Book Club Monday #7

Here we are at week 7 of the online book club, and what a tremendous success it has been! The release of Easy on the Eyes is just weeks away, and your responses to my reader’s guide questions about Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect—my two books that feature some of the same characters from Easy on the Eyes—have made me even more excited about it. I love reading your opinions and fielding your questions, but here’s the best part: your comment on each book club question enters you to win an Advanced Reading Copy of Easy on the Eyes. Read it before you can buy it!

Last week we discussed Odd Mom Out. This week let’s discuss another question from Mrs. Perfect:

What did you think of Taylor’s relationship with her mother? Do you like your mother? In what ways has Taylor’s childhood help shape her into the woman she is? Did you find that as you knew more about her past, you were able to be more understanding of her personality and the expectations she put on herself, her family, and anyone else in her life?

Feel free to contribute without having read Mrs. Perfect, but be warned that the comments that follow may contain spoilers.

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About TIMING of PRIZES: The winner will be drawn (randomly, of course) shortly after the next book club gets posted. So, sometime next Monday, when I find a sliver of time between sleeping and caring for a itty-bitty baby, I will do the winner thing. If it waits until Tuesday, no one stress, okay? Thanks! And thanks for participating!

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  1. Taylor’s lack of relationship with her mother broke my heart, but I did love how her mother and step-father (? trusting my memory here, it’s been a while since I read it) showed up when she really needed them.

    I sometimes have a hard time relating with my own mother, but it’s just normal mother-daughter conflict, and I know I can always count on her and vice versa.

  2. I think our mother’s have a lot to do with how we turn out and I think knowing someone’s past always helps understand them. It doesn’t necessarily change how we feel about them but it does help understand them. 🙂

  3. I got stressed when Taylor dropped an important meeting – for doctors appt.
    I could feel that pressure but I was glad that Taylor did what was right, but worried for her too.

  4. I felt sad that Taylor felt she had to hide her past because she felt ashamed of it. That certainly shaped the person she became or strived to become. Not everyone gets along with their mother. I was very lucky to– notthat there were moments that she didn’t irritate me! 🙂 But I think that Taylor was surprised that her mom was there when she needed her the most. And I loved that. I think Taylor learned a huge lesson with that.

    Hope things are getting easier with Baby Mac!

  5. knowing about one’s past definitely helps in understanding what they do and why.
    My Mom was there for me always but we didn’t always get along.

  6. I think it was easier to understand Taylor and why she is the way she is but I think she went overboard on it. Yes, I think our relationships with our mothers shape us and it is helpful to know that in your friends. It was nice that her mother was there for her when she needed her and I’m glad that it seemed as the book ended that the door would be open for them to see each other on a regular basis.

  7. I have not read the book yet, so I am not sure about Taylor’s mom. I know when I was growing up I did not get along with my Mom. I had a lot of anger towards her because she was never around and my Grandparent’s basically raised me. I also felt as if I had little respect from my mother. She would always acuse me of lying when I wasn’t. That was the worst, especially since I was a good kid that never got into trouble. I ended up moving out of my parent’s house at a very young age because of these things. Ever since I moved out and don’t have to live with my mom, she is my best friend and we talk about 5 times a day! Funny how things can change!!

  8. I liked her mom. I think you did a great job of showing her mother as an individual whose choices impacted those she loved, and how she lived with them. I liked how her mom is there for her, quietly showing her love because that’s as close as Taylor will allow her to get.

  9. Unfortunately I haven’t read this book yet so I can’t comment about Taylor’s mother. I do feel our mothers have a lot to do with how we turn out and who we become. It is not always easy to be a Mom in todays society. Some people think your horible if you work and send your children to childcare. Some people think if you stay at home all day, you don’t have a life. It’s really funny how some people find the worst in everything others do. I think as long as you try your best to be a good mom and provide and LOVE your family, you’re doing a great job! 🙂

  10. I loved how Taylor’s mom and stepdad came through for her at the end. I remember how Taylor was so unbelievable phony and how she became real through all her struggles. It was a wonderful story that left me with hope. It reminded me that people can change. I think my favorite part though (and I realize this is off topic) was when she started over in her new house. That whole chapter of her life really moved me. Just thinking about her struggles makes me think that anything can be conquered with love, patience and determination.

    My relationship with my mom has always been good, not super close or best friend type relationship but still good. I am there for her as she is here for me. I wish our relationship were closer but I am happy she is alive and still there for me whenever I need her or she needs me.

