Befriend a Friend

I haven’t been able to log on to the internet in days due to the hotel’s moody wireless router but I finally got a chance to jump on so here I am.

Quick update: Ty’s gone back to Hawaii. Mac’s got his first cold. Boys had a crazy busy weekend of sports and birthday parties and I’m down to six days before my revised book is due. Maybe it’s a good thing I couldn’t check email or update my blog. I’m stretched pretty darn thin and need to focus focus focus as much as I can.

Happily, my two college sitters (they job share) return to us this afternoon after a two week hiatus and fingers crossed I’ll get tons of brilliant writing done this week. I need to get a lot of brilliant writing done. I’m ready to feel on top of things instead of being behind all the time.

On another happy note, I attended a fantastic event Friday night. The Open Window School fundraiser at Grace Wang’s house, an event Tracy Swann put together and the women who were there were absolutely terrific and the discussion was one of the best ever. I felt so welcome and comfortable and absolutely delighted to discover that so many of the women had read my books. Everyone who attended the event got a copy of Easy On The Eyes and a goodie bag and I left feeling like I’d made seventeen new friends.

Speaking of friends, my friends over at Book Candy Studios made this fun video for me as a baby gift for Mac and me, and I wanted to share. Thanks Book Candy Studios! You guys rock.

Friday night made me appreciate just how important our girl friends are, and I was inspired by all the warmth to run a contest here on the JaneBlog where you treat a friend. Think of it as surprise care package for your best friend or your co-worker or sister or someone who needs a little pick me up. I’ll draw ten winners from the comments below, and ask each of the ten winners to send me the name and address of the friend you’d like to surprise with a Jane Porter novel. You who’ve won, get to pick the novel–can be Easy or one from my back list–and I’ll sign it to your friend, and pop it and a bunch of JP goodies in the mail along with a note saying you thought of them and wanted them to receive something special.  The contest will run through Thursday night and I’ll announce the winners Friday morning so make sure to check back as gifts will go out in Monday’s mail!

If you’re ready to play, tell me something about the friend you’d surprise… why is this person such a good friend to you, or why your friend should win a surprise package… and you’re entered. You don’t have to use a name. Just sharing something good about your friend will do the trick.

Thank you to Tracy and Grace and everyone who attended the event Friday night, and thank you to all of you who read my blog. I so appreciate all of you and count you among my favorite friends!


  1. My friend is my mom. She works hard to keep all of the people around her organized. She has rheumatoid arthritis but rarely lets it slow her down. We unexpectedly lost my grandmother, my mom’s mom, over the summer. The loss of my grandmother is the first thing that I have ever seen slow my mom down. She needs a pick-me-up… a novel signed by you might do the trick.


  2. My friend, actually my sister, is home from work with a terrible allergic reaction to a new face wash she tried over the weekend. She teaches school and was afraid she would frighten the children with her swollen, blistered, red face. I introduced her to your books a couple of years ago and she loves them. A signed copy of one of your books would at least give her something to hide her face! 🙂 Thanks Jane!

  3. Man, I automatically think of the women in my family – my 2 sisters and sister-in-law. My sisters both teach what I think is the toughest age – junior high/middle school. My sister-in-law had her 3 kids really young and is finally starting to get a bit of her life back and the “baby” starts preschool this year. She is also a military spouse and has dealt with her husband being deployed when the baby was still very young. We’re happy to have him home now, but his “turn” is up again soon and she’ll do it all over again.

    All of these women have continually supported me through so much and are always a listening ear, no matter what else is going on in their crazy lives. This would be a great way to let them all know that I’m thinking of them, love them, and support the fabulous job they’re doing every day!

  4. My best friend is my cousin. She is a wonderful person who is strong and courageous though all the rough times. Her daughter has had several heart surgeries and other medical issues and my cousin is always strong and positive that everything will be ok. She is a real trooper.

  5. My friend is my best friend Jessica. She is an amazing woman. She has been besieged with Crohn’s disease for some time. She always comes to work even when she is feeling so poorly. She is always willing to do anything to help a friend whether it be lunch as a pick-me-up or sending books over to cheer me up. She is strong and just a real treasure. She has a great sense of humor and always seems to find the positive in even the craziest situations. She always focuses on others. She is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine life without her.


  6. The friend I would pick is my “surrogate” sister and friend Laurie. My own sister died two years ago and I have been lost without her. Laurie has jumped in to fill a void in my life. She hosted a birthday dinner for me and always calls to check in. She has me over for lunch; buys little things for my kids and listens to me complain about anything and everything. I feel blessed that she is in my life!

