VINTAGE JANE: Book-Inspired Cocktails

I admit it: when not pregnant or nursing, I love fun, fruity cocktails.  I also love sharing recipes for book-inspired drinks with my readers just because they’re fun.  One of my favorite drinks to order when I first arrive in Hawaii is a Mai Tai.  I love the pineapple, the tangy juices and that float of rum.   And when writing Flirting With Forty, I pictured Jackie sitting poolside and savoring a Mai Tai or a Honolulu Sensation, one of the tropical cocktails I shared as a Flirting book extra. These drinks, as well as those I included in the exclusive Flirting With Forty cookbook get me in the Hawaiian spirit with every sip.

But the Flirting receipes weren’t my first.  I got the idea to celebrate  The Frog Prince with some yummy recipes from the book, that we also served at my San Francisco launch party.  To share the recipes with my readers, I made some printable recipe cards featuring the Frogarita and Princesstini — my book-themed takes on the margarita and Cosmo respectively — and a recipe for the Lemon Drop, which originated in San Francisco where the story is set. In contrast to the island flair of the Flirting With Forty recipes, my Frog Prince cocktails have a “Sex and the City” appeal.

Do you have a favorite drink you like to order when you’re out with friends?  Or do you have your own secret recipe for a fun, flirty cocktail?  Tell me what you like to sip, or share your favorite place to meet your friends for a girls night out, and you’ll be entered in my drawing with the winner receiving a signed copy of The Frog Prince along with tons of my wonderful reader goodies.  I can’t drink yet, but I’d love to hear what fun things you get to order when you’re out on the town!


  1. Talking about Hawaii makes me dream of that beautiful beach. We try to go every October and I’m just dreaming of sitting at the Shorebird when we arrive and we are waiting for our room and having a Mai Tai or a Margarita while watching the people and the ocean. Just seeing the ocean puts me in the best most calming mood. Have a great day.

  2. Good morning! I love your cocktail names! Very fun. I myself am forever in the pursuit of the perfect Cadillac Margarita.

    A friend has also recently introduced me to a new drink, one of her favorites. She takes a Crystal Gyser juice sqeeze key lime fruit drink, a shot of Gin, and a fresh squeezed lime over ice. It is so refreshing and wonderful. We call it the Carla cooler! Way yummy for the summer.

  3. Goodness Dawn – when we go to Hawaii, that is where we stay Outrigger Beach Resort in Waikiki where the Shorebird is. We’ve only been there a couple of times though. What a coincidence. I can remember having some kind of Volcano drink that was absolutely delicious. I’m not much of a drinker but when I do it’s usually a strawbery daiquiri or better yet, something with mango. That sounds very good about now, of course, I don’t know how my boss would take it. Oh well!!!

  4. Wow! It’s only 8:50ish in the morning and here I am printing the “frogitta”recipe! Since I am drinking just coffee that makes it “ok”, right? Some of my favorite “beverages” come about by asking the bartender what he or she likes to make. I’ve never been disappointed. Spanish coffee made with flair can top off an evening. But even just plain water when shared with husband, family, and friends can be the most fun of all.(not for contest…have your wonderful autographed copy of FP already…thanks.mj)

  5. Isn’t there one called a Lava Flow? I think I remember that from last time we were there. I have to say that my husband and I always order Mai Tais when we go. In fact, I was craving them when we got back one time and we found a great recipe online so he can now make them here. Of course, it’s not quite the same as sipping one in Hawaii!

  6. One of my favourite summer drinks is the Seabreeze (even the name is summery). Vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice and I like to make it 1/3 of each. Serve over ice. Makes me think of the beach in Maine (that and cherry coke). Seabreezes are an at home with friends drink for me. In the winter I like Bailey’s Irish Cream or Kahlua and milk made into a slushy drink.

    When I am out and about it’s lime Margaritas all the way for me! I love the salty edge of the glass and the tang of lime.

  7. I know its not exotic but nothing beats a margarita for me. My Dad (at 81!!) is so devoted to their making that he grows his own limes.

  8. After reading Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect, I tried a Gin & Tonic for the first time and I loved it. It’s my drink now. Whole Foods has this tonic water without high fructose corn syrup, made my Gin&Tonic almost a health drink :o).

