Befriend a Friend

I haven’t been able to log on to the internet in days due to the hotel’s moody wireless router but I finally got a chance to jump on so here I am.

Quick update: Ty’s gone back to Hawaii. Mac’s got his first cold. Boys had a crazy busy weekend of sports and birthday parties and I’m down to six days before my revised book is due. Maybe it’s a good thing I couldn’t check email or update my blog. I’m stretched pretty darn thin and need to focus focus focus as much as I can.

Happily, my two college sitters (they job share) return to us this afternoon after a two week hiatus and fingers crossed I’ll get tons of brilliant writing done this week. I need to get a lot of brilliant writing done. I’m ready to feel on top of things instead of being behind all the time.

On another happy note, I attended a fantastic event Friday night. The Open Window School fundraiser at Grace Wang’s house, an event Tracy Swann put together and the women who were there were absolutely terrific and the discussion was one of the best ever. I felt so welcome and comfortable and absolutely delighted to discover that so many of the women had read my books. Everyone who attended the event got a copy of Easy On The Eyes and a goodie bag and I left feeling like I’d made seventeen new friends.

Speaking of friends, my friends over at Book Candy Studios made this fun video for me as a baby gift for Mac and me, and I wanted to share. Thanks Book Candy Studios! You guys rock.

Friday night made me appreciate just how important our girl friends are, and I was inspired by all the warmth to run a contest here on the JaneBlog where you treat a friend. Think of it as surprise care package for your best friend or your co-worker or sister or someone who needs a little pick me up. I’ll draw ten winners from the comments below, and ask each of the ten winners to send me the name and address of the friend you’d like to surprise with a Jane Porter novel. You who’ve won, get to pick the novel–can be Easy or one from my back list–and I’ll sign it to your friend, and pop it and a bunch of JP goodies in the mail along with a note saying you thought of them and wanted them to receive something special.  The contest will run through Thursday night and I’ll announce the winners Friday morning so make sure to check back as gifts will go out in Monday’s mail!

If you’re ready to play, tell me something about the friend you’d surprise… why is this person such a good friend to you, or why your friend should win a surprise package… and you’re entered. You don’t have to use a name. Just sharing something good about your friend will do the trick.

Thank you to Tracy and Grace and everyone who attended the event Friday night, and thank you to all of you who read my blog. I so appreciate all of you and count you among my favorite friends!

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