Happy Monday

Happy Monday, everyone. It was a relatively quiet weekend for me with the highlight being a 90 minute pre-natal massage on Sunday followed by a girls lunch out, my ‘baby gift’ from Lisa and Monica, two of my Bellevue friends. I loved the massage, and needed it, too. Sleep is becoming more and more elusive and now that Mac has changed position and dropped—that’s right, he flipped into the correct position sometime last week—I can tell that my body’s getting ready to kick that little guy out into the world. I’m excited but definitely more emotional than I was a couple weeks ago. It’ll be such a relief to finally have him here. And in six (six!) days he will be.

Since my boys were at their dad’s this weekend I also had plenty of time to think, and I spent a lot of time thinking about your comments on my blog, “Do You Reader Review?” I thought it was really interesting to see that most of you are influenced by reviews, and that a great number of you also review, if not at Amazon then over at Shelfari or a blog somewhere, maybe even your own.

Thank you all very much for your input about reader reviews, and congratulations again to our three winners—yes, I had to pick three, couldn’t pick just one—I hope you’ll enjoy those gift cards and JP reader goodies.

As some of you emailed me privately to say you’d like to post a review for one of my books, I’ve pulled together some handy links to my pages over at Amazon.com:

Mrs. Perfect, Odd Mom Out, Flirting with Forty, The Frog Prince.

And here is the link for Easy on the Eyes

Ah, but wait.

You haven’t read Easy yet. In fact, it’s not even out for another couple months.

But you can read it. If you win an Advanced Reading Copy. And I have some copies here in my office I’m dying to give away to my wonderful readers.

Here’s how you can maybe win one of those Easy On The Eyes ARCs: Over the next couple of months while we wait for it to come out, (and while I am trying to get as much sleep as I can with a newborn in the house) I’ll be posting questions from my reader’s guides for Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect, the two books that share some characters with Easy on the Eyes, in future blogs. If you’ve read the books and want to discuss them, here’s your chance. All you’d have to do is answer the questions and we’ll have our own mini book club on my blog. You can comment on a single question from one of the books, or on all the questions, but every blog with new questions and discussion will have a winner, and the winner will received an ARC of Easy on the Eyes—with no reader review required. 🙂

I’m going to be joining in on the blog book discussions as much as I can, so this will be a chance to share what you think, and ask me, the author, what I think, or what I intended, and I’m excited about some of the possible discussions. Hope you like the idea. I think we’re going to have a great time.

The first mini book club blog will be posted next week so keep your eyes peeled, and let’s get ready to talk!

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