Brrr! Baby, It’s Cold Outside

My new Harlequin Presents is out–Duty, Desire and the Desert King–and I’ve been really busy wrapping gifts, organizing Christmas cards, and planning my son Ty’s birthday party for this weekend.   But wow, it’s chillllllly.  And it sounds like winter weather has hit everywhere.  Snow, ice, freezing conditions.  Rain, mudslides, biting wind.   Not realizing just how cold it was, I sent my two big boys  to school yesterday in shorts and sweatshirts and then turned on the TV to hear that it was only 17 degrees outside.  Felt a little bad for not at least asking boys to put on jeans.  But they survived and today my younger son wore two sweatshirts since all our winter clothes and coats are still in storage.

It took an hour at the post office yesterday, but I mailed 8 huge boxes yesterday to my far flung family–two boxes to San Francisco, one to Palm Springs, one to San Diego, one to LA, and one to North Carolina.   I also mailed blog prizes and some business gifts and I’d like to mail you a gift, too, if you win today’s blog prize.

Because I can’t do any holiday baking without an oven (or kitchen) I’m letting my favorite cookie place, Cheryl & Co send three of my readers yummy yummy holiday cookies.  This is a very short contest.  A one day contest and when I post the winners’ names in the morning you have 12 (only twelve!!)  hours to get back to me with your address, or I’ll pick someone else because I’m not letting these cookies go to waste.

It’s so easy to enter.  Tell me by midnight tonight what treats, sweets, or holiday drinks you find irresistible this time of year.  I personally love love love homemade fudge (without walnuts) and old fashioned pralines.   My mom came from a Southern/Texan family and knew how to make the creamiest smoothest melt-in-your-mouth pralines and I wish I had her recipe because I’d love to try to recreate those.  I love frosted sugar cookies, too, and am craving one right now.  What do you like to nibble on?  What’s your festive drink of choice?  Tell me, and you might be one of three to win some amazing cookies and treats from Cheryl & Co.  The contest ends tonight midnight PST, I’ll announce winners early tomorrow morning and I must hear from you by 7 pm tomorrow night PST or I’m drawing a new name.  Don’t be left in the cold!  Check back in my blog comment section tomorrow morning to see if you won.

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