Little Thoughts & A Mad World

I’m writing this blog to Adam Lambert’s Mad World which I just bought and downloaded from iTunes. For those who don’t watch American Idol, Adam is one of the show’s contestants but he’s so much bigger than the show. He’s going to have an amazing career and I will be one of the first in line to buy his future CD. There’s so much emotion and expression in his voice. He’s not just an artist, but he’s the kind of artist I like to write to. His voice inspires me. Lets the words loose. Makes writing fun.

The countdown is on for Sunday. It’s almost all I think about.

Surfer Ty’s en-route from Hawaii as I type, landing in Seattle at 10:30 tonight. He’ll be here for the next month. He’s never been here for that long. It’s cool to know that I won’t have to say goodbye to him anytime soon.

Since Mac and Jake’s bedrooms won’t be ready until mid May due to delay in the remodel, I’ve cleaned out part of my bedroom for bassinet and rocking chair, cleared off my dresser and topped it with a changing pad, and made space on my bookshelves for baskets of newborn clothes and blankets. It wasn’t the plan–we were supposed to have a darling little nursery ready for him–but such is life.

I’m reading the final chapter in What to Expect When You’re Expecting and the first couple chapters in my baby books on newborn care. Jake noticed and asked me why. I tell him I’m nervous.  And a little scared. Babies change everything, and even though this is a much wanted baby, I’m a little overwhelmed by it all. Soon Mac will be here and nothing will ever be quite the same.

And presents arrive.

Friends and family are calling.

I guess I’m ready.

Wish it wouldn’t hurt.

Hope recovery won’t be too bad.

It’s not that I can’t handle pain, but it’s the mental thing…the unknown. It’s leaving the big boys to go to the hospital, the worry that they won’t get enough TLC while I’m fussing with the new little guy, the worry that things will fall apart if I’m not on top of my game, in control of everything.

I’ve asked my web designer, the incredibly brilliant and loyal and dedicated Emily Cotler of to post the news once Mac arrives, and then once we have some pics of the little guy she’s promised to upload those here on my blog as well. So Sunday we should have details here and then by Tuesday or Wednesday, some first baby pics. Again, all the news will be here on my JaneBlog so if you’re curious, check in.

In the meantime tell me what your plans are for this weekend. Tell me what you’re reading, watching, thinking, dreaming. Tell me anything and everything because I need to relax and I definitely have some time on my hands. And as a thank you for taking time to share and chat, I’ll give away two fun mystery prizes that are great prizes, but surprise prizes since I’m getting surprises in the mail. The contest will be open through Friday night midnight PST and then on Saturday morning I’ll announce the two winners.

Love to all my readers and friends. You rock.

You make my life pretty dang sweet.

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