  7. My best friend would be my sister whose loyalty, friendship and strength I admire. She lost her young husband two years ago. She continues to teach high school and is a source of inspiration for me.

  8. I would love if you would chose my sister-in-law for this prize.
    Her mother unexpectantly passsed away on Sept.8th and of course she
    is just devestated. She saw the movie “Flirting With Forty” and loved it. I told her all about you
    and your books and she is now reading my copy of the book. I know that getting a signed copy from you would bring a smile to her face in this difficult time.

  9. Well, I am fortunate to have two best friends and while they live in different cities from me, the connection is always there through the telephone wires (and now Facebook). We get our girl time a couple of times a year.

    However, neither of them are big readers, so I have a co-worker named Diane whoI don’t see outside of work, but who is a very good friend at work. She is always around with a sympathetic ear, no-nonsense advice and is a great walking partner at lunch.

    And the best thing (besides our chats, etc.) is the fact that she loves to read and reads many of the same authors I do. We have formed our own little reading club, share books and introduce each other to new authors. I would love for her to get one of your autographed books… I introduced you to her as an author and we are both enjoying your books.

  10. Oh boy, this is a tough one. I think I’d like it for Karen, a former coworker and GREAT friend. She is extremely thoughtful, a kick to hang out with, and loyal. I moved away recently, and she sent me a card in the mail, with a sweet note, probably at least once a month. I didn’t do the same, although I thought of her, and yet she kept them coming. Little did she know I was going through a difficult time and how much those cards meant. I just appreciate her undying friendship.

  11. My best friend is a gal I met over 30 years ago at work – It was just a fluke and we ended up working together at Nordstrom for 30 years together. She has been through all my ups and downs. My marriage and divorce and all the fun and disasters I had with my two daugthers. She never judges and just listens and I truly appreciate her.


  12. Lynne has been my best friend since sixth grade – we both just attended our 25th year high school reunion this past weekend – so that makes it about 32 years that we’ve been friends, by my account. Lynne has been with me and supported me through thick and thin. She and I are both avid readers; we used to spend the night at each others’ houses and spend the entire evening just reading our respective romance novels side by side. Lynne is a great wife, a great friend, and a great mom. I can’t think of anyone who deserves a special treat like this more than her!

  13. Hi!
    I would love to win this for one of my girlfriends. She has been close to bankruptcy for years now, always barely managing to keep her family’s head above water. She doesn’t do things for herself, so it would be nice to have something done for her. Her only trips are for buying groceries and going to doctors’ appointments for her, her son, or her husband, and there are several weekly trips, most an hour away. Her health is very poor and some would say she should have died years ago, but she has a great spirit (which I encourage)!
    My friend is an avid reader and I know this would really perk her up. Thanks for thinking of others, Jane.

  14. The friend that I would love to surprise with Jane Porter goodies is my best friend and sister. I aspire to be more like her. Patient, kind, thoughtful, and caring. She’s a great mother, wife, and care-giver. She is always doing so much for others and I would love for her to receive a surprise package. She’s an avid reader and I know that she would really cherish a signed copy of Easy On The Eyes. Thanks Jane, this is a really cool idea.

  15. My best friend’s name is Jackie. A few years ago, I was dating a man of questionable character. (When wasn’t I dating a man of questionable character? It’s my specialty.) When I went to her for advice and comfort, she gave both freely. She told me what she would do if she was in my shoes, and then she said she’d support me no matter what I decided to do. It took me months to decide to get out of that toxic situation, but she never said, ‘I told you so.’ That had to have taken some kind of will power. Even now, when we don’t talk as often as we should, I know that she’s just a phone call away — and she will listen and be honest — and then provide that unconditional support that is so rare. I would love for her to have a stash of Jane Porter chick lit and goodies arrive in her mailbox as a surprise to let her know that my life is not complete without my best friend.

  16. A special friend is sooo my BFF. There is nothing she won’t do for me. Her daughter is in the military and my friend was a full-time grandma to her grandsons, one beginning at four months and one at 4. Her daughter was in the Middle East, in harm’s way. Now they are with their mama, stationed in Japan for a while.

    My friend reads everything Jane Porter and got me back to reading Presents because of you.

  17. My best friend & I have been friends for 18 years. We met when someone suggested her for daycare for my then 1 year old son & 4 year old daughter. We have been friends ever since…seeing each other thru divorces, deaths, job losses, graduations, kids leaving the nest…you name it. She would be thrilled to be a winner in this contest. And I would be thrilled if she was!