  9. The Carla cooler sounds great, I have to say; I love lime!! Which brings me to my favorite fruity drink–a classic Margarita. I like them blended and strong. Nothing worse than drinking the calories without even the benefit of a little buzz. I used to really like vodka & grapefruit juice (a greyhound, I think), but I lost my taste for hard alcohol a while ago. I’m just a wine girl; no whine!!

    Hope Mac is fussing/refluxing less and you are having a little more happy in your day.

    Hugs, Shannon in Tustin

  10. My favorites when going out are Mai Tais and pina coladas. I make a great Tahitian punch which is a nixture of light rum, pineapple juiice, any lemon lime soda in a punch bowl. I float either fruit or vanilla ice cream on top of it. I also have made it without alcohol. I get requests for it all the time.

  11. I love fun cocktails! My favorites are definitely margaritas – frozen ones -regular or strawberry.

    After a lot of sampling, I’ve finally found a great place here in my new town that serves yummy mexican food and the perfect frozen margarita (topped with an olive, oddly enough).

    I sure miss relaxing at Bell. Square’s Z’Tejas though. They have the best margaritas I’ve ever had!!

  12. when i was in hawaii it was dukes- lava flow!
    at home, i make a basil grape refresher. very light and cool. {found the recipe on-line. my frist try was down in indy}

  13. There’s a brand of juice called Naked. Their Mango Madness is my all time favorite juice. You could probably spike it…just never thought if it. It’s kind of like a smoothie, without all the work.

  14. I tend to drink vodka and cranberry when I want a drink. Wine has been giving me migraines and since I already get those enough, I have switched over. My girlfriends and I get together all the time…we hang out during the day with the kids and those playdates tend to go into the night. This is on a regular basis. They are the greatest!! Always keeping me laughing and my glass full of whatever I am drinking at the time!!

  15. In Hawaii, I love anything with rum and fruit. Mostly I drink iced tea “plain” but there are some fruity ones that are special. On a really hot day is anything better than a frozen margarita?

  16. I don’t drink alcohol but I love a drink with Mango in it. I add different juices to cold Iced Tea such as Apple Juice, Mango, Peach.

  17. Mostly I drink Sprite O but I do enjoy a good mixed drink every now in then. A good margarita or something fruity, works for me.

  18. You just brought back some memories! I went to Hawaii when I was married and we went somewhere and had a Mai Tai. Best alcoholic beverage I’ve ever had in my life! I’ve ordered it here and it wasn’t the same.

    My usual drink is a strawberry margarita, no salt. However, I recently went to a friend’s house and they served up a pretty darned good martini. 🙂

  19. MMMM…just thinking about it made my mouth water. The drink is called a Lava Flow and I had it in Hawaii a couple of months ago. It was amazing and wow, was it potent. I loved it. In the real world, I love a good Bud Light Lime. That takes me away…

  20. I always used to order Mai Tais, then then last few years, Cadillac margaritas have been IT. Funny, but now I am back into Mai Tais. MMM…they are good, but would be so much better sitting on the sand in Hawaii!!

  21. I would have to say that one of my favorites is a Margarita on the rocks with salt. Yummmmy. Nothing like a good margarita on a Friday night sitting by the pool watching the kids swim.


  22. I love cocktails. My ultimate favourite is one I discovered on my own, though I’m sure there’s a name for it. My previous drink was Kahlua and Vodka (White Russian), but I soon discovered that Coconut Rum makes a great substitution for the Vodka. I’m not a rum drinker, but the coconut flavour of Malibu Coconut Rum is smooth and irresistible. Now it’s my favourite cocktail…guess I could call it a White Coconut 🙂

  23. I have a friend who is going to Hawaii for her 40th birthday with her husband and I would like to give her the Flirting book and wondered if you still have the cocktail cards? I live in Bellevue and can go to B&N if they have them??
    You signed one for my niece in December, I think it was and I gave it to her because she turned 40 in February and she loved the book and got your others. Maybe you should do a Fine with 50s and a Sexy 60s book someday so I can give them as presents, too.
    Hope we get our summer weather back soon!

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