October 1st

Happy October,  everyone!

Surfer Ty just arrived minutes ago on a red eye from Hawaii.  He came bearing gifts…Mac’s first pair of Vans.  Mac is totally styled out now.  Lucky little dude. 

Monday night I emailed the revised She’s Gone Country to my editor and the week has been busy with reader events.  On Sunday I hosted a brunch for a book club of moms who have kids attending Clyde Hill Elementary, last night I attended a book event at Linda Kruse’s, today I head to join a book club in Lake Tapps, and Sunday I have another brunch for another school, this time Newcastle Elementary.   Whew!

Better jump in the shower so I can make my event but if you have a minute, tell me what you’re doing as I’d love to catch up!


  1. These book events sound like fun… like-minded people, all of whom love your reading lining up to meet you! I’ve never been to a book-signing or any other related event… Montreal doesn’t seem to be a stop on any of my favourite authors’ schedules. Too bad, because it is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with a unique European flair. Anyway, your week sounds packed, but packed in a good way!

    I am seeing all my kids this week… my son at a university even, my oldest daughter is home until Oct. 15, my middle daughter just dropped by, but is home every weekend and my 16 year old keeps me running to and from the barn — I have no break from momtaxi since my husband is in England for two weeks on business. Busy in a good way too!

  2. Sorry, I meant to say all who love your writing (not reading)… fingers moving faster than brain….

  3. Leaving on a cruise tomorrow with Easy on the Eyes packed in my suitcase! Not sure what I’m more excited about – the cruise or the book!!

    Love Mac’s Vans. Adorable!!!

  4. Aww, super cute shoes- good pick Dad.

    What am I doing? I’ve been filling out order forms from seed catalogs and plotting out my garden for next spring! I’m so excited to live somewhere that has a decently long growing season and lots of sunshine! And on a super fantastic note- I got the deed to my house in the mail today!!! It’s all done, I’m a home owner! WOOHOO!!!

    I bet you can’t tell I’m excited about that. 😉 Hugs to you all.

  5. Whew Jane! Don’t wear yourself to a frazzle. Sounds like fun: gabbing with readers about your books–rewarding, too I would imagine.

    This weekend my daughter’s dance team is in a (very) local parade. She’s never done the parade thing so I think she’s pretty excited. Fortunately we’re close enough to walk. That’ll make things easier. On Sunday I’m taking the kids to see “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”. They’ve been dying to see it and we just haven’t had time.

    Baby Mac’s new Vans are too cute. I must say those little chubby legs are even cuter! Man do I miss that. Smiles….

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy having all your boys to love on at home.

    Shannon in Tustin

  6. Right now I am playing on the computer when I sould be outside working on cleaning the building because it is beautiful out there. Just had to stop in and say hi! Love the little shoes and legs today! I sure sounds like you are one busy lady!

  7. Wish I lived on the west coast to attend some of these book events! Glad to hear Ty is back again and little Mac is such a cutie.

    Finally settling into the school year here, we just started September 8th. Enjoying working part-time and the cooler fall temperatures. Looking forward to attending a fall festival in our neighborhood this weekend and listening to some great music by a friend of ours who is in a band. The kids can run around and play during so that makes it doubly nice.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Those Vans are too cute…for the little doll baby. You are so busy, and you sound real happy…glad your Ty is there with you to give a breath of fresh air to the whole family. Enjoy all those functions, you got the best babysitter in the world there right now….enjoy everything!

  9. Mac’s little Vans look so cute! Are those matching socks??

    I am been gearing up for classes that start next week. Might be biting off more than I can chew with 3, but we’ll see! :0)

    In the mean time I have been to the doctor’s, and my MRI came back picture perfect! Brought “The Frog Prince” with me to read in the waiting room and noticed I ended up accidently running over it with the seat in my car, LOL! Silly wabbit… (ugh) so it’s all greasy now. Looks like it rolled off of the seat and went under it when I took a corner. But it’s got character – with characters. Now I’m off to the bookstore so I can go for a breezy drive with groovy music.

    Hope you and the family have a fantastic weekend ~ (And everybody else posting) All the best!

  10. Lake Tapps! I was just there. I really should get a schedule so I can go to one of these events!

    My birthday is Monday. Gulp…50. Are you going to write some book about how fabulous 50 is? LMBO

    So it’s my birthday weekend which I plan to fill with family, movies, walking and yes, food. Going to see 2012 as well.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  11. Love the Vans, they are so cute!