  18. I love all of my girlfriends,but I think the one that could use a pick-me-up is my friend Cheryl. She is a single mom to a wonderful 16 year old daughter. She works an awful lot with the Brain Injury Association. Her daughter has been accompanying her to work for years and is such a supportive daughter. Cheryl and I (along with my twin) were great friends in junior high. When she moved away during high school we somehow lost touch. We just got back together a few months ago via facebook and found out we live very close to each other! We feel like its not been 30 years. She is such a good friend. So busy, yet always there to lend a hand or make you laugh. She does so much for other people. She and her daughter love to read and I think she will love any of Jane’s books.

  19. Great contest idea, Jane! I just happen to have a very close friend in mind. Her name is Gaye and she used to be my next door neighbour for about two years. We bonded over our mutual love of movies. I turned her on to Diana Gabaldon novels and Gerard Butler and she loved them both so much that the rest is history! She’s a great person to do anything with because she’s always so easy-going, appreciative and genuine and helps me to get in touch with the masculine side of myself when I need to. She also loves a glass of wine, chatting for hours, and travel. She LOVES Scotland! My dear friend is currently recovering from colon cancer surgery which was performed on Sept. 4th. Fortunately, the doctors diagnosed her when she was in Stage 2, so they were able to get all of the tumor. She’s convalescing at the moment and called me the other day to chat because she’s bored, but can’t do a lot yet because her surgery incisions are quite sore and tender. She lives in Barrie, Ontario, which is about a 4 hour drive away from Kingston where I live. I don’t drive, or I’d go to see her this weekend.

    If she received a pick-me-up package from you, I think she’d love it! I think Easy on The Eyes might be perfect for her because she is such a fan of movies and of aging actresses (Gaye is 56), and I think she could appreciate the subject matter.

    Thanks so much Jane! You’re the best. Lots of love & hugs from Kingston, Christine xox

  20. I would love to surprise my best friend, Sharee. She has been through so much heartache in the past few years and has finally found love, a new life, new home, new husband and is about to be a new mom again at the age of 38. She is due in November and she is excited, nervous, scared; I wish I could be there to comfort her. I am so sad that we live so far apart now. She is a true gem and the one person in my life who can bring a smile to my face when the world is beating me down. She has helped me renew my faith and helps me see the good when I cannot. She is simply the best. She deserves more pampering right now this late in her pregnancy too. I am lucky and honored to call her my friend.

  21. My best friend would have to be Bebe. We have been friend since we where five years old. She has always been there for me through thick and thin, she was there when both my parents passed. I don’t get to see her much anymore but we do keep in touch through e-mail. All I have to do if I need her is to give her a call and she will be there. She is also a big reader and she just had her first grandchild and is oh so happy! I am also close to my older sister but I keep her in books.

  22. My best friend is in real need of a treat! She is currently working for the State Dept at the embassy in Baghdad – that’s right, Iraq. She works 16 hour days and hasn’t had a day off since she got there in May. Her spirits are pretty good considering she has nightly rocket attacks on their compound and she can’t east most of the food at the cafeteria because she is always getting sick from it (and doesn’t eat meat). I wonder how she keeps her sanity. Whenever I talk to her on the phone she sounds dead tired and could really use a “care package”. She is working hard for the State Department and helping the military when possible and I just think she could really use a good read and some JP treats. She loves reading but, as you can imagine, books in English are not easy to come by in the Green Zone.

    I hope you’ll pick my friend, but there are so many deserving women out there I know whoever you choose will be lucky!

  23. I would love to see my mom win your new book. She is always helping my out with my children and reads a lot while waiting between activities. I just know she would love you book! She would be so surprised!

  24. My friend has been my bff for about 12yrs now. We met working together back then and even though she left the company not long after…something clicked. We understand each other. We are always there for each other no matter what. She is my rock and she has my back in every aspect of life. She has since signed on to selling candles and building a business with me. I can’t think of a better partner…in business and as a friend. She truly knows the definition of being a friend and never fails at it.

  25. My friend is my sister-in-law, Julie. She’s always doing something for everybody else, I thought it would be nice for her to take time for herself for a change! Thank you!

  26. Just had to say I think this is my favorite contest ever. I love (LOVE!) all the wonderful comments about your friends, sisters, mothers, cousins. Thanks for sharing and how lucky we are to have someone dear in our lives!!


  27. well i would say my bff from the age of 4…we have been through soo much together and our bond just keeps getting stronger everyday! she is and always will be there for me and likewise. she just went through some surgery and could use a nice pick me up gift!

