VINTAGE JANE: Book-Inspired Cocktails

I admit it: when not pregnant or nursing, I love fun, fruity cocktails.  I also love sharing recipes for book-inspired drinks with my readers just because they’re fun.  One of my favorite drinks to order when I first arrive in Hawaii is a Mai Tai.  I love the pineapple, the tangy juices and that float of rum.   And when writing Flirting With Forty, I pictured Jackie sitting poolside and savoring a Mai Tai or a Honolulu Sensation, one of the tropical cocktails I shared as a Flirting book extra. These drinks, as well as those I included in the exclusive Flirting With Forty cookbook get me in the Hawaiian spirit with every sip.

But the Flirting receipes weren’t my first.  I got the idea to celebrate  The Frog Prince with some yummy recipes from the book, that we also served at my San Francisco launch party.  To share the recipes with my readers, I made some printable recipe cards featuring the Frogarita and Princesstini — my book-themed takes on the margarita and Cosmo respectively — and a recipe for the Lemon Drop, which originated in San Francisco where the story is set. In contrast to the island flair of the Flirting With Forty recipes, my Frog Prince cocktails have a “Sex and the City” appeal.

Do you have a favorite drink you like to order when you’re out with friends?  Or do you have your own secret recipe for a fun, flirty cocktail?  Tell me what you like to sip, or share your favorite place to meet your friends for a girls night out, and you’ll be entered in my drawing with the winner receiving a signed copy of The Frog Prince along with tons of my wonderful reader goodies.  I can’t drink yet, but I’d love to hear what fun things you get to order when you’re out on the town!

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