Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day weekend is here and my big boys have left to be with their dad, and my littlest boy is here in Bellevue with me while his dad, Ty, teaches surfing in sunny Waikiki.   Business has really picked up again in Hawaii so Ty has to be there now, but I am sorry we can’t be with Ty for his first Father’s Day.  Every great dad should be celebrated and Surfer Ty is a great dad.  He’s so loving with Mac and he can’t keep his hands off his baby.  In fact, when we were flying to Southern California last week for my family reunion, he told the flight attendant that ‘this lady keeps touching my baby.’ 

‘This lady’ being me.

The flight attendant and I had a good laugh about it, but I’m glad Ty loves his baby so much.  Dads need their kids, and kids need their dads.   My dad died when I was fifteen and although I’ve lived a rich, rewarding life, there’s always been a piece of my heart missing since his death.  Dads play with kids different than moms.  Dads tease and laugh and rough-house.  Dads are well…dads.

In honor of Surfer Ty’s first Father’s Day, and to celebrate all the wonderful fathers out there, I’m doing a weekend Father’s Day contest, with the prize being a big orange tote bag packed full of summer essentials ( like candles, lip gloss, fun make up and more), and a copy of the Flirting with Forty movie now released on dvd. 

To enter the contest all you have to do is post a comment below.  Tell me about your weekend plans, what you’ll be doing for Father’s Day, or how your world is right now, and you’re entered.  That’s it.  And I really do want to hear from you as I’ve missed chatting and miss you and would love to catch up.  The contest ends Sunday night midnight PST and the winner will be announced on Monday.  (Do make sure to check back to see if you won.  I have a bunch of blog prizes that have gone unclaimed in the last month, including two Easy On The Eyes arcs.  And if you won a prize but haven’t gotten it yet, or haven’t heard a confirmation from me after you emailed me your address, email me again.  Don’t be shy!  My server has issues with my web mail and sometimes emails get lost and I really do want you to get your fun stuff.)

Oh!  And Mac…how is Baby Mac?  Well, he’s still my yummy boy and he turns eight weeks old this Sunday.  We saw the doctor today for his 2 month check up and Mac’s finally hit nine pounds, and he does love to eat only it’s hard for him to keep most of it down.  We’re still working on finding ways to deal with the acid reflux but when he’s calm, he’s full of smiles for his Mommy, and he’ll coo to catch his brothers’ attention.   The trick is just getting his tummy settled so he can be the happy baby he likes to be.

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