  28. My friend Heather, I take care of her two little girls, and she never thinks about herself. Heather is also a teacher and her husband finally found a job after being out of work most of the summer, so I really was working for free, but I love her whole family like their my own. She just needs this little surprise to lift her day up, she gives her time for all her students and friends. She’s a great person.

  29. My mom is my best friend, strongest supporter, always there for me. I leaned on her very heavily for emotional strength when my daughter was sick and in the hospital a couple of months ago. Now my mom needs a shoulder to lean on after going for a routine three-month checkup and finding out she may have had a slight heart attack that she didn’t know about. This would be a wonderful pick-me-up for her and also a little something to let her know I’m always thinking about her. Thanks for a wonderful contest, Jane; but, more importantly, a reminder to count our blessings and to appreciated the loved ones in our life.

  30. My best buddy Becky is someone who is always giving to others. She takes care of her two aging parents who have serious health problems and is always ready to be there for her two kids, one still in college. With all these demands it is tough for us to be able to get together, but when we manage we have so much fun. Generous, loving, kind and hardworking, but always fun – Becky is the best.

  31. My friend whom I’d love to surprise is my sister. She works two days a week, Mom taxis her 2 children to sports, school and to friends’ houses. Her kids have friends for a sleep over and she does special things for them.
    She recently had surgery and is fine but could use a break and be happy from winning a book and some goodies. Thanks Jane.

  32. The friend I would surprise would be my old assistant turned dear friend, Jenny. She’s amazing, always there for me when I need her and will listen to me ramble about anything! I’m so blessed to have a great friend like her! 🙂

  33. What a great idea for a contest. If I win I would send a gift to my best friend Toni in NY. I just got back from visiting her and we decided that from now on in case anyone asks we would be sisters. We’ve known each other since high school and it was so much fun to be like teenagers again, and think like teenagers and say, “We’re sisters”.

  34. I am going to have to ‘nominate’ my friend Barb for the “Most Deserving of a Jane Porter Care Package” award. :0) And I’m going to plagiarize Barb’s quote on what she does for a living from her FB page (she’ll just say what she always says when I misbehave, “Bad Wolfie!!!!”). As a clinician, she works with 8 adolescents girls who have been removed from their homes and gives them tools to successfully navigate their emotions, home life, and self regulation. As such and being their only clinician now, she won’t be getting a vacation any time soon. Barb and I have known each other since 93′ when we met on our first ship in the Navy in Guam. She got out in 96′ but has always stayed true to her friends regardless of her crazy schedule. Barb has always been there for me for insight and great advice, err uh even though I usually end up ignoring it and then grovel later when she was right, lol. Her and her mom use to send me book (Janet Evanovich) & food (New Hampshire fixings for a pancake breakfast) care packages overseas in Spain. I figure turn-around is fair and I can get them hooked on another author!

  35. The friend I would like to win is Ann. We got to know each other briefly when our families lived in the same town but it wasn’t until she moved away that we became email buddies, sharing our lives every day. Now her family has moved to Uzbekistan with the military and she is learning a whole new way of life. Their household furniture and the non perishable food she shopped for (2 years worth) will not be there until November. But she does not complain. She does not know the language but she does not complain. She is helping her 5 children adjust to their new home. She is a wonderful person and I enjoy her friendship. She has read Flirting with Forty, on her iPod, and I would love for her to read Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect. I owned those books but gave them to another deserving friend this summer who became an unexpected single mom and had to move across the country and start all over. So I hope that my friend and inspiration, Ann, will win!

  36. My befriend a friend would have to be my daughter. Despite everyone telling her otherwise, she did not give up on having a child. People said she shouldn’t after her miscarriages, and she was the one who was right. I now have a beautiful grandson born Sept 21, 2009. I

  37. I am always so glad to hear you sounding so good. There’s nothing like 17 new friends to raise the spirits.

    When I first read about your friend contest, I immediately thought of my best friend Marcy. She’s currently pregnant for the 1st time at 37 – with twins – and headed for full on bed rest in another month or so. But that’s not the main reason I thought about her.

    Marcy is one of my only friends who truly gets me – and doesn’t run the other way screaming. When I told her I was investigating the lap band surgery, she was so supportive and then said “but not till after the holidays, right? Cause that would stink.” Now that’s a friend!

    She buys me Monty Python bunny slippers for Christmas after insisting that we’re not doing gifts and when I said “i thought we weren’t giving gifts” she said “well, I meant that just for you.” She picked my sister up at the airport at 6:30 in the morning when my mother was ill and answered a 4 am text message cry for help (bring bagels!) that same morning. When I talk a mile a minute, she laughs, and when I coo and squeal over a CD recording of Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman reading Shakespeare, she gasps and says how awesome it is.

