The Suite Life

I’ve been back in Bellevue 8 days now and it’s the Suite Life of Jane & Family. For those of you who have kids who watch the Disney Channel you might recognize the play on the TV show The Suite Life of  Zack & Cody. And for those of you who know the show, Zack & Cody’s digs were far fancier than ours.  We’ve no bellman, or doorman, or lively lobby. We’re in a quiet little residential hotel with intermittent internet service.

But we’re here, and relatively settled, although it’s interesting trying to manage Abi the one eyed bulldog and baby Mac at the same time. Abi doesn’t like being in a hotel and trying to get her out to use the grass is fine when the sun is shining but when it rains, it’s a whole different story. I can’t leave Mac in our room alone while I take Abi out, but Mac doesn’t like getting wet when I take Abi out in the rain so I struggle to bump the stroller out through the doors while Abi tries to escape back through the doors and I try to keep Mac from crying and Abi from slipping out of her collar and I tell myself it’s only for another four weeks…

Speaking of four weeks, I’ve got more events coming up in October, including The Emerald City Conference’s Bookfair in Bellevue October 10th, and a California event scheduled for Laguna Beach Books on Saturday, October 17th. The Laguna Beach Book event will take place late in the afternoon so if you’re in Orange County or northern San Diego County, save the date and come see me!

In the meantime, what’s everyone doing this weekend? Got any fun plans? Boring plans? Tell me! I’ve an awesome end of summer prize to give away–a pretty pink sarong, a bag of Kona coffee, a box of Hot Tamale candy, lots of JP goodies, and best of all, a signed copy of Easy On The Eyes ready to be mailed. Want to win? Just post a comment! Contest ends Monday night, and I’ll announce the winner Tuesday morning.  So talk to me and you’re entered.

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