Couldn’t Be Prouder

This is a gushing mom post.  Skip if mom stuff bores you.  But this boy, my Ty, had me in tears Saturday with his performance in his school play.  He sang.  He danced.  He acted his heart out and I cried, tears falling throughout his entire first scene.

I was so proud.  I loved his courage.  To sing solo when we’re not a family of singers.  To dance, to utter French exclamations, to play the comedian.  This is my quiet son.  My son that is so often outshone by his older brother.   My son that came alive with hundreds of people watching.

I still get teary when I picture him on stage.  He had one of the biggest parts.  Had to learn 15 pages of dialogue, and some of his speeches were really long.  I was nervous for him.  I grew up in theatre, grew up going to auditions, and from junior high on, participated in community plays and apprenticed with a professional Shakespeare company.   I wasn’t sure if he’d remember all his lines.  Wasn’t sure if he’d be awkward up there with such a big role.  Wasn’t sure he could do it.

But he did.

And then some.

And so tears fell, and he saw, and he asked me  later why.  I told him it was because he blew me away.  He was better than I could have imagined.   My boy  that forgets his homework, loses essential paperwork, has a desk that makes teachers shudder, is a star. 

And I couldn’t be prouder.


  1. So not fair – you made me cry twice in a row!! You must have been truly beaming watching your middle son shine in his school play. I remember how proud I felt when my girls were in their dance recitals when they were little and they didn’t have to speak a word. Being able to perform in front of an audience will take him far in life. I break out in a sweat if I have to speak in front of a group and that’s why I work behind the scenes in Inside Sales. Please tell Ty how proud his many fans (your readers) are of his accomplishment. I see great things in this young man’s future.

  2. Yeah, Ty!! Jane you look so proud you could POP. What a wonderful day to savor and remember. I live for those moments, events, etc. They erase all the toil and aggravation that preceded them. And honestly, could you two be any cuter??!! I love the photo.
    Thanks for sharing your mommy moment!

    Shannon in Tustin

  3. Awww….he is adorable and that is a lovely picture of you two. Congrats, Ty!!!

    My youngest was in kindergarten for her first play. She was the youngest in her school to have had a speaking part and it was nerve-wracking. Her older sister and I are shy and she is so different from us. She shone, we cried and I had that mom moment. The one where you look on in amazement at your child. Is she really mine?

  4. awww, Jane, I’m crying along with you. I can see how proud you are of your son, more than ever before. And the quiet ones usually surprise us and make us cry more often. Kudos Ty and of course, Mama Jane.

  5. Ahh!!! Your blog made me tear up!! I know the feelings of being so proud of your child that you can almost burst!!
    The picture of the two of you is adorable!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I am so happy for the both of you ! What a great connection to the arts you have. My sons are all jocks except for one so the day my Alex played Enter the Sandman by Mettalica I cried.I’d like to see his brothers do that. It was a great moment for him and I praised him fully so he would know that talent and courage made him the special person he is. I love music so it is a great connection for us. He also sat in his brothers’ shadows. I am so happy for your Ty. Maybe you guys could get special time together seeing plays or in the park theaters. Have Fun!

  7. WOW! Thats great! There is nothing more wonderful than to see your kids excell at doing something they love! I have the same feeling when I see my kids dance or paly their instruments.


  8. Jane, I love your mom posts! All of your posts are full of heart, but when you post about your guys, your love for them shines through. Since I’m a mom of boys, I can relate. I’m so happy for Ty that he nailed his performance, and I’m so happy for you that you got to witness such an awesome moment!

  9. That is so wonderful Jane! What a great picture of the two of you and what an awesome job he did! That’s a lot of lines to learn and remember and in front of an audience. Thanks for sharing such a memorable night with us.

  10. Seems like Ty has the soul of an artist. He can always learn organizational management but guts, determination and raw talent cant be bought. Once again, I don’t officially know you guys, but I’m so happy for you. Thanks for letting all of us in thru your blog!

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