    I wish I could articulate how special it is for me to know that there’s absolutely nothing outrageous that I could do or say that would make her not be my friend and how big a thing that is for me. I walk in the world waiting for someone else to decide I’m just too much and with Marcy, that never happens.

    Plus, she half way to looking like a whale, so she needs all the distraction and enjoyment she can get. 🙂

    Good luck with the focus!!

  38. My BFF and I met 26 years ago when we were pledging the same sorority. We have been there for each other every moment since then. We take turns caring for each other. She and her (now) husband introduced my husband & I. The boys have been bff’s since they were babies. We raised our kids as cousins and always vacation together and spend many holidays together.
    She would visit my mom in the nursing home when I could not, listened to me cry countless nights when my mom became ill, entertained my Aunties (mom’s bffs) at both my parents funerals, she sends me bouquets of roses on Valentine’s Day, cards and little surprises out of the blue. We have helped with each other’s kids b-day parties dressing up as princesses to pirates…so many memories!
    I don’t know what I would ever do with out her! She has brought so much joy & love to my life.

  39. My friend is Cathy in San Diego who has 2 kids and is a single mom. She has a huge heart. She has always surprised me with how she never loses focus on the importance of people’s feelings. She looks beyond the surface all the time and sees things noone else would take the time to see. She is so careful about people’s feelings all the time. She is also a genuine friend to all and wishes for their best interest all the time even if it doesn’t mean the best for her. She also always looks at the positive side of people and also always gives them the benefit of the doubt. I always like to talk to her when I am debating about a person or guy situation. While some people would say forget that person- move on- she always listens to all the details and then tries to figure out if there is hope. She believes in working with people. I am so lucky that I met her and she is my friend.

  40. i would pick my daughter!!! she has been through alot in the last year: her fiance broke it off and moved; she found a new guy to hang out with, and he just wasn’t all that (!); and she has recently been let go from her job. so she has been struggling with all these issues, and i think a “nice surprise” is what she needs to boost her spirits. she has always been there for me when i was so sick; and even before that she has always “helped out” with her younger brothers. she will be having her birthday on 9-24, and i am so hoping her next year(s) will be so much better!!!

  41. My BFF and I have been friends since we were kids… as a matter of fact, she used to babysit me. (She’s only 4 years older though.) We married cousins, so we are related in a way now too. We were in each others weddings. We have boys that are less than 9 months apart, we love to hang out together and go on vacations together too. I am especially proud of her for going back to school. When money got tight, instead of whining like so many do, she got an education and became a teacher. In a way we are more like sisters, and we may even have more in common than most sisters do. I’d love for you to send her a gift, she definitely deserves it!

  42. One of my best friends has just started reading and has fallen in love with chick lit. I’m sure she would love a signed copy of one of your books. She has been through a lot lately, taking care of a cousins baby while taking care of her own 2 year old and also taking care of her mother during the day. She has the biggest heart and I’m sure a surprise in the mail would cheer her up!

    PS. Great contest Jane!!! What a great idea!

  43. My mom is my BFF! Although we didn’t get along during my teenage years, I think that’s pretty normal! 🙂 She is the hardest working person I have ever met in my life. She is such a strong and independent woman. I have learned so much from her. I feel blessed to have her. She always uplifts my spirits when I am down and I know I can talk to her about anything. You know your close to your mom when you call her 3-4 times a day…and I do! She would love to get a suprise in the mail and I think she totally deserves it!
    Good luck on your deadline, Jane! You will make it happen, you always do!

  44. Hi Jane, My best friend is my younger sister. She is also my hero. She lost her husband two years ago at the age of 47 with a massive heart attack. She is trying to send her son off to college this year by herself which is soooooooooo hard for her. He is her only child. I’ve told her all about your books. She works full time to support her and her son but she loves to read in her (spare time). Thanks for great reads.

  45. Hi Jane! Gosh how I’ve missed talking with you. I hope things with you are okay.

    I would love for my best friend, Rene, to have a chance at this contest. She is an amazing mom, going to school full time to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist, her son plays football and her daughter is in gymnastics and she does it all with a smile. She inspires me to be better- a better mom, a better wife, a better me.

    Big hugs to you and the boys!