  11. I have not yet read the book but from above posts its sounds like a difficult relationship.

    I love and adore my mom. I just could not imagine life with out her. We talk or see each other daily, she will call me on my way to work and talk with me until I arrive so she knows that I am safe. She has also been an amazing grand parent to my chldren. She has helped me raise them as a second parent. She attends award ceremonies, sporting events, band concerts, knows most of the other moms around and sneaks special treats to my children without me knowing. They really love when she cooks for them. I just don’t know what I would do with out my mom. Many of us dread becoming our parents…I dream of it!

  12. I think Taylor’s past definitely had a major influence.
    I have a wonderful relationship with my mom. She is my closest friend.

  13. My mom was always supportive of me and all her eight children. She was an easy touch for some of her grown “kids” and sometimes enabled bad behavior, but she did it out of love. She worked hard all her life and when she was dying she said the only regret of her hard life was that she wasn’t able to pay for college for us. She was a female of the “greatest generation” and wore the same winter coat for ten years to spend money on kids’ clothes instead. I loved to buy her gifts when I grew up and had a job, and I miss her every day. She was the best.

  14. One of my favorite memories of my Mom is of her soapy, soft, plump hands washing my little 4 year old hands…quiet…prayer like.
    I loved it. I loved it again when I washed my own little boys’ hands and thought of Mom. In January, my first Grandchild will be born and I will once again pass on Mom’s love in this graceful fashion.

  15. Taylor’s complex relationship with and feelings about her mother really made her character easier to like and understand. Even those who adore their mothers can relate to this.

    I had a lot of anger and irritation at my own Mom, but becoming one myself helped me work through that. Humbling isn’t it? Part of me blamed my own shortcomings on her parenting skills. Learning I could do something about these faults or learn to live with them was very empowering. I only wish I could do the same for her.

  16. I know I have a lot of traits of my mother and I certainly look like her but at some point, we have to recognize the things we don’t like and change them. I try to keep that in mind when I am worried of being my mother.

  17. I think our mothers play a key roll as to what we are today. I didn’t always get along with my mother, but I miss her so much today and wish I had listen more to what she had to say.

  18. Taylor was so concerned with appearances in the first part of the book and wanted to keep her mother and step-father away from her Bellevue life. I loved the way her parents stepped in to help her without placing guilt trips.

    My mother was a master of the guilt trip. That said, she passed away almost 8 years ago and I would gladly take the guilt trips to have her around!

  19. My mother has been my best friend throughout all my life. We’ve always been close even when I was a rebellious teenager. I respect all that she has done to make me who I am – a successful, strong, educated & independent woman.

  20. Well, I don’t think she had a good relationship with her mother growing up nor as an adult. That is why Taylor had to maintain this perfect life from the past where she had little control. Taylor couldn’t help herself – she had to be Mrs Perfect. But look how her mother came through for her when all was bleak as mothers do I think they both showed a bit more respect for each other. Mothers! we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. I really wish I could do over the last couple of years of my mother’s life you know – make it perfect for her.

  21. Mrs. Perfect is such a thought-provoking book for me personally because in my marriage we have experience the easy, rolling-in-dough times and then the financial reversals as well. Although our highs were not as high and our lows not as low as Taylor & Nathan’s.
    It is very easy to have a glossy $$$ exterior and be emotionally very brittle inside. I love that at the point when it all goes to hell in Taylor’s life, that’s when grace and vulnerability and humor has a chance to step into her life. Her mother is a big part of that. And I loved the fact that the mother and stepfather do their work with dignity and then silently go their way. No big hug-fest or tearful confessions– but a quiet new understanding and appreciation of each other. That is good writing.

  22. Blog Book Club Contest Winner!

    Good morning, everyone. I’ve randomly drawn a name out of a hat and this is what I got:

    Congratulations to #9 Arlene, you are this contest’s winner. Please send me a private email with your address and we’ll get your ARC of Easy on the Eyes out in the mail to you.

    Thanks to everyone for discussing the novel and let’s have another great conversation this week! I hope to see everyone’s reader reviews online (at your blog, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, Facebook…).


  23. As I got to know more about Taylor and the relationship she had with her mother, I could see why she did the things she did.

    Your mother can be like a good friend or like your worst enemy. It’s important for children to have love and support as they grow up. Otherwise, there’s problems making good life choices and dealing with every day issues.

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