    Life is crazy right now getting ready for the Emerald City Romance Writer’s Conference. I can’t wait to go, but am so nervous at the same time!!!! 🙂 This is my first conference, so I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing or taking. Can’t wait to see you there Jane!



  12. I love the chubby little legs & the Van’s! You can tell Baby Mac is eating well! 🙂

    This week it has been the usual driving too and from school and the dance studio where my kids live. And homework help. This morning I was proud to see my daughter dressed in her dance team uniform as there is an assembly to kick off Homecoming week at her high school. The weekend will include shopping for shoes for the homecoming dress, dress shoes for my son since he has out grown his. (I’m anxious to see what size he measures now and if he is in Men’s shoes yet!) Reading, writing & relaxing and maybe an Entourage marathon depending on how work goes on daughter’s project on Polish Immigrants.

    Have a great weekend! I know you bring so much joy to all the book clubs you are able to attend!

  13. Mac is so precious!!
    I’m trying to avoid the flu. Lots of sick people around me.
    Just started reading Nicholas Sparks new book. It’s going to be another great one.

  14. Those are the cutest shoes. My family is fighting off sickness so we are not doing much of anything. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Staying home for a furniture delivery tomorrow and then Sunday hope for a better weather day so we can go on a hike in the mountains.
    Love the shoes, and the cubby legs. This is the baby that couldn’t eat?? – looks like he is over that!

  16. Hey Jane: Still at work on Saturday and anxiously awaiting going home to see if Easy is in the mail box and that is what I will be doing this weekend before I give it to my daugher. All is well here – my forehead has several stitches but no laughing or frowning on my part. So a good book with no facial expressions is right up my alley. Mac is so precious – might a borrow him for a while??

  17. Nothing major going on this weekend. Will be playing mah jong later with some friends. (an old fashioned game with small tiles that has made a revival) I learned how to play that game 2 years ago and it really is so much fun especially with great background music and a bunch of funny, semi-rowdy women. I don’t win too often but I sure do have a lot of fun. Wishing you all a great weekend…and you gotta love those chubby little Mackster legs.

  18. I love the little vans! So cute! You went to a book club up by Lake Tapps? I used to live by there up in the Bonney Lake area, now I’m in Olympia. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather – I just saw the extended forecast for next week. I love this time of year, especially when it’s sunny!

  19. Well, right now, after reading your schedule, I’m thinking of putting my head down on my desk and taking a nap! Love the Vans on Mac Baby!! Stylin’!

    Just spent a week driving multiple trips back and forth to Philly (My Great Aunt Elsie passed away at the age of 96), so I’ve basically come to work today to rest.

    Got some good writing done myself on Saturday so I’m feeling a bit frisky in that department. When I reread it today, I’ll probably think it stinks, but that’s at least still an hour off.

    But basically I’m having a recovery week of getting back on schedule (work, choir, etc.), which, come to think of it, is pretty boring.

    During your busy schedule this week, remember one thing: Hydrate! 🙂


  20. Little Mac is one cool little dude. It is so much fun to dress a baby.

    I hope you had a nice time at your events.

  21. Cute! So cute!

    Like someone else said- you sound happy. Glad Ty is there! Have fun! Sounds like a fun week! Your schedule sounds a little like the early Mrs. Perfect’s! But that’s where the similarity ends! (that’s a compliment)

    I’m working alot. On a work roll- did 2 back to back doubles last week during a 5 day stretch. Just did a double today and go back in tomorrow a.m. and the next 3 days… Gonna be a good paycheck! But it’s already spent. Bummer. I’m finding I can do well on 3 or 4 hours sleep for a few days! Hope it lasts!

    Also painting the main room’s walls – 3 or 4 different colors. 2 or 3 greens and blue. Still experimenting.

  22. I love little Mac’s shoes and his cute legs. I have my own daycare and the little girl I take care of has cut little chubby legs and she’s the cutest kid around, her sister is too. I’m abit bias anys, I wanted to thank-you for sending Heather her goodies, she was so happy to get them today, she gave me big hug. It made her day. I’m so glad, for she’s a wonderful mom and friend. Thanks a bunch..

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