  46. Hi Jane….I love and appreciate that you are doing this because alot of us have a “story” and the best of friends that have helped us thru so much and we cannot give back….so I would like my surprise package to go to my BESTIE! He’s the man of my dreams and truly my soulmate…To make a long story short, (beginning with me having a “crush” on him in 8th grade), he was married for 25 years, I was married for 13 years, but together with my “ex” for 25, and ending up that both of us getting divorced during the same year, due to our spouse’s infidelity, so having each other to depend on, as friends, with me getting a man’s perspective, and him a women’s, and just supporting each other, and then to realize 3 years later that we love each other. We had a foundation and built on it from friends to best friends to true soulmates. He is my heart and soul, and I would not have made it thru without him. SO heres to all the “BESTIES” out there, I hope one of you receive this, cuz its truly deserved by all of you!!!! Thanks for listening Jane!

  47. my best friend of 15 years is always on my mind. She moved far away from me but yet she is still a great friend.. always calling to see how I am doing. She recently had a baby and I wish I could be there to repay her for all the times she has been there when I needed her. I know she is need of something inspirational and a great chic lit book for sure. Plus, she doesn’t get to be pampered very often, with a husband who is in med school… there isn’t too many funds left over for sure. I have been telling her about your books I have been reading and can’t wait to pass them on to her.

  48. First off – welcome back, we missed you!

    The friend I want to give this special treat to has had a rough year. She found out her (soon-to-be-ex) husband was cheating on her less than a month before she found out she had thyroid cancer. Her dog of 16 years had to be euthanized shortly after her surgery, chemo and radiation treatment. She is an avid reader and I gave her a copy of Flirting With Forty to read while she was recuperating and she said it gave her a new perspective on everything that had been happening. I hope she finds someone like Kai, but in the meantime I’m sure more books will make her smile.

  49. Hey Jane, I would love to surprise my sister Joanna with “The Frog Prince”. She was recently diagnosed w/ Crohns & just got out of the hospital after having 12 inches of small intestine removed. I loved this book, as a former Visalia girl, it brought back tons of familiar memories & I know this would just brighten her recovery. Her world is always about everyone else….it needs to be her turn. Thanks for the great reads!

  50. My BFF just had her 3rd child, a little girl 4 months ago on my son’s birthday. She also has a two year old and a 3 1/2 year old. She has a part time job working in a class of handicap children and a husband that wants kids but refuses to help with them at all. Through all this she is trying to start her own photography business so that she can set her own hours, spend more time with her kids and do what she loves to do. Things are really tough but she always remembers to ask me how I am doing and drop whatever she is going through to make me feel better. She is the best thing, next to my hubby that has happened to me!

  51. I would choose my friend Sttaci (yes, that is with 2 “T”s). We have been friends for almost 15 years. She is the first real friend I made when I moved from Des Moines to Minneapolis in 1995. I didn’t know a soul and she befriended me. Over the years we lost touch, but through the magic of the internet, we reconnected and have vowed never to lose track of each other again. She currently lives in Washington D.C., but she & her husband hope to move back to Minneapolis before the end of the year. Sttaci loves reading as much as I do, and I would love to introduce her to your wonderful books, and I would choose “Frog Prince” for her.

  52. Hi Jane, I would love to suprise my frined Trish with something that is for her and her only. He is a busy mom of three who is balancing work, planning a Quinceneria(15th b day coming out party which has gone over her $15,000 budget) for her daughter. Did I mention she has been planning this for 16 mos. She is also managing to take her son to soccer practices and games and finally her 5 yr old to dance and cheer classes. It has amazed me how she has not taken up comfort eating. (I know why, she is too busy! duh)I know I would have. And she also has to manage in all of this to make time for her husband. It is time she did something for herself.

  53. My friend would definately be my sister Christine. Throughout life she’s had her ups and downs and when life throws her a curve ball, she seems to be able to put a positive spin on it and come out shining. Life just threw her another curveball and while she’s working her way up again she could use a little pick me up.

  54. My friend is Lori. She has been through all sorts of crazyness in my life over the last almost 20 years. She is family to my husband, son and me. Although she is still in L.A. and I’ve moved to Denver, we are close and online with each other daily. I recently introduced your books to her and she mowed through Easy On The Eyes in one sitting. She said she wanted to read more of your work, so I’d love to treat her (through your generous offer!) to another book.

