You Tube Surprise

Everyone’s talking about Susan Boyle.  She’s a hit.  A break out star.  A total surprise and delight.

I hadn’t heard of her until Tuesday when one of my Facebook friends, Diana Hill, sent me the most amazing link and told me to watch it.  I was suspicious at first, thinking it was a gag video and even watching it, I kept thinking it was a gag video.  She was lip synching.  She was faking it.  She didn’t really have that voice.

But she did.  The video’s real.  She’s real.

Magic.  Absolute magic and joy.

I’m sure you’ve seen the You Tube video by now as it’s been on the Today Show, featured on’s home page, and even splashed across the front page of yesterday’s Seattle Times.  But it’s still wonderful, even days later.  It reminds me tha we don’t know everything and we can’t ever judge a book by its cover.

So watch this clip if you haven’t, or if you have, watch it one more time and celebrate the sheer beauty of the human spirit.  This woman triumphed and every time I watch this video I cry and cheer for her.  Moments like these should be shared with others.  It’s not about the “I, me, self” winning.  It’s about hope and love and the state of grace.  Susan Boyle, you have given me such joy.  Thank you.

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Much love, and may your weekend be full of wonder and joy.



  1. I have to admit to being such a NON-American Idol person that I avoided the video until now.

    It brought tears to my eyes. Who would have thought? Truly amazing.

  2. I saw this video earlier this week and was in awe. What a beautiful voice, what way to show those (like Simon) that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Seriously, the look on Simon’s face alone was worth it. Susan Boyle, you are a superemely talented woman and I wish you all the best!

  3. Hi Jane: Thanks for sharing this. I hadn’t seen it anywhere; must have been under a rock! There are no words for her; fantastic, humble, inspiring (I feel like Charlotte and Wilbur)!!

    You, too have a fantastic weekend.

    Shannon in Tustin

  4. Jane,
    I saw the clip on the CBS evening news earlier in the week. I got up early and had to watch the CBS Early Show just to see the interview with Susan in her home yesterday morning. She sang acapella and it was just as wonderful as on the show.

    When I heard her sing the first time I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Evey time that I have watched her sing I still get teary eyed. The song she sang is a very lovely piece of music.

    Susan has been such an underdog her entire life and for something for this to happen it makes me feel like no matter how old you get your dreams can still come true.

    Susan Boyle was gifted with an amazing voice and seems to be such a sweet and genuine lady.

    The look on Simon’s face on Britain’s Got Talent was priceless.
    I wish there was a way to watch Britain’s Got Talent over here in the states.

  5. What a breath of fresh air she is? We circulated it at work and all cried the first time we listen to her singing. I loved the looks on Simon and Pierce’s faces, they were ambushed.

    I’m developing an addiction to that song (like I need another addiction), I have to listen to it at least once a day. I sent the link to all my friends and today I received another recording of her singing a more jazzy piece. She is a winner already.

  6. Susan Boyle really is something! I been seeing this video all week and the look on Simons face if priceless! I am a big American Idol fan, so I know how Simon is!

  7. Susan Boyle is an inspiration to us all. She has walked on to the stage with her hopes and dreams, and everyone is sitting there judging the book by its cover, and then she sings! She is an absolute angel and the biggest motivation to succeed at whatever dreams or goals we have. I just cannot stop smiling when I see the video of this – each time it grips my heart. Susan is a treasure and I loved the way Simon reacted to it all, he was absolutely lovely too 🙂

  8. I thought Susan’s performance was so inspiring, I had my three kids sit down and watch it. They are just like the audience members, rolling their eyes thinking this woman was going to be a bomb. Their expressions were as priceless as Simon’s. What an inspiration! Just another reminder that you cannot judge a book by its cover!

  9. Susan Boyle is awesome and amazing. Her voice is a true gift. She moves me to tears watching her and what is so impressive is that you don’t think it’s an effort for her… it just flows out of her. I sincerely hope she realizes all her dreams, and then some.

  10. I cried too when I watched Susan. She is inspiring a lot of people. I wish we could get the show in the USA. I like Simon, don’t ask me why but seeing him smile at Susan was nice.

    I hope Susan’s dreams come true and that she is happy 🙂

  11. Hi Jane! This woman is so sweet and funny. I laughed out loud and cried with joy at her amazing spirit and triumph. I enjoyed it and felt so much better afterward.

  12. I just love that woman! I love the whole thing, Simon looking like he is falling in love, her singing, the audience and everyone freaking out. And I love the end where Amanda says she gives her a yes and Susan goes, “Amanda, you too?” like she actually thought Amanda might say no! I love Susan Boyle. I need a tshirt with that on it!

  13. oh and there is also a clip on youtube where she is singing about 10 years ago on a charity tape, and the song she sings is “cry me a river” Go find it, her voice is incredible.

  14. Hi Jane,

    Yes, the voice of an angel. I also found the link to her singing Cry Me A River, the Ella Fitzgerald classic (covered by many including Joe Cocker) and Susan does it wonderfully well. A rare talent.


  15. I have watched that video three times, and cried every single time….and I’m not even pregnant! 😉 She is wonderful…and Les Miserables is my absolute favorite musical – I Dreamed a Dream being one of my favorite pieces from the musical.

  16. It’s a shame they had to base their opinions on her looks. You go girl! I was deeply moved by her singing! What a fantastic voice! Flawless! I checked out her youtube song from a charity album. It is great!!!! Thanks for bringing this lady to my attention. I’m also 47 so it is great to see someone my age make an impact on the world! Yeeeehaaaa!

  17. I have seen the performance of Susan Boyle and it is never short of excellent. Definitely one of the best voices out there. –

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