When They Were Little

My niece Krysia Sikora just sent me this picture of my ‘big boys’. It was taken at our old Arizona house years ago. Jake’s wearing Power Ranger pj’s so he must have been 5 and in Kindergarten. Ty must be around 2 1/2. I absolutely love this picture as Jake is now way taller than me and Ty’s a cool 10 year old.

I look at Baby Mac and squeeze him trying to keep him from growing too fast. I love my big boys now, but they were so delicious when they were little. My boys just own my heart. Maybe the writing is hard and maybe I’m not always a perfect parent but the love is there.

So happy Friday everyone. And give the people in your life an extra squeeze. Life is so short. We have to live and love every single day!


  1. Too cute Jane. They sure grow up fast and it’s just wonderful you have Mac to enjoy as a little one. I have two sets of kids myself and would do it all over again. So, enjoy the big ones and the little one, times goes so quickly. And…don’t forget yourself 🙂

  2. Very cute and they do grow up way to fast! My one and only son is away at college right now! It seems like yesterday he was like little Mac. I am not sure any of us is the perfect parent we just have to do what we think is the right for our children and hope for the best!

  3. Awww, you big boys are as darling as Mac! Thanks for sharing the cute photo. I will squeeze my exasperating (but very, much mine) kiddos. My daughter always smells yummy (she’s 11) and my son (he’s 8) always seems to smell like earth, sweat and BOY. I’m one of those people who have a zillion pictures on my fridge of my kids at various stages. The pictures are dusty because we don’t get to much housework around here. Only what’s necessary….

    Sometimes I envy the cool, clean stainless steel refrigerators that my friends have; but I love seeing my babies as babies!!

    I just read the previous post (about friends); aren’t you the BOMB?!! Thank you, Jane. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Laguna Beach. I’ve got to get a sitter lined up for the kids.

    Have a good weekend. I hope Surfer Ty is still around for a bit!!

    Shannon in Tustin

  4. so cute! They look a little like you- esp. the older one. I might have said this before- can’t remember- and I hope you don’t mind- but Mac sure looks like surfer Ty!

  5. Jane how very right you are. My children and I love to watch The Bigget Loser and this season there is a contestant who lost her husband and two children in an auto accident two years ago this coming October. I just sobbed my eyes out and realized, life is short and there are no promises. That night and every night since as I tuck them in for bed the hugs and I love yous have meant so much more. Love with all your heart freely and live with no regrets.

  6. Cute picture Jane! I had to settle for hugging my co-workers tonight on a jaunt out since my all of my family is waaaayyyy on the east coast, VA/FL. But I’ll hug my cats too and give my mom and sisters a call this weekend! :0) Hope your weekend is going well with all of the boys~

  7. These pictures are especially precious 5 minutes after they’re taken when they’re at each others throats fighting! At least that’s how my boys are…best friends one minute and fighting the next.

    I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So cute!!!
    None of us are perfect parents.
    It’s the LOVE thats important!!!!
    And giving them self confidence.
    They can learn anything else if they have that.

  9. Wow Jake really looks like you in that photo and Ty has that adoring little brother thing goin’ on in his sweet smile. I love photos. Thank for posting it. And thanks again for the last contest.It was really fun and you made so many people happy.

  10. Your big boys were so cute together. How wonderful to receive the gift of such a great photo that brings back a special time.
    I always wondered why my mom had eight kids (besides no birth control then) but after I had a son and he grew up so fast it became obvious to me.
    Once they are “big” and go to school all day and the pudgy, smooth baby fat is gone, it is never the same. She got to extend that special time with each new baby born. Of course you take pride and rejoice in all their milestones and accomplishments, but each one brings them closer to being gone someday,
    When they are babies and still little, all the wonder and joy of being a parent is so precious. Thank you Jane, for sharing the good feelings with us and bringing to mind sweet memories.

  11. Great photo… I love candids! You should post a current one so we can see how they look now.

    And, yes, they do grow up waaaayy too fast!

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