  55. My neighbor and friend Lori, who is Easy on the Eyes herself, deserves a fun surprise from Jane Porter, her favorite novelist. Her face would turn seven shades of red from excitment if her day was interrupted suddenly to hear she’d won a JP book.
    Lori has four children between the ages of 4 and 7, three of whom are triplets, two of whom are red haired and high spirted, one of whom has Kiari Syndrome and must have brain surgery in the next few months. Her husband is in Korea this month on business, she is alone with the 4 year old triplets, balancing speech therapy with doctor’s appointments, cooking, cleaning, activities and preschool. On top of everything Lori finds the time and sanity to read only every once in awhile and you are her favorite author, Jane. It would mean alot to her to be recognized by you as she heads into autumn knowing her little boy is facing his second brain surgery in two years.

  56. I think my best friend would have to be my daughter. This child is absolutely unbelievable. She recently moved out of the nest and I can’t believe how she caters to me. She teaches high school, is varsity cheerleading coach and is a dance teacher. Yep, three jobs. When she drops the dog over at 6:15 am in the morning she moves my car out of the driveway, shuts the fence so I am ready to go. Before that she feeds the animals for me. She gathers my garbage up on pick up days and rolls it to the street. She does my grocery shopping for me and irons my clothes. I am so blessed with this child. I know this seems to be trivial but I have had some health problems the past few years – a heart defect that had to be corrected by surgery, pumomary problems, foot surgery and am looking at forehead surgery. These are difficult things for me to do, it’s all I can do to get myself to work and I ask her why she does all this for me and she answers you took care of my sister and I by yourself your whole life and now it’s my turn. I am so blessed as all the women who posted the other 56 comments.

  57. My best friend is Sharon.
    We met when our kids were in 1st grade (years ago). We are both stay at home moms, we both had two daughters almost the same age. That was until her last child a boy came along 7 years later.
    We have been there for each other through all 12 years of school.
    She was there for me when my youngest daughter at age 7 was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and gave me much needed support when I was lost.
    Now that all the girls are out of High school we are both dealing with, college, aging parents and surgeries. It doesn’t matter what is happening we always find time for each other and play cheerleader when life gets to be a bit too much to handle.

  58. My BFF is the strongest person I have ever met. She is a single mom of 3 children and her youngest was diagnosed with Cancer at age 2. She has been thru so many hospital stays and sleepless nights, one can’t keep track. She works her butt off and even though I know she is mentally and physically drained, she keeps a smile on her face. She has the best attitude towards life and is a total inspiration to me. I wish the world was filled with people like her!

  59. My friend, Paula. We have never really met but been friends for about ten years! We send packages and pictures to each others’ families and it is far more than an “internet friendship”. She is sweet, warm and generous. Truly one of the most wonderful people I know. And she is an avid reader. This is a wonderful idea, Jane!

  60. I have two BFF and both are so wonderful in very different ways. One is the type that is ALWAYS around, does everything for everyone. She just moved away from our town and is feeling quite lonely and homesick. Her kids are having a tough time adjusting (they moved for a job) and she’s feeling pretty blue.

    My other BFF just had breast cancer surgery. Thankfully her results have been good and she’ll only need radiation, not chemo. She lives far away but no matter how long we are out of touch, she always picks up with a warm welcome and never wonders “where I’ve been”. She was maid of honor at my wedding and I gave my daughter her name, too! I know we’ll be wearing our purple hats someday!!

    Thanks for a fun chance to reflect and be thankful for the wonderful women in my life.

    Shannon in Tustin

  61. What a great idea to surprise a friend with a Jane Porter gift package. I have a P.E.O. sister names Libby who has recently lost her father. While spending time with him and driving to and from Bellevue and Tacoma, she was laid off from her job. She is a single gal and a great mom and grandma who is also an avid reader. We will both be there when you visit our chapter on October 5th. Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise her with a JP gift package! Thanks, Karen Heinrich

  62. My sister would be the first friend to come to mind. She is always there for me, driving me to the doctor, grocery store, BOOK store, and always making sure I have everything I need. She is a great friend.

  63. Jane,

    I hope you’re still reading these…

    I have a friend. Her name is Jane. We don’t see each other often. After all, she’s pretty busy. She has a man who adores her, two boys, a baby, and a wonderful career. At the same time, I treasure every minute. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s amazingly generous with not only her time, but treating other people. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I wish I could think of something to do for her that’s as nice as the things she does for other people. I am lucky to know her!

    The next time I see her, I’ll be sure and bring some kind of special treat. Of course, I’m always good for a Peeps delivery, too.


