You Tube Surprise

Everyone’s talking about Susan Boyle.  She’s a hit.  A break out star.  A total surprise and delight.

I hadn’t heard of her until Tuesday when one of my Facebook friends, Diana Hill, sent me the most amazing link and told me to watch it.  I was suspicious at first, thinking it was a gag video and even watching it, I kept thinking it was a gag video.  She was lip synching.  She was faking it.  She didn’t really have that voice.

But she did.  The video’s real.  She’s real.

Magic.  Absolute magic and joy.

I’m sure you’ve seen the You Tube video by now as it’s been on the Today Show, featured on’s home page, and even splashed across the front page of yesterday’s Seattle Times.  But it’s still wonderful, even days later.  It reminds me tha we don’t know everything and we can’t ever judge a book by its cover.

So watch this clip if you haven’t, or if you have, watch it one more time and celebrate the sheer beauty of the human spirit.  This woman triumphed and every time I watch this video I cry and cheer for her.  Moments like these should be shared with others.  It’s not about the “I, me, self” winning.  It’s about hope and love and the state of grace.  Susan Boyle, you have given me such joy.  Thank you.

And don’t forget to tell me your opinion on reader reviewing. The contest is open though tomorrow — I am really interested in your opinions and feedback.

Much love, and may your weekend be full of wonder and joy.


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