I had all the boys here last night. Jake and Ty, Surfer Ty and Mac. And as we’re living in just a few rooms of the house, we were all squished into Jake’s room to watch TV together. I loved it. I’m happy when we’re all crammed together. I sometimes think its such a mistake to have made my house bigger, to have made it prettier. We were doing really well with what we had before. Yes, Mac needed a room, and yes, I wanted a bath tub like crazy in my bathroom, but still… being cozy is good.

The boys won’t be here forever. I’m on borrowed time with them. Eventually I’ll see them off to college and lives of their own and I suppose I’ll become a hermit then. My boys’ whirlwind of activity is actually good for me. Gets me up and dressed and out of the house. Out of my writer head. Out into the world of normal.

But for me, happiness is love. I love to love my friends. Love my boys. Love my man. My family. My readers. My memories. My dreams.

It’s been a hard year. It’s been the hardest year I’ve known since 2004, the year I was divorced. This past summer was the worst of it, and I tried to hide my struggle. Tried to gloss over the difficulty I felt while trying to write Shey’s story, and dealing with Mac who didn’t sleep and couldn’t keep anything down, and living amidst construction, and feeling really really blue. But ultimately what got me through was love. From my friends. My family. And you.

You who read my blog. You who comment. You who are good to me are so very appreciated. I do not take you for granted. I do not take your support lightly. I know there’s a  million other places you could be, a million other blogs you could read. Every time you stop by, every time you check in, you’re giving me a gift.  You’re giving me love. And buckets and buckets of happiness.

Thank you.

And to show my thanks… a contest! One lucky winner will get a fantastic Frog Prince prize package that includes, yes, a signed copy of The Frog Prince, and fun Frog Prince goodies, as well as  lots of gift cards to buy everything from coffee, to chocolate, to books, and more. So leave me a comment, share something about your world, and you’re entered. Contest closes Tuesday night PST at midnight and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning. You’re the best. And I mean it.

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