  64. Hi Jane! My best friend is my daughter. She has overcome numerous challenges in her life at a very young age. She continues to be a strong, intelligent, hardworking, loving, mother of two young girls who test her patiece beyond belief! 🙂 She is such a sweet girl who would do anything to help anyone out. She is always baking for people just for the heck of it. If one of her friends has a baby she will make numerous meals for them so they don’t have to worry about cooking with a newborn. She started giving a good portion of her paychecks to charities at age 16, and this was her own decision (not influenced by me!)She is a wondeful person and I think she deserves a little thank you. She has been going through some really stressful times right now and would really appreciate this! I wish there could be more people with big hearts like my daughter.

  65. Actually she’s a new friend because your books brought us together. She used to be the Mgr at Wm. Sonoma and when she saw that I had a ton of books in my B&N bag she asked who the authors were. I suggested Flirting w/40, In fact you authographed it for me. She’s now such a Jane Porter fan and would be over the moon if she received your goodie bag.

  66. Although I’m too late for the contest itself, I am honored by reading these wonderful heartfelt commentaries by such loving friends. Girlfriends rock!

  67. Hi everyone!

    It’s Friday morning and I am here to announce the winners of this contest!

    I think this is my favorite contest so far as I was able to hear about such wonderful women. How lucky we are to have family and friends we love this much. 🙂

    So without further ado, the winners are:

    #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


    everyone else to the end. If you posted by midnight last night, you won, which means your friend/sister/mother/cousin wins.

    To repeat, I didn’t pick just 10 winners as promised as I couldn’t have just 10 favorites. I loved everyone’s comment and decided instead that all 60 some women are getting signed books and goodies from me. And I’m thrilled thrilled thrilled to do this but it’s going to take some organization.

    Here’s what I need– send a private email to me, cc lee @ janeporter dot com, and send this EXACT info so we can do this right, or the task will be overwhelming:

    1) Send your name and # from the blog comment section.

    2) Send the title of the book you want to send your BFF.

    3) Send how you want the book signed to her: “To Shellie” or “To Maryjean Bluejeans”

    4) Send the right mail address.

    And do it in the next week, please. I will start putting all these together this next week and mail our a week from today so I MUST hear from you with all the above info before Friday. Clear?

    Congrats to all my winenrs and thank you to everyone who chose to share!!!



  68. Oh … My … God!
    I can’t get over how generous you are, Jane! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Have a great day … week … month … year … decade … life!

  69. Thanks Jane, for picking everyone! All of the comments prove that there are still good people out there, and YOU are at the top of that list. Thanks again, my friend will be thrilled…she has been having some rough times lately. Have a great weekend!

  70. Wow! How awesome! That is way beyond generous of you, Jane. Bless you for helping to make a difference to all our friends.

  71. WOW Jane – you are beyond awesome!! Thank you for the generous gifts you are providing to everyone. I know everybody’s friends will be way excited! :0) You are greatly appreciated.

  72. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much. My friend is going through a rough patch and this is going to be so special for her.

  73. OMG..sniffle, sniffle, sniffle. Thank you so very much, Jane and Kriss (Kirsten). always, you rock my friend. Big never cease to amaze me. Thanks oodles!
    BTW..I loved reading everyones comments. They were all so touching.

  74. Oh Jane! Thank you so much. It’s funny how by allowing us to enter our friend to win your contest, you just made twice as many people happy.Extremely cool and very generous.

  75. Jane! I am so overwhelmed with excitement! I have heard so many awesome things about you from Kari and I cannot WAIT to have a chance to someday meet you. You are so generous and I love to read about your adventures! Thank you so much! You just made my day!

  76. My best friend is my husband. I tell him everything! We do everything together and I trust him with my life! My best girl friend is like a sister to me and we share everything together and do everything together also!

  77. Jane ~
    Thank you so much, you are truly wonderful! I tried to e-mail the e-mail you have but it said there were permanent fatal errors so I sent it to jane at janeporter dot com If this is wrong please let me know.

  78. thank you so much…this is wonderful that we all get a chance to have one of your books sent to our bff. you are such a generous soul. thanks again…have a nice day!!!!!!!!!
    when or do you ever come to louisville, ky area???

  79. Hi Jane, thank you so much for making us ALL winners. I truly am grateful and appreciate you letting me voice my feelings about my “Bestie”…..Have a great day!

  80. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your generosity and kindness, Jane. Thanks so much.
    E-mail on it’s way. Congrats everyone.

  81. have the emails for the contest been getting through to the right address? is there any way we can know? again, thanks so much for letting all of us be winners in your contest. we have our bff’s which made us winners to start with. thanks to JANE!!

  82. Thank you for helping to surprise so many deserving women. We never really know when a special treat can make all the difference in a friend’s day, week or life! We all need more love and more happy surprises!


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