hugs. Everything will go smoothly, but I understand what you’re going through.

  35. I think it’s always nice to have a designated end date (two of my four were inductions and it was so nice to know I wouldn’t have to wait past a certain date).

    I’m surprised they’re doing it on a Sunday… but the old nursery rhyme says Sunday’s child will be bonny, blythe, happy and gay — so enjoy your happy little boy.

    You’ll see, everything will fall into place and you’ll step right back into the Mom zone. It will be fine and so will you!

  36. Hi Jane,
    I think you’ll fall right into taking care of a baby once you have him. How exciting to know his birthday already. I hope you rest and relax a little before the big day.

  37. Hi Jane! Congratulations to you and Ty and the boys on the arrival date of Baby Mac!! Very exciting news indeed! I know it feels like there’s a million things to do and not enough hours in the day but you have your priorities in order so don’t worry. Everything will be just fine! Ty will be back before you know it and if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. You’ll do great, I know it!

    Love & hugs,
    Christine xox

  38. Congratulations!
    Don’t worry, it all comes back to you. My three (all via c-section) are now in their late teens, so when I started watching my niece at 4 months, I was surprised how quickly it all comes back. And as for having a “C”…my babies were so mellow and beautiful at birth – it was well worth it (and the follow up drugs are pretty good too). All will be well.

  39. Exciting!! Isn’t having a baby like riding a bicycle, in that it will all come back to you?? You will be great! I will have to send you our Thymes Sweetleaf Baby lotions & stuff. 🙂

  40. Ten years age difference actually worked out really well for us – the elder is able to have such a helpful, sweet, non-jealous type of relationship with the little one. My youngest was born by C-section on April 29, so I’ll be thinking of you around that time. Best to you all.

  41. Jane,

    It’s like riding a bike!! But a little more stinky!! You are such a nurturing person, and such a good mom, you will be fine! And I am sure there will be an adjustment but you’ll relax a little more and deal with it…because that is what we do as moms. We just find a way to deal with it and make it work. Wish we weren’t across the country from each other or I would help you sort out the stuff!!

  42. Piece of cake, mama! You will look into that sweet face and it’ll all come back to you. All of the baby gadgets are so much better now than when I had my two. Wow, so excited for you all; what a fun time.
    I can’t believe you have to try and finish Shey’s story. Don’t envy you there but am sure that it will all get done in its time. You can’t force her story out of you! You’re so good at all you do, just let it all flow naturally (not in the delivery room–go epidural!).

    Take good care Jane and keep up the warm, sweet posts. Stock up on Peeps baby–they’re almost gone for a whole year.

    Shannon in Tustin

  43. My oldest baby turns 18 on April 25th this year! You never forget how to diaper- it’s like riding a bike! You’ll just get more proficient and faster…plus there are so many cools things out now for babies that they didn’t have 10 years ago! Keep up your positive attitude, rest,relax and enjoy the now- because once Mac is here- you won’t be sleeping and life will never (happily) be the same!

  44. Jane, you’ll be FINE. Maybe when Mac is 6 months old you’ll find a young 5th grader in your neighborhood who will babysit because she just took a class in baby-sitting from your local hospital…oh wait, that was you!! And the mother was me and the baby is now a almost 34-year-old surgical nurse. Hey, Jane, send me your mailing address and I’ll send you a special gift from our new online store since you are undoubtedly going to have a cute custom baby!

  45. Hey beautiful lady!
    I don’t know if you’ll see this –I have been behind in my blog reading… and since this is a couple days past the post date – humph.
    I am an April birthday. We are strong, loyal to a fault and love life even in adversity. Mac will be amazing because he has been brought forth by two people who not only love each other emensely, but already love him as well.
    Spring is a time of renewal and that’s how spring babies feel each year – like we’re getting a new chance to make the year something special.
    I bet you’re feelin’ nervous – it would kinda seem like you’re having a baby for the first time again. But you have love and humor on your side. Embrace them every day as you bring sweet Mac into this crazy world and learn all over again how to do day-to-day. It’ll come back fast. I have 6 years between my girls and I felt the same way. Once you hold a little mini Surfer Ty in your arms, and he’s smilin’ back at you, nothing else will matter.
    Take care of you Janie – we luv ya kiddo, and we’re all excited for you!
    peace out

  46. Jane, during our conversation when we were flying from Dallas to Seattle in January, I told you I’d love to make chocolate baby announcement favors for you. The offer is still on. Please contact me a.s.a.p. so I can make them and get them to you. Take care, Sue

  47. Hi Jane. If I was in Washington I’d come help you out. My 45 year old brother remarried & had a 3rd son last year. His other boys are 21 & 24 years old. Its just like riding a bike. You’ll remember everything when the times comes.You’ll do great. And remember that you’ll have 2 great little helpers.

  48. Jane,
    I am late posting this, so I hope you still get the message… I was due with my youngest son on April 26, 2000. I ended being induced on April 24th and had him April 25. Just one more thing we have in common. I wish you all of the luck in the world, and don’t worry… all of that baby stuff will come back to you. Just think, when you had your first, you didn’t know what to do either and it